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Fashion is all about dressing according to what is fashionable in the society. Every girl thinks of looking like a princess. Like Barbie’s dressing is the inspiration for every girl. This is your outfit that makes you to look like a professional or crazy whatever you want.

Sharp dressing is the first step towards becoming a professional and it is necessary to be done by the young men because they are the future leaders. Right kind of dressing with respect to any event can make you to look graceful and handsome. Men have relatively larger choice in dressing. Well stitched and clean dress encourages your colleagues to take you more seriously and mature.

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Appropriate footwear is the first step to look more sharp and regular. There are some very general observations like you shouldn’t be wearing snickers under your dress pent. Color is another most important factor. For men, black and dark brown color is graceful.

You can use black close shoes with every of your dress pent. A man can be judged by his shoes according to the traditional quote. Dark color watch can be used for the professional look. Tie is another important part of the men’s dressing.

Ties are of different colors and designs. Tie having the pattern of small dots or narrow lines of light color can be worn. Dress shirt shouldn’t be like that it is either not according to your physique. Neck size should be strictly matched with the shirt. Skinny guys should concentrate more towards the casual shirts as compared to the T-shirts. Belts are different for different types of belts. You cannot wear the large buckle belt on the dress pent. Some decent color belts can be worn on jeans. During winters, close round neck sweaters over the casual shirt is the decent choice.

Women like to have the dresses that are designed according to the fashion of today. If we talk about the famous dresses of women of 2015, long shirts is one of them. Long shirts are set with specialized chooridaar pajamas and tight trousers. Long shirts are used with pajamas and chapal. For teenage girls, palazzo pants and jumpsuits is the latest fashion for them.

Palazzo pants are widely used these days. For the special occasions like Eid and weddings, anarkali’s and stylish frocks are the good options. Frocks are mostly famous among children. Embroideries and lace works are done on Fancy dresses to make them suitable for weddings. Besides all of these choices, here comes the traditional dresses like dresses for brides etc.

Traditional red color scheme can be combined with silver or golden to make it more charming. There are also dresses for the proper Islamic environment homes. It includes the Shalwar Qamees with Dupatta. Foot wear can be simple rubber chappal. Party dresses show a large variety. For school and college farewells, traditional Sarhi is the good option. For outside parties, shorts and jeans are used. Besides this, different famous brands offer ready made garments.

Best Dress and Outfits

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