Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection Face Palette First Impressions

Hey all, Welcome back to the Miller Blood blog, I am. So happy you decided to join me today we are discussing a really hot item today it is the Becca X Jaclyn hill champagne collection face palette. So the reason why this collection is such a hot item right now is a is Jaclyn hill and she’s. So awesome and she’s huge and B is such a big controversy right now all over social media regarding the quality of the collection itself.

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So what that means is some people are getting really bad palates and some other people like myself are getting really great palates you know very inconsistent there. So the people that are complaining about the bad palates is they are really dry they are chalky they do not blend well and the formula is totally different compared to the original in regards to the eyeshadow palette I’m not going to say much all, I want to say is the quality was. So bad they literally just pulled it off the shelves and are not selling it any more online or in stores. So that’s where we are at she did a beautiful job designing it, I love the whole concept the whole idea is just awesome the way she did it the only thing, I would want to say is going back again to the quality the quality of this palette is not good you have gaps you have ridges you have bumps you can even see the bumps, and it is just really bad quality for packaging all right. So enough about the whole controversy let’s move on to the good stuff a little bit more details like where you can get it how much is it and basically a little bit about it. So like, I mentioned, I’m only discussing this today reviewing it. Because this is her baby’s what she said this is what she put all of her effort work into and time into this face palette right here.

So this is what I’m reviewing for you today it is retailing for $52 at Sephora exclusively it is limited edition and it will be in stores June 16th. So keep your eye out in your local Sephora on June 16th. So here’s what comes in the package itself you get the face palette and then you get a little sample of the backlight priming filter, I do not believe this is the shimmering skin perfecter and the champagne pop. Because it does not say anywhere. So the right side we will stick with Jaclyn Hills face palette and then this side will like with the original Becca formula starting with a sample of the back light filter primer we will see. If it is exactly the same it looks like it. So remember right side is the Jaclyn hill face palette yeah looks exactly the same going with the original back light filter primer, I do not see any difference.

Because I’m pretty sure it is exactly the same thing as the little sample packet. But I could be wrong sorry now I’m just applying some CC cream just to even out my skin tone and then we are gonna go right in with the blush and highlighter even though, I do have only one backup mineral blush, and it is totally a different shade from all three of them, I might look like a clown. But we still will try to make it work, and it is supposed to be fun right it is supposed to be the same formula as the mineral blush is a two of them. So we will try to test this one out on the left side and then the face palette The Jackal nail face palette on my right side let’s do this, I took the beautiful Pamplemousse shade is just a beautiful warm coral pink that’s supposed to be more match than shimmery and then just start applying it to the tops of my cheeks it is a beautiful shaking. But it is super pigmented, I think, I’m gonna look like a clown. But that’s okay. So taking hyacinth this is just a beautiful poppy pink with the different blush brush, I can totally tell they are different.

But I will make it work, I just like it till we pull it off right taking this champagne pop highlighter from the face palette on a fan brush I’m on going on my right side that’s very beautiful it applies very smooth even it is not chalky it is not patchy it definitely gave me a beautiful glow. So right now I’m taking the original Jaclyn hill champagne pop do not see a difference that’s a good thing first impression they look very similar on each side just the blush is their different color. But still the formula steams pretty the same in my opinion and, I can actually get away, I think it looks pretty even what do you think, I think it looks pretty good, I do not know maybe he’ll look like a combo whatever it is the of it. So I’m gonna test it out throughout the day post style come along with us and we will see how well they stay put on all day long Hey it is around 7:40 in the morning we came out to get a nice walk and some run in before we start our day, and it is already really high in humid and I’m sweating just sitting here and we are actually gonna run that way and Andre wanted to race me more like, I wanted to race him. So we will see who wins. But this is basically gonna be like a sweat test and see how well the products perform under stress amount of sweat and heat all at once, I do not know if, I should let her win or not yet there I’m sweating we have some aerobic bars, I think to get her to do something like how many you think you can do, I’m sweating that was looking luckily guys, I had no joke look how bad I’m sweating it is. So humid.

But the bunny’s sitting there reading me making fun of me let’s run home and let’s go clean up and freshen up for the rest of the day. So I’m actually on my way to my sister’s right now the face looks really good honestly just look at that highlight everything’s still in place, I took a shower, I freshened up it is 9:25 self had it since 6:30 in the morning. So it is been several hours. So it is doing really good, I would say can you guys see the difference in the blushes though, I can definitely see it. But I do not think anybody else will notice and my parents are in town. So I’m excited to see them my sister-in-law’s baby showers tomorrow. So they are surprised and hurt.

So mom and, I are just having breakfast at my sister’s house she had to go bring Nathaniel that’s my nephew to the doctor’s appointment. So she’s gonna come back there is my mommy getting in Brittany Nauta dear welcome mmm delicious we are just having some bagels right here with some schmear and some coffee is it good my mom is the best. So my sister Olga just came back from the doctor’s with Nathaniel hi Wow who is that this is my sister Olga you guys probably know her from Ole Miss flavor factory yep they are handmade peach pie smells. So good in here you guys, I wish there was snow vision smells amazing good yeah have a good knee app just a quick update it is ready 120 and I’m just checking in, I just power powered, I just powdered my face just my t-zone area it is super muggy today I’m talking a little bit lower. Because my nephew just went to sleep and, I just want to say my cheeks are still looking really good my primer is still looking good it looks exactly the same honestly, I do not see a difference what do you guys think is it too much highlight never never too much highlight we just came to Clearwater Beach we rented some bikes and we were just riding around cruising around having fun enjoying this beautiful weather doing this sweat enough and doing the wind test we are doing the wind test the makeup is still on it looks awesome what do you guys think does it still look good we are having so much fun we are just riding around and joining this beautiful weather it is super nice right now pulled off a little bit a little bit breezy. So this is definitely an awesome go ahead do it trick, I do not know any trick to it again barely got off the gun we are gonna go return the bikes we had so much fun we did go wind which is a good thing and down here by the beach area not so much one. But lots of humans.

So we were kind of like stuck behind the people. But it was okay we got a good bike ride out of it, I had fun Jeff fun uh-huh he had fun too I’m talking to Andre he’s behind the camera it is my hobby we are gonna go get some food right now we are gonna go get some food ran out fill up our tummies. Because we are really hungry yeah, I almost forgot why we actually came down here in the first place make up it still looks good the viewfinders proved it it still looks awesome, I think it does for how many hours since like 6:30 in the morning it is what almost like it is almost eight 7:59 yeah make up still look awesome he thinks he’s funny I will do your trick I will do one I will do anything better all right and you are not funny oh they are really good fitted a plane he’s doing a good job make up listed this thing all right now let’s for real go eat. I’m so hungry he’s making me stop you guys, I want to keep going and get some food we just stopped by to grab some dinner at ciccio’s and, I got a citrus bowl with rice and he got a crunchy tuneable with brown rice. So excited to eat. So for my final remarks, I have to say overall the actual products the highlight and the blush is very good, I can still see it after 14 hours of we are going through the different tests that we did sweat humidity and went, I’m very happy with that result the only negative thing, I have to say is the packaging the level and the quality should be way up higher and that’s really sad that they kind of cut corners just to get it out quickly as possible thank you so much for reading this post and spending some time with us we really appreciate it, I really want to know your thoughts on this whole controversy have you tried these products are you going to buy them when they come out in the store what do you guys think coz it is such a big deal you know when a brand does that. So, I was kind of really interesting to know you guys think.

But for now I’m gonna see my goodbyes do not forget to leave your comments down below thumbs up this post. If you liked it share it with your friends subscribe. If you have not and, I will go take my makeup off and go to bed I will see you guys very soon love you all bye.

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