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Hey all, Welcome back my lovelies to the second day of christmas giveaways. I’m so excited today i’m going to quickly show you guys how, I achieve instant volume when, I blow dry my hair and that is probably one of the top questions, I always get asked. So that’s what I’m gonna show you guys very quickly today and you might have guessed today’s giveaway is a professional hair dryer this is by the brand crock and first of all the packaging stunning, I love this packaging. So you will receive this beautiful white crock professional hair dryer you will have an attachment and basically what they claim is to be super lightweight super quiet extremely powerful and just a very professional grade hair dryer and they do sell them at Ulta let’s get started.

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So here’s what the hair dryer looks like out of the box it is extremely lightweight it looks very professional, I think it looks very nice with the white and the gray and then right here all the buttons that you need they are all digital you have the heating of the air obviously you have the on button you can control the amount of heat you can control the amount of air obviously great and obviously you have the cool button right here and, I do always attach my concentrator nozzle to my hairdryer just. Because, I feel that, I have most control when, I do bulge on my hair and it gives me the best blowout with the concentrator nozzle. So the trick to get that instant volume at the roots of your hair at the very top is extremely simple. So let’s say. If I’m parting my hair on the right side I’m gonna blow dry my hair on the left. So I’m gonna bring all my hair to the right and just focus and blow-dry everything on the left side and then when it is completely dry I’m gonna flip my hair back over to the left and create that beautiful parting on the right side. So you get the instant volume and it goes the same way.

If you want to part your hair on the left or. If you want to part your hair in the middle which, I have been loving recently for some reason. So what, I do is, I basically blow-dry on my right flip flop blow-dry on my left and just basically go back into fourth from each side blow-dry until it is nice and dry and then just partment here in the middle and, I get that instant volume it is super quick super easy you do not have to give yourself crazy blowouts and then just style as you would, I like to blow up my hair in sections just. Because my hair is super fine it is not thick. But I do have a lot of it. So, I want to make sure that all of my hair is dry you definitely do not need to use a round brush or any kind of brush to blow-dry your hair this is what, I like to do for my own hair and I’m definitely not a professional, I just go at it and see what happens, I do not know. If you Karen ah.

But I always like to keep the heat setting set at about a medium never high it’s. Because my hair does not really need it alright let’s finish this off today I’m feeling a write part. So I’m gonna basically blood dry everything with the left part to the right side. So I’m gonna blow dry everything going to the right and then when it is dry I’m gonna flip it back around and we will see the volume once my hair is about 99.999% dry I’m gonna blast my hair with the coolest setting just to set my hair in place and give it that extra shine let’s reveal the instant volume the rules for the giveaway are super simple first you have to be subscribed obviously the second rule is comment what is your favorite Christmas dessert cookie whatever it is what is it mine would have to be these miniature little chocolate cakes that my mom makes Oh what my goodness. So it is basically a chocolate cake a cherry filling and a chocolate cake on top they’re. So good they’re.

So fluffy and we literally just devoured them my mom has to hide them from all of us when we come into town just. Because they’re. So good my sister also has a recipe on her blog. If you guys want to check them out there’s. So good, I’m seriously just salivating just thinking about them right now. So good all right you guys. So there we have it my super quick trick to get instant volume and your roots for your hair with a blow dryer, I hope you like this giveaway thank you for reading and I will see you guys tomorrow bye you.

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