Hey all, Welcome back to another post. I’m so excited for this one.

Because we are going to be testing out a fashion product from Kickstarter it is basically a dress where you wear in public and you just take off the clothes to change in public how genius is that, I am. So excited. Because, I met a person that will change in the car. But I’m like stuff flying everywhere my hands are like somewhere outside my seeder who knows where, and it is very uncomfortable. So I’m very excited for this and this is the product that’s called the undress they already have two very successful versions and these setting the third one which is still a prototype. But they already have so much money rate for it and Kickstarter and I’m very excited. Because like basically their best dress yet.


So they have very cool features let me just show you and we are going to test it out I’m going to try it out with a bathing suit and then some workout clothes. So it does come into this a really awesome red bag has a zipper in the front and, I like that you can take this with you to the beach to the gym and you can put your extra clothes in here that you are going to change into or out of which, I really appreciate its kind of like a two in one product. So this is the third prototype, I believe this print is only exclusive to Kickstarter, I believe, I might be wrong. But I think that’s what, I read, I think they have other solids things like that Isis what it looks like it is very interesting. So without further ado let’s go test this bad boy out we are going to go into the beach and let’s see what happens and they do say it takes less than 30 SEC or 30 seconds to change in and out of clothes let’s check this out. So we just made it to the beach nice and windy and, I do not have my sunglasses I’m squinting. So, I apologize.

So let’s put this to the test let’s put on a basic all right there we go. So we are here we have the surprise it has nice padding you can wear just like a regular dress or a bra which is really cool. So then what a size you have these little strap right here you can adjust what you do is you put a underneath like through your bra like everything underneath. So there we go and, I use put it over your neck just like that. So what you do to take off your bottoms instead of picking up your dress likes death. So uncomfortably you just keep it down and then there’s two side pockets right here. So you open them up and then you see you can see my under my shorts are my underwear whatever it is.

So what you do just take it in unzip and, I read oh look how easy that is and I’m not exposed to the public let’s run the bases for one piece the struggle yeah it is a struggle I’m struggling right now I’m not sure my side boobage all right we did it now let me just take this off there we go, I mean the booth is on round two we are in the park we are very close to the beach. But now we are going to put on some workout clothes. So, I have some tights and leggings and, I have a shirt like a cheat like a tank top with the sports bra built into it. So let’s see how that how easy that is and, I already have underwear on. So we have the shirt and we have the leggings man he’s biting me oh there’s lot of mosquitoes out here and, I got the baby soon all right. So to get it back on its super easy I’m just going to first turn the shirt and you are pretty much just put it on top of this. Because we are going to loosen it and we are just going to slide it underneath.

So if you had a bra the same concept you put the bran first just over top and then you just put the shirt on. So, I have the bra built in make sure it is all good and I will put it. So just aware your boobs are going to be let’s bring this down put on the legging. I’m so uncomfortable. So hot and I’m sweaty that’s the best recipe ah get hot this has nothing to do with on dry this is just to be struggle to compromise this the wettest alright go back to the pocket. So do not pick up the dry light them up basically I’m sweating too lad whoo look at that that’s awesome, I love this. So overall, I give this a double thumbs up I’m very impressed on statistical moves that easy and that comfortable out in public to change.

Because, I do not want my boobs to be flying all over the place and, I really like the genius idea where you have a pocket you just kind of slide your hands in just take everything off without having to expose your legs or whatever else and also, I really appreciate the fact that they have different styles and prints for the different types of dresses. So a solid zip here to that and I’m really really happy with this overall what do you guys think of this idea would you get it would you use it, I think it is really really cool aren’t you guys, I hope you enjoyed this post came along with me and tested out this awesome product. But for now thank you for reading and I will see you in the next one hi.

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