Bella Swans Wedding Hair from Breaking Dawn

So this is another very requested hairstyle it is Bella’s hair from Breaking Dawn Part everybody wanted to know how to do her wedding hair now. I could never get a good picture of it without the veil. So I was kind of frustrated. Because. I knew. I couldn’t get it dead on. So I kind of created a really interesting looking bun in the back just to kind of give it some drama, and make it fun to wear cut know most of us aren’t going to wear it with veils anyway. So it is okay. I really like it at the end of the day.

Bella Swans Wedding Hair from Breaking Dawn Photo Gallery

I think it is got a nice kind of like fantasy romantic is vibe to it is a lot of fun. So I hope you guys like it and, I will see you my next post what you are going to do for this hairstyle is you are going to separate the first three inches of your hair, and you are basically just going to go ahead, and braid all the way down that section of hair, and once you get to the end you are going to secure it with a small band. I would say to start loose at the top, and then do a nice even one throughout there then you are going to take the top section of hair from the hairline going back towards the crown of the head you are going to separate that out, and secure that one with a small band, and then you are going to take the hair on the bottom, and do the same thing secure that, and the small band out of the way this kind of creates a cool effect in the front where you have your hair coming together at different places then you are going to take that top ponytail, and you are going to twist that into an oblong bun. So it is going to be kind of like a sideways oval we are going to twist all the way down the hair, and then wrap it you can make this circular if you want but. I kind of liked having the oblong shape just a little bit better, and it seemed a little truer to the original style.

So you are just going to wrap that into place, and once you have it where you want it you can pin it, and you can make this as messy or as perfect as you want. I try to keep it kind of like a nice balance between being messy, and being perfect they are going to take a small piece from the bottom ponytail, and you are going to wrap it around the bun however you see fit when you look at my finished style you will see that you have like different little pieces going all around. So I started out by going around the outside of the bun, and just doing kind of a little thing there, and then getting a little bit more creative as. I went on but you are just going to place it however you want it, and then pin that into place, and then continue that, and you can see here that, I will actually starting on the opposite side of where. I started before again that kind of helps you to change it up a little bit, and to be a little bit different, and just to create add some dimension to the hairstyle you can also pin into the bun in different places also what. I did, and I’ll. Sorry that. I missed this off-camera is that. I actually once. I gotten everything pinned to where. I want it. I took my fingers, and pulled up the bun a little bit, and loosened it up, and that gave it some more dimension as well that. I really liked then you are going to take that braid over the top of the bun, and pin that into place, and you are done you.

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