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It’s time for my November favorites let’s talk about everything that I was loving in November to kick it up I thought I would mention my favorite post that I uploaded this month and that was the seven days of holiday hairstyles I wanted to mention that one because you guys were so sweet in the comments and it made me smile just four days reading those comments and I wanted to say thank you guys for all the kind words and all the support that post was like plus hours of work it was it was really really difficult knowing that you guys loved that was just so amazing for me and I wanted to say thank you guys for being so supportive you make all the hard work worth it and yeah thank you that said let’s move on to some hair favorites.

My favorite hair tool this week is going to surprise some of you guys because it is not the octo on it is the new me Titan and the reason that I have been using this a lot more this month is because I just bought a new one you might notice this one’s blue the one that I have had in all my posts for the past like two years has been pink what had happened was I had that blue of the pink one for two years it is been working perfectly it still works just as well as it did when I bought it however when I moved this summer I lost two of the barrels and I have turned my house inside out twice looking for it and finally I gave up and I was like okay.

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I have to buy a new one and I waited until this time of year cuz newbies holiday sales are the best that they are all year round and I knew that going into it so I waited I just got my new one and I’m really really happy about it if you are not familiar with the titan you get a inch attachment and a quarter inch and a one and a quarter inch attachment it has really nice even heat throughout the barrel you can control your temperature and my curls lasts really well and really along with this iron so it is just a good basic set and if you are like just starting out and you want a couple different options so that you can kind of curl your hair and you have different ways that you can do it you wanna be able to follow my tutorials this is a really good place to start or if you are just like looking at the other sets and you are like.

I do not know if I would use those extra barrels also a good reason to buy the Titan who me actually gave me a couple coupon codes the you guys can use if you want we have got code Lutz dance for % off the entire holiday collection then you could also use the code Kaylee newly to get any set for $ and free shipping in the US and yeah if you are interested I think it is really great my next hair favorite this month is also a repurchase this is the living proof prime style extender and I just bought this big size of it because I literally was scraping the sides of my last one I had like a little one it was totally used up this is a cream gel formula that you put in your hair while it is damp and it helps your hair to hold your style beter.

So whether you blow out your hair you straighten it you curl it and last better because of this it is not like night and day difference it is not like oh my hair never holds a curl and now suddenly oh my gosh my hair is cold for five days it is not that it makes about the same amount of difference as hairspray however it is not hairspray it does not feel like hairspray and you can layer hairspray on top of it my final favorite is actually completely empty like there is nothing left in this can this is the bumble and bumble thickening dry spun finish and this is a texturizing spray so you can spray it into your hair it is kind of a powder that kind of like sicced your hair and helps it to look thicker and more full it gives it a little bit of texture so this is something that I love for fine hair because it is not a mousse it is not a hairspray it feels kind of just like a little bit of a grittier dry shampoo and you put it through your hair and it instantly adds volume without adding any kind of like unwanted texture to your hair and it is this one is actually very lightweight so you can build it up throughout the day like if you are noticing that your hair starting to fall flat you can just spray a little bit more of this in it and it’ll just shows your hair right back up in general texturizing sprays are one of my favorite products in the entire world and this is one of my very favorite ones of that category.

I have a random skincare favorite so let’s talk about that it is the soap & Glory smoothie star breakfast scrub and this is just a body scrub that has shea butter in it and sugar for the exfoliator and it smells really good smells kind of like cinnamon toast crunch it leaves my skin so soft I even though it is like dry and winter I do not have to use lotion everyday because this actually leaves my skin really soft really moisturized and it does a good job of like buffing away dead skin so I’m a big fan so let’s finish this off by talking about some lip colors because I’m obsessed with lipstick especially during winter and holiday season it is just like the best time of year to like go crazy on the lips so first of all this is actually not a crazy color this is peppermint it is a limited edition lippy stick from colour pop it is just a really pretty peachy nüde.

I wore this in my seven days of hairstyles holiday hairstyles post that I just did it is very very pretty as something that you can wear every single day and I wanted to mention it because it is limited edition so if you are into this color you should buy it now because it probably won’t be around for very long another limited edition that I really liked was silk it is another matte lippy stick it has some hints of purple to it but it is mostly just a really really deep burgundy red which is perfect if he wants to go with a little bit of a vampeer somewhat darker look during holiday it is not so much that you look off or like they are trying really hard but it is a little bit more dramatic than your typical everyday holiday red I go to dark lip liner has been this one in Bichette from colour pop as well.

I love Bichette in general it is a really pretty again deep deep red color not as steep as silk but still very deep and I like wearing it underneath salt because it kind of warms it up just a little bit and finally we have the lipstick I’m wearing today this is the love of color and hottie favorite matte lipstick and wildest dreams and this is it right here’s a little bit light and a little bit warm compared to the other ones that I’m showing you today but it is really great for just the classic red lip at Holiday time but what I have really been liking about wildest dreams is that I can mix it with some darker colors and get this kind of color that.

I’m wearing today this has been like my go to kind of red color and why did today was I put Bichette lip liner down and then I put on while the strings on top of that but I have also been mixing silk and wildest dreams together occasionally and they look really really good together because you get the deepness and some of the purple tones from silk but then you get the nice red warm tones from wildest dreams and something about those two together it is just magic to me I should also mention that the formulas on all these are really great they are all mattes they all last for a couple of hours really well but then when they wear off they wear off nicely they are not we are off in like awkward patches so it is really easy to just shut up real quick and keep going I have actually gone out to eat with these on and they lasted really well throughout the meal like it would’ve wore off a little bit but not like in an awkward patchy Wow your lipstick is doing weird things way so all I had to do is just like lightly touch up at the end and then keep going on with my day and that is my test for a good lipstick if I can eat with the lipstick on and it is not a stressful experience it is a good lipstick so all of these pass that test and I really really like them and that’s it for my November favorites be sure to check back for my next posts I have a lot of fun things coming up including a hair gift guide so if you are stumped on what to ask for or what to give the hair loving person in your life got you covered and that post.

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