Best 10+ Heart Hairstyles Ideas

I’m not totally sure how risotto Feeling this is not going to go well but I want to try to use it like you would normally use a hair donut. You may remember the sock bun / hair donut Kraze of 2011 to 2013 there were some fun times first things first will put the hair through the donut the streets playing all of the hair out so as to cover the heart and let us take the time out and put it over the whole thing I’m going to try to the end.

Should I try to correct heart I mean I could facetune this to make it work so I really just missing like the demo and the point here and I do not know if I can create that was bobby pins but I’m going to try I’m unimpressed guys on this one I just think your entire day would be people coming up to you going is your fun of heart because it is not quite but it is also not quite a circle And it is it’s kind of a lot of work for confusing so given that you have to let go out and buy a specific like heart doughnut format and only barely looks like a heart nap not here for it cuz I cannot handle shade the last hairstyle is a twisted heart which we have seen on the dress but also on Blake Lively.

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And then we will make it Blakey it looks like you just put your hair into like a pigtail half updo and then twist it and create this is far enough back I think we are going to figure this part out as we go yep yep things turned purple okay that’s what we put them on our pinky finger and other side Try all I do not know if there are the correct place what we are going to try anyway you twist it and then you are going to take it toward the other side is going to create this little like try let me Circle and then it keeps going around and it creates the heart and I’m going to pin the bejesus out of it and then if I flip this one like this if they are going to touch I think I need to bring you closer together I do not know how much of a bun to make your I’m going to try going around once and hopefully it will look good no fail number to try on around 1 to any time.

I can still see this elastic but in this case I think the fourth time will be the charm Put it to trial and pain and now we twist some more and the way that we hide the elastic is the twist actually goes to war it is on its way to becoming part of a heart We put it in place so now I’m this ride we twist Pennington place feeling a little bit difficult to get this to match the other side oh my God I was terrible looks like you put it in the microwave and it melted okay well I think I actually need to move these elastics a little further apart and then maybe that will work maybe if it is time is the charm okay And then painting it toward the opposite side then we are going to take it up and try to help going around the hair elastic and covering it with the twist in Penn Hills.

The same thing on the other side and then you meet them at the bottom and trials it looks like a heart That felt like an actual Marathon and if you want to make it look like Blake Lively’s you just add a little kind of shindig on at the end which we all know I love together the ends and secure it with an elastic and then the last time that you pull the hair through just leave it lubed oh my Lord have mercy what I’m doing and that is the Blake Lively version of the style I left a little messy cuz she wore it a lot I feel like it works Blake Lively version of us.

Because it feels a little bit less like a romantic and Whimsical a little bit more like tomboy kind of beachy like it is fun obviously you could wear it in the more like put together way you wanted to Try know what it mean to do it was fine I do not know what it was what were some reason I could not connect the dots between the pictures in the picture tutorial but once I finally did it was totally easy it is just like took me a minute I quite enjoyed it it was harder than I express myself but I came away with some hairstyles I really like the number to the heart hair donuts and I will never be friends again we are done you are the weakest link to stay away Trial of those are all the ones I can remember right now but my favorite of all of them with her cell number one it looked super intricate without being intricate the only thing that would be a little difficult is the bobby pins but I really do not even feel like they are that bad so that’s why I’m taking away from.

This but three comes in at an honorable mention cuz you can wear it two different ways and it is really pretty that’s it for today be sure to let me know when the comments if you like the post I think getting to see me tomorrow and you know it is a nice change of pace from like the voiceover and Posey tutorials.

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