Hi guys! Welcome back I will share about the best makeup products for beginners in this post In other words, the good products fro beginners I know for those who just learn or are still new in makeup field For sure you are confused what products to buy And there are many new makeup products As well as for the brands It definitely makes you more confused But do not worry, I will let you know and recommend to you in this post About what products that you really need And let’s get started We start with the base makeup first Actually, some will put primer on before the foundation But I do not think primer is a must for beginners I also rarely put primer on Also, I have not found a really good one So, I will just start with the foundation The product that I recommend is Loreal Infallible 24 Hours Foundation Why do I opt this? Because this is suitable to all skin type The result of this foundation is matte but it does not make our skins dry This foundation is easy to blend It can cover the large pores It also makes our skin tone even and flawless This is very suitable for formal event, but still very light on the face Not too heavy on the face There are many choices of shades The price is around Rp. 180.000 But I think this is worth it as the fill is pretty much The quality is really good as well If you do not wanna put foundation on and have something lighter and natural You can use BB cushion Or BB cream, it is just the same I recommend Maybelline BB cushions This has slightly dewy result.

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So it is suitable for dry skin This green color has matte result which is suitable for oily skin and combination The quality of these cushions are great They are natural and light on the face They’re quite long lasting As a BB cushion The coverage is medium, so it is quite okay I would recommend these for those who want natural and light one If you have dark circles Pimples, pimple scars Or dark spots that you wanna cover Then you will need a product called concealer The product that I recommend is Maybelline Fit Me Concealer This conecealer has a good result It’s quite creamy and easy to blend And it is smooth on the skin It’s not patched or cracked This medium coverage so it is suitable for daily Maybelline Age Rewind itself is good But it is available only at online shops I recommend Maybelline Fit Me if you do not want a complicated purchase This is available at every counter of Maybelline There are 2 choices of powder Which are matte powder and loose powder But I love matte powder this recently As it is easier to bring Also, it is not too messy As loose powder always spreads to anywhere I recommend Loreal Infallible Pro Matte There is a little bit coverage and it is light I usually use brush when applying powder So that the result is more natural and not cakey Next is the eyebrow pencil I really recommend eyebrow pencil that has the spoolie for the beginners Or the brush I recommend Innisfree Auto Eybrow Actually there are few brands that I recommend One of them is Etude House And The Face Shop And this Innisfree Because they have almost the same shape It’s eyebrow pencil on one side And it is spoolie on the other side Actually there are quite a lot of good local eyebrow pencils But most of them do not come with the spoolie It feels like you wanna draw your brows but you do not have the spoolie It’s quite inconvenient So I recommend Innisfree There are many choices of color for Innisfree There are brown, red brown, dark grey, light grey As my hair is black now It’s quite difficult for me to find a grey eyebrow pencil But Innisfree has it and the color is really nice So yeah.

quite recommended Next is eyeshadow I often receive questions like Sis, what is the best yet cheap eye shadow? It’s a hard question because. Honestly, the good one is quite expensive But there’s one that I think it is cheap and good Which is LT Pro Naturally Glam Eyeshadow Palette There are 8 colors on this palette And I think all of the colors is lovely And will be used If you want a natural makeup You can use gold, brown colors But if you want a heavier makeup like smookey eyes There’s black color on it It’s about Rp. 150,000 Which is affordable compared to other brands There’s cheaper one but the quality is not as good as this one There are few type of eyeliners There are pencil, gel, marker and liquid I think the easiest to draw on is the marker Because it is faster to apply and able to control I have 3 brands that I want to recommend As it is price I personally really love Clio Kill Black Waterproof Brush Liner This is Korean brand I love this because it is really long lasting on my eyes It does not fade away My eyes sometimes are watery So when I apply eyeliner on, it might fade away But it is very long lasting on my eyes And the brush is thin But not too soft So if you wanna draw a soft line, this is really good But the price is about Rp. 180,000 So it is quite expensive If Clio is too expensive, you can try Maybelline The quality of the Maybelline Eyeliner is also really good It’s blacker than Clio’s But it sometimes fades away on my eyes That’s I rarely use this one for now.

But this product is really good But it does not fade on otherseyes So yeah. You can try this one If you want more cheaper eyeliner I recommend Wardah Actually this also is ok, does not fade away The thing is the brush of the liner is bigger Or larger I always draw a thin line on my eyes So this is not easy to draw a soft line This is a not problem if you can draw a thick line And you can try this Next is mascara I think the mascara that has good quality and many types is from Maybelline Aiden just finished taking bath Aiden, say hi Say hi Okay okay, mommy is shooting Bye The one that I have now if Maybelline Push Up Mascara This is good for those who have short lashes And who want curved lashes for the whole day Maybelline mascara is waterproof as well Rarely to fade So choose as your desires Next is blush on I’m using the one from Benefit I think it is really good but it is also very expensive. But the one that I think it is affordable and nice It’s from Innisfree There are a lot of choices for color And also, it is pigmented enough It’s long lasting and easy to blend as well.

So this is good for beginners The next one is contour and highlight I know the beginners do not apply as these many But I will still recommend Who knows you would buy them I recommend the one from Innisfree as well There are 2 in 1, one is for contouring and another one is for highlighting So you do not have to buy them separately So just buy the products that are 2 in 1 if you do not want to waste money This is actually not so pigmented But this is good for beginners Because if it is too pigmented, you will find it is difficult to blend The result of this is very natural But you can build up It’s going to end soon The last product is for lips There are many types of lipstick so you can choose As what you like I think the beginners love something that is natural and easy to use So I recommend you to use lip tint But Maybelline lip tint There are many Maybelline products in this post But those are not sponsored I think the qualities of latest products by Maybelline are great The price is also affordable So it is really great for beginners I really recommend the lip tint because this is so long lasting It does not make the lips dry Just apply a little bit if you want a natural result But if you want a bold result A thicker color Just apply more on the lips This can be built up The color is nice And you do not need to worry if it’ll be messy Because this is really easy to make the color even on the lips For makeup tools, or any applications for our makeup.

I really recommend using sponge Mine is from Masami Shouko The Real Techniques is great too If you are able to afford, you can buy the Beauty Blender But it is really expensive I even ain’t willing buy them I personally think the quality of Masami Shouko is really good Mine is in small size But you can buy a bigger size This is really multifunctional Can be used for foundation, concealer, cream contour Can even be used for powdering The result of using sponge is more flawless and adhering on the skin And to avoid from the cakey look The only thing is it can absorb the products well, so it is wasted If you are looking the brush for eye makeup, for powdering, blush on and others I very recommend the Real Techniques I know all the rs, beauty gurus are talking about Real Techniques But for real, the quality is really good And the price is still affordable Not very cheap But brushes are very long lasting So it is like investment The fur of Real Techniques is soft and easy to use And there are a lot of the brush types So I recommend the Real Techniques Alright! So this is it the Best Products For Beginners from my opinions If you wanna read makeup tutorial for beginners post I will put it on the ending of this post You comment on the below what products that you are using Or the products that you think are suitable for the beginners Because I also wanna know Please give a like if you enjoy this post And comment to my blog See you guys in my next post Bye..

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