Beauty Blender Dupe – Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge Review Demo

Hey friends, Welcome back is mallanna here today is gonna be another dupe post of one of my all-time favorite products the Beauty Blender yes it is expensive 20 bucks for a sponge. So, I found a cheaper alternative and this is this Challenger Real Techniques miracle complexion sponge. So here we have a $20 bunch versus a $6 sponge I’m gonna run them both hatch head and some fabulous tests of mine and then at the end you might be shocked with the results keep on reading or not whatever before we do any tests I’m gonna go dampen my sponges you want to do this. Because. If you use them dry they are gonna soak up a lot of the product, and it is not gonna blend as well make sure your wring out all of that water you just want to get them dampened this is going all the way down ah got my jeans wet for the glass test I’m gonna take one pump for each blender or sponge. Because it is a small surface area and I’m taking the do your forever skin foundation this is medium to full coverage am, I gonna start with the Beauty Blender I’m taking one full pump of foundation just apply it to that bottom portion of the blender and we are gonna start with the bounce test next go with the Real Techniques sponge I’m going to take a cinema foundation and the exact amount of bounces starting with the Beautyblender side you can definitely see it has a lot more texture compared to the real technique side with the beauty blender you guys can see that, I definitely had a better finish, I think in my opinion is. Because the surface area is more round.

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So it had a better time achieving that smooth finish as with the real techniques, I did the flat surface area. So, I think that’s why it didn’t do as good of a job achieving that smooth even finish now looking at the coverage it appears that this side for the beauty blender has a little bit more coverage rather than the real techniques the next test is going to be a swipe test, I know it is a little bit different especially for sponges or the Beauty Blender. Because you do not really swipe it on there. But I saw both girls Nick and Sam the creators of Real Techniques then picks you on YouTube and they use the flat surface area to swipe on that foundation to give a little bit less coverage to the face where you do not want to cake on that foundation. So, I figured, I just want to see what it looks like on both sponges and see. If actually there is a difference as you guys can see both texture and finish on both sponges is very similar. But the coverage on the Beautyblender side is a little bit more versus the real technique side, I just think in my opinion it’s.

Because it has a rounded surface area versus the flat. So let’s move on to the face and I’m done with this, I want to see how many times, I have to do this until, I break it, I think it is a challenge first I’m gonna go with the swipe test this was definitely moving the product around, and it is definitely giving a more coverage versus in this one it is literally like swiping the foundation off interesting. Because, I want more coverage I’m gonna go back in and bounce the foundation on this is definitely nice the the fast surface it is really nice around the eyes. So starting with both Bobbi and PD, I did name them. Because there are my little peeps they have to have names when, I mentioned these or give you remarks in the face, I know it is hard to see specially on camera what’s going on right here. So that’s why, I do a separate glass test where you guys can see on the flat surface area and you guys can see actually what’s going on and what they do. But for my remarks, I have to say that they are exactly the same they have the same texture finish and coverage on the face itself but.

Because Bobby is a little bit cheaper PD is a little bit cheaper man already. I’m so sorry, I forgot your names. Because PD is cheaper and Bobby is more expensive, I would purchase BD over Bobby any day just to save some money. So right now I’m basically contrary my face and, I want to see which sponge blends out better, I guess, I did have to work PD a little bit more in the beginning it was kind of hard to get it to blend versus Bobby where he just went right at it and you picked up majority of the product and blended it out really quick. But I did have a harder time kind of controlling where to blend cuz, I kind of just all meshed together where’s what PD it kind of gave me a more precise blending. If that makes any sons maybe it is just in my head overall surprisingly, I’m feeling PD a little bit more just. Because he is cheaper and, I feel like he’s slightly better.

But in the future, I feel like I’m gonna purchase PD more than Bobby the Beautyblender let me know. If you guys tried any of these or both of them and which one do you like better like always thank you so much for reading this post and spending some time with me and my two peeps do not forget to hit the thumbs up button. If you’d liked and enjoyed this post comment down below do not forget to subscribe. If you have not already for now I’m gonna say goodbye love you all and I will see you guys very soon.

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