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Hey all, Welcome back my love’s we are back home I’m still happy to be back here today’s post is going to be all about the hair a little bit of makeup and an outfit. So basically we just came back from the gym, I need to wash this hair of a mess I’m going to show you guys one of my favourite shampoos and conditioners I have worked with them before mixed nature, I love them thank you for working with me again, I really love your product and then, I will show you guys a really quick hair tutorial something very simple for the summer easy to do and then a little bit of makeup very simple and then of course an outfit and I’m going to get ready with me those are fun let’s get started alright. So first thing you do obviously you got an eye kit you jump into the shower and you start shampooing your hair this shampoo conditioner this is what, I use on my everyday basis even though, I wash my hair every two to three days and, I just take a quarter size amount sometimes last times more depending on my hair what is feeling that week and then, I just make sure to massage it into my scalp throughout my hair for a couple of minutes and make sure it is nice incorporated and just get that blood flowing and circulate it in my scalp to kind of obviously help my hair grow the reason why, I love mixed nature products for my hair it is straight up customizable which means, I get to choose the ingredients and activators for the shampoo conditioner which will benefit my hair anything that will help the damaged areas of my hair last step for the hair in the shower all, I need to do is either a conditioner or a hair conditioning mask today my hair is feeling really good. So I’m just going to skip the mask and just go straight to the conditioner get a quarter sized amount work it in from the middle to the ends of my hair after, I let it sit for a couple of minutes do its thing, I rinse everything out and I’m done with the shower, I know sometimes customizable stains can get overwhelming sometimes. Because there’s. So many different things that you do not know about they have. So many great ready-made selections.

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So, I think that’s really awesome for more information on mixed nature and the shampoos and conditions that, I use with the activators I will have everything in the description box below along with the link before, I do any makeup I’m going to apply some leave-in conditioner and let my hair air dry as much as, I can for my face base I’m going to use the radiance activator. But SD edit along with Lancome 24 hour foundation makeup I’m in the shade 210 bucks neutral, I think as well too light for me. But I will make it work next up high. But I was I’m going to prime my eyelids with some concealer and then set it with a nice neutral skin tone eyeshadow I’m using the pallet art led by Tarte and I’m going to use a shade jetsetter to kind of deepen in my crease a little bit going from the outer end to the eye to the inner corner I’m going to take the shade rocker and just kind of smoke out my top lash line next step is concealer cover those dark circles and then. If any blemishes are showing I’m going to conceal those as well a little bit of cream contour I’m going to set my face with some loose translucent powder a little bit of blush and of course a little bit of highlight I’m going to smoke out the lower lash line just a little bit a little bit of mascara for my lips I’m going to try the new Burberry liquid what is it velvet liquid lip velvet in the shade fawn number five before, I budge in my hair I’m going to add a little bit of heat protectant to protect my hair and I’m going to give my hair a quick wave with a hair straightener I’m just going to alter eight the curls here and there just to give it a not. So cohesive wave. So it is kind of like a beachy look.

If that makes any sense to you when I’m done with my hair I’m just going to run my fingers through and just separate the curls for the super simple hairstyle I’m just going to do two little twists right here kind of like the fringe bank area. So this one’s really great for trying to grow out your bangs or your fringe and it just looks really cute adds a little bit of texture to the overall look, and it is really simple take a bobby pin and just kind of rotate the hair around it and I’m just going to secure it right now I’m going to do a second one just the same as the first and here is the final look hair is done twists are in it is super simple. But really fun, I chose this really cute fun summery top, I love the sleeve of the ruffles and then really simple black jeans to kind of bring out the black in the top and then super fun simple comfortable shoes with of course pineapples love it love how this all works together very simple comfortable. But cute. So option number two is just to keep your hair nice and simple and very chic and effortless, I just kind of put the hair to the other side to give a little bit more volume and for the outfit and this to be very simple like a really simple tank top and then white shorts. Because it is super hot out. But also like a really light sweater.

Because it does kind of cool down here in the summertime joins the evening and plus the food a lot some where it gets kind of chilly. Because it is so easy and then the stained shoes let me know which option you guys like better A or B one or two before, I say goodbye, I do want to mention one thing I have been get a lot of comments and messages from you guys lately saying that you have not been notified when a new post pops up it could be one of two things either your unsubscribe to my blog or you are not notified with the bail. So all you have to do is when you subscribe to my blog make sure you click on that bell after you subscribe that way you will be notified every single time when a new post is out, I know it is super annoying. But it has been going on for a while now on the YouTube side I have been getting subscribed, and it is just it is um very annoying thing. But thank you for reading Bakker for listening I will see you guys in the next one, I love you all very much bye.

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