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This is a tradition of ours, to post our best beauty, ride-or-die, Korean skincare and makeup. Mhmm Yeah And we want to upload this in the beginning of the month, to help your guys shop for Christmas presents. – So, shall we get started? Yeah, let’s do it Alright FIRST CATEGORY: Oil cleanser. One, two, three.. Yeah.. You have to explain that because I do not know what it is. This one because, uh, the What is it? I was traveling with this? Uh-huh I have to empty the rest into it so I threw the original bit. Just it is the faceshop rice oil Brightening whatever I think I know which one you are talking yeah It’s the one that they are kind of known for yeah I like this country world because one does not have any of those know that list of like bad Skin Cary, Grant and eg Billy or something like that does not have any of that and it is super thin But and it does not fit me it is an oil yes an oil, but it feels super thin, and it is easy to wash off.

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It’s something one that like leaves your skin like Fiorina does not matter because I would use a cleansing foam anyway after that But it removes the makeup like soot it melts it really quickly which is why I enjoy it is really thin It does not take my eyes. What’s that pouring for very important, but there are a lot of oil cleansers out there That’s Stevie burn your eyes, and yeah I want to test that one out because I see a lot of people talking and raving about the finish off one It’s really expensive. Yeah fake shop is very affordable but I want to talk about the more I Didn’t know how to say that one Yeah, I do think it is the one from a nature and a nature is known for using first step Which is very very moisturizing?

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I think last year I gave the Hamish one a shout out and the year before it was the vanilla coke clean and zero, but this year I’m gonna have to give it to this one just because It’s very gentle and I used up a good amount of it a little bit goes a long way, right Yeah, it is like more than half and smell it It smells really good the London do not have a smell and other that’s bad because it So it is good, but sometimes. It’s just weird knowing that I’m putting like this like lard on my face It’s like no smells like everything comfortable It smells very fresh it melts off my makeup like flawlessly and of course I always do follow up with a water-based afterwards But with oil cleansers use it on a dry face massage it what your has massaged it, and then wash it off. It’s like a 3-step system it also removes my eye makeup, and it does not like irritate it so that’s another reason why I give this one a shout-out Yes, next soon water-based cleanser one two three Okay, so this is Reoccurring from last year job. I this is one of the few pleasures where I keep going back to it.

Korean Skincare Routine

I notice a difference if I stop using yeah, oh really hustle Yeah It’s just that Because my skin is the type of skin that gets that builds dead skin super quickly like I always not necessarily like physically slowly But I need to use acid things like toner and cleanser And I noticed when I go to other classes my skin starts to feel a little like Rough, but like that it does not feel as soft So this one said as soon as I use it my skin Softens up really quickly so it makes my skincare afterwards really sink in and my skin just feels much It’s just much more clearer and brighter after uses it the fact that it again. Just like this one It’s like egw whatever ends happy bad ingredients, and it is like super affordable.

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I think it is like eight bucks Yeah, I yeah Closer acts is such a great skincare brand I feel like it really works for people who have sensitive anti acne prone, and yeah, this is a cleanser I like to use in the morning I do not really use it at night, but I use something else yeah But this is like ice or like my fifth one so oh, yeah No, I go through these so quickly hers in so many of my empties posts But I chose the glow recipe Blueberry bounce gentle cleanser just because I use the Clarisonic is worse so nice with the Clarisonic so I would be like for that yeah I love this cleanser It just feels very very gentle yet like all the oil from this just remove takes it off completely And I would have to say that this is definitely in my top three gel cleansers less And my top three would be the Troy etiquette accent cleanser the Costa Rex one as well as this and yeah I just really like it Yeah, I feel like this is a little bit quite a long way because it foams up quite a bit right yeah So I never noticed me. I didn’t I never needed to like this is what I kind of do notice I need a little bit more than this hey.

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This is why I need like a drop and I get a really good like foam and from what I have seen this one’s a little like the like foaming cleansing action is a little bit thicker then this is a little slightly thinner so that’s why I prefer to use this at Night after my like oil cleanser and like the ingredient here is blueberry and blueberries are like high Antioxidants really good for people who have you know acne and like very moisturizing as well So especially if you spend a lot of time in the Sun Yes, that’s been important very great And I know that um this sells on Sephora very popular product when they first released it, so I like this product alright exfoliator Done okay, so this is actually the second time it is appearing in my ride-or-die Those because I can’t find another Exfoliator as gentle and like it smells so good. It’s so easy to use I just love this product, and I talk about it often so again, Judy’s everyday know Who times a week? It’s more like a physical exfoliant anything uh-huh and so this is basically a two sided Pad self pocket, yeah Yeah So you use the Goss ID and then you use it to exfoliate and then flip it over and use the cotton cotton side to kind of smooth everything out and my face just feels so smooth and soft after using that and it is like my favorite way to exfoliate like I cannot go back to like the Creams like I just it just feels so harsh compared to this It’s not so good Why didn’t one smells the best in my opinion.

Yeah, yeah So good wait do you did you run out of this one? Yeah? I have only ever tried one the one then I bought but after that there’s a lot of other pad type Yeah, I’m not so I honestly feel like neo gen does the best pads Yeah, cuz I have tried a lot of Dupatta over here, but is not like I feel like it is kind of different. Yeah, it is not to this level It’s very innovative, and I can always trust new gen with like really high quality products So that’s why it made it onto this list again. If you are feeling your life Your skin’s getting a little flaky with the weather change or again if you live in a dry place And your foundation is looking just pili and flakey general yeah, I will give those a try definitely yeah And it is so important for people to exfoliate and if you have dry skin you have to like do something about those dead skins Dead skin cells because otherwise you are just gonna break out because they are gonna clog up your pores It’s foliation is very important But just do not do it every day because your skin is just gonna Get thinner and thinner yeah, some people think that just cuz your skin It’s like you should explode all the time you can do it some people just do it a little more often But that does not mean harsher right you should give it gentle soul.

So I think that’s that’s good for that for me This is actually one of those pili ones like the ones that you put on your skin, and you rub like little flaky Yeah, at first. I was like I feel like it is not my actual dead sky feeling. It’s just the product itself reading offensive bids and To be honest I still do not know for sure about this, but this is probably like Exfoliating products, this is the only one I have used this here pretty much of this kind at least and I definitely noticed a huge difference in like I Still I still do not know if it the little balls that come up or my skin, but it makes my skin so like baby But smooth huh, oh my makeup goes on like Flawlessly, I just feel like it is not a brick. I have never heard of it. I do not even know why gods everyone is my god Yeah, I have no idea maybe style Korea Maybe yeah, but um if you want to explore your skin But you maybe you know you find that the physical ones are a little bit more rough for your skin You might want traditional cuz it is more of a chemical exfoliant. It’s got it kind of looks milky almost I’m not gonna use it all the time But I tend to Gravitate this quite because my skin like I said my skin really builds dead skin really quickly So this is really good for taking care of that. I can see what you mean by Ryan I do not know if that’s a product itself or if that’s that my skin I do not know if like my hands Have – yeah right right right right? So maybe it is the product, but you will feel if you wipe off you will know that you feel that you are It’s very satisfying, right Yeah, all right So we are done with exfoliators right next is toner ready one two three Okay, so I have to have you set up like a little recipe and this is available at Target so my glow recipe yes oh so it is like the Collaboration that they did but to be honest this is not the toner that I want to give a shout out to but I already Emptied out the hammies a toner that I wanted to ensure the pink one mmm. It’s so Gentle it smells wonderful But this is a much cheaper version of that and the ingredients is green tea kill lots of antioxidants It makes your skin feel very bouncy. It’s so smooth and great for layering all the goods La Mesa is like that Organic organic yeah my chef – okay I’m – guys. I have one like that.

This is Detroit. Okay skin complex formula I literally we talked about all yeah, that’s why I tried my best to not include yes We all know that we like it so much. I have yeah, so this one is just like that. It’s um There’s a mist, but we applied on our hand and then Pat interprets because there’s a certain ingredient in here I think comes from bamboo that adds extra level of moisture, but it makes the mist thinkers They always put in their hands and that pad it is the face so um This is amazing actually because it is thicker I know that this is like a seven seven Layer is but we visit because it is much thicker you can go with three four five three or three to five so I like using this because it is just Good right, and then whenever my skin is like Emergency, this is the toner that I go for now I take us with me on the plane as well same does it this is like the new size Really small give me in but it is not too small to wear you know cuz you know you bring some child you want to bring? Travel sample size, but it is gonna run out in the middle So the only good for like the plane ride This is good for the trip, so that’s good for moisturizer, but for me I need to use like every morning, and I need an exfoliating toner for me. It’s the Misha a Super op with smooth skin peel. It’s it is really just like the cause rx1 it has more cos ha ha ha yeah Phe paja guinness you call this a lot like a lot in not everyone needs it, but like I said for me And I like really like top skins.

I need to you know. It’s not that does not mean it is rough, though It’s just it is still gentle it feels like that It just feels just like the cause alright so once but for me. It has a little bit more exfoliating power Oh, it is pretty much the same in every other aspect as well, so those two ingredients also kind of blew up this year Eh-eh-eh-eh open in so many products, and yeah, I feel like This might also have it – I do not know no I’m sure yeah the brightening effect mm-hmm So one side is just like the slightly more emboss I values it smooth, so you know this is just I discovered these That’s my point. Yeah, okay, next we have eye cream and here I have my Innisfree one what about you? Here’s my nature Pacific love alright I think I might’ve mentioned in my last year even maybe I remember major natural Pacific Yeah, I talked a lot about them last year and did yeah But they are I feels like the only one that I really enjoyed ah cuz that it is even after a year I have used every nothing, but I still have a lot in there so you can talk about that way so I did that ultimate eye cream review and the Innisfree the 25,000 won one ranked at number one, but recently I have been using the perfect 9 repair. I dream and it is more for the anti-aging Like that industry have but it is much thicker, and I just really like it again almost done using it It’s like the intense intense version of this line. It is it is the intense, and I there’s nine types of precious Jeju oriented Botanical active ingredient what it from Jeju? So the natural Pacific what I have is it is just in a squeeze to bottle. Yeah, I remember It’s quite like the kind of the ball looks like then this one right here. Yeah, but it is um. It’s just a Thick ish they please gel. Uh-huh, but it is one of those ones where You put it on you feel like oh wow like you do not really notice it cuz for people that do not use like them often but when you do use it you feel comfortable in the eyes give you that feeling because that for me because You know I I’m so expressive.

I’m getting crow’s feet its I have been more cautious about that lately whatever I use that eye cream. I feel like well So I’m not that a huge person and I’m not huge into the eye cream But that one is the what I tend to use one you know the next we have the serum Essence and apples and this time this year. We are going to group it into one category and Hmm you can go first okay so for me, I have to Sense really in a while, but this has the word essence I felt like let me put in here this I was using this a lot when my skin was really Trying to recover from using this cream because it was getting really dry Tronic agency Hydra essence is it says essence, but most essence are like the watery kind of toner feeling But this one is like a super thin like gel But the level of moisture you get from it is like using a rich cream Yeah, so it is good If you do not like the texture of a rich cream But you need that level of moisture and this will give it to you because it is like Iih I brought the same product, and I’m gonna introduce it as a sleeping pack later Oh, but yeah, I do really like that product Yeah so I like this for Summer ish I guess on winter too from the Doggett extra crisis right right right? And then for more like a heavy duty like I need either my foundation to go on smooth Or it is turning to winter like it is now oil. This is one I kind of had it, but I never really use it But then I start getting into it is a mystery all of real essential oil if you leave a good oil This is a pretty good one. It’s not super like I mean It’s an oil, but I do not feel like oh my god like it is so way too rich It’s very simple very someone to that right.

It’s not as thin as that one I think it is a little bit thicker so it is good for dry skin But I really like using this under foundation Or in combination with my moisturizer to make sure my foundation does not look like Flakey and dry for me. I actually didn’t bring the Huxley oil essence that should be here. That’s like the product that changed 2018 for me, but I do not have it right now, so I bought the other Huxley products But this essence when I first tried it it just feels like a toner almost And I couldn’t really tell like this is not is it really in essence But ever since I started using this I do not fell in love yeah And the oil is so moisturizing and I think hugsley products in general are just such high quality Like really good ingredients, and it really might skin transformed once. I started using Huxley for my skin mm-hmm Yeah My I got some of these from South Korea and like gave some to my mom she Loves it a lot actually she has not kind of like dry his skin, so It smells so good It feels really uh But they are feeling that it is really moisturizing, but it is it’s really kind of like do you this one right here? yeah, it is like a really thin, but Thick in the moisturizer Department right the Moche flick you can totally achieve that with it.

Yeah, yeah, that’s why I was feeling really Good she masks All right you had two times I tried this one It was of you actually yep, and then I have the very mom ceramide sheet mask Yes, so this the brand is called very mom and it is because it is like recommended for moms And you can actually use some of the products for the babies no But I do not think you would use a sheet mask on a baby it is so rich in ceramide and it is a great ingredient for people who have dry skin and Every time I use this the next morning my skin just glows and looks super nice and clear actually I do not know something about like my scars It just kind of looks faded almost so on days where I? Really need my skin to look good the next morning like I love using this So from me. I have to UM I do not know. Why, but what the main difference between the two diet this one is extremely like once She’d mass is so dredged in essence I guess If acid the thing is this is not like the kind of like watery type of essence that when you like squeeze it is like water It’s like a thick it is like a light milky cream method exactly right and so That’s why I enjoy like I will pull it out and use that in that itself. It’s like Insanely moisturizing, then this is there’s so much left. I like to stick like the conch eats in there Yeah, and put in the fridge in the next morning Yeah, it was like such a waste of SS. Right right right or you. Can you know it is with all of your body Yeah um, but yeah I feel like really if you want to treat yourself, then I guess you can get villages off one of these But if you have extremely dry skin I really recommend these because it Doesn’t it is like a mist and moisturizes so deep into the skin I feel I do not have to moisturize for like the next week It’s so moisturizing And then the edge of house 0.

2 millimeter air sheet masks These are kind of like the cotton version because there are some like gel She’d mats that are supposed to stick super well to your skin This was six was of the skin simply because there’s just so much essence on it this one sticks So well because of like how thin the sheet is and so it is almost like there’s more essence than sheet mask if that makes sense So it is like really hugs the face, and I just like how this is like egw as well No bad Ingredients and my favorite one side the snail one in the lemon one And I just feel like my skin actually looks better because a lot of people assume that Everyone ever is getting today be like no face. She must not like perfect You know that’s not the case, but this one and obviously not perfect skin But I just feel like there’s like a difference okay after using these it. I mean this is like really affordable It’s like it is like 801. Yeah, so I buy these in bulk in what I like to do is after I shower every morning I will put it on and then bug on my hair. You do not the blue guard it is on your face. Yeah, I Know, but I do not look at my it does not too long, but you know they are so cheap anyway No, I just throw away after I have done with I’m blow-drying my hair one two three So I have to meet Save me relief moisture cream 12, it sounds very very Gentle yes, but the 12 is there because it is 12 ingredients. Oh wow it is such a very It’s like a thick moisturizer, but I’m so shocked that it is like Such minimal ingredients mmm, but it feels so good yeah, um I would have to say that I fell in love with this brand because it is Like you said very gentle. Yeah, the ingredients are very minimal, and it does not smell like anything usually with skincare I do not mind if there is a scent, but this product. I do not know it made me understand Why people do not like fragrance in yeah skincare so from my moisturizer?

I’ve got V And then chop chop the green tea water came from Tony moly Chuck Chuck and Molly yeah The packaging I know and you never think I thought it was Innisfree Yeah, I all right But what if you described is like perfectly because it? Cream in the sense that it is like it looks like a thick cream and the level of what you get from it is like that of like a rich cream, but When you start blending it onto the skin it almost melts into like a watery consistency But it does not feel like a watery moisturizer It feels like that’s like a rich moisturizer, so I think this is perfect for people with oily dehydrated skin oh yeah, or even you have any any skin type honestly because for guys getting you get that level of moisture that you need but for oily skin It does not feel like over does not feel like too much like you do not feel like it is gonna break out because it is so thin So I do not agree That’s pretty famous and is egw whatever how about ingredients because? Moisturizer can be one of those things that kid will have things like that that will probably does in posts this is one of the few that I found that is also at the price level It’s a I think it is I do not think we tend to have this on one plus one So alright one plus one is where it is I’d like to just talk about this Tony. Moly is a brand that’s really popular Abroad and not so much. Oh yeah in Korea It’s only a few items that are public yeah, eyeliners the hand cream the peach and this and the sewing That’s interesting Alright next we have sleeping mask JV. Mask 3. I have the Troya 2 kg hydro essence How are you mine? I do not have with me, but the what else did I mentioned was the one you the rice?

Oh? Yeah, yeah I love that because you will see a result yeah, that’s right nose I was like I was just because that’s why I do not really use sleeping mask Like it is just like a thick moisturizer right right exactly, but then with that one. I was kind of using like whatever it was It’s my skin So that’s why I do not have because I ran out of it That’s all I ever used so and rice has that brightening effect so when you wake up. You’ll just see brightened and glowy face than things morning so good for any I know a Skin tone even some people think idea deeper skin like things that are brightening They can’t use over that any I think any skin tone can benefit from brightness Yeah, not letting necessary getting lighter, but like just even skin tone so skin tone Eddie talked about this product before he had it in the you know essence category But I like to use this as a sleeping mask. I basically get so much of it kind of like my face looks like There’s gel all over it like for a good 10 minutes But then my skin drinks this up and the moisture lasts for 10 hours and instead of using like a cleanser sometimes at the day after I use this moisturizer or essence I just use water to wash it off mmm instead of using a separate cleanser straight to water yeah, yeah that one My skin was going through that was dry period I wouldn’t just like her I would slather it on it really helped if they actually Use that when you are getting be Troy peel tree yes before you get that before is it right and you need as much moisture in your skin like deep underneath as as possible if It’s lather they do not act like a mask.

Yes, so to have it like in the form of something. You just use at home Yeah, and like what is it when I went to California? Palm Springs, it is super dry so dry. Oh you better yeah My friends were complaining about their dry skin and like patches, and I immediately recommend It just like hey, just try this the next morning that dry patch was gone and I’m not saying that and I’m not promising that it is gonna happen right away, but They saw a result right away, and I see results right away, so if you want to check it out And if you have super dry skin, this is a product that I highly recommend Sometimes people think that the solution to flaky dry flaky skin is just use more of the same water than they have But this is one of those once where it does not compromise the level of thickness it is we got so thin But it is just it is just more moisturizing product like deep down, so you are not just surface No deep down okay next we have spot treatments, and I have to All right, so this is a reoccurring product Yeah, I talked about these in so many of my empties, but it is basically a sticker patch And you just stick on after you popped a pimple or before you even want to pop a pimple Yeah, I just like this because whenever I have breakouts. I like to pick on it, but you really shouldn’t do that Yeah, your fingernails have might have bacteria Right so I love using this and for fading the scars. I just lather Yeah, this onto the scar It is is not it yeah like 70 something for this little thing yeah apparently the ingredients that Cost it more. It costs them more to make it then they sell it for yeah so Those countries, I think it is like the same technologies colloid Patches the ones that if you have like a cut Oh, so you like cut out the shape that you need yeah, it sucks up the pus That’s why you say. It kind of helps pop your pimple It’s really good for those where you can see it coming to a head That’s the stage you want to like pick at it. Yeah, but I think that’s the message to put the patch on because um It’s point.

It’s like a magnet it pulls the pus out for you So you do not have to like use your nails to like Pop a hole and cause it to either because you may be at the very bottom of the pussy will push in yes Are you pushing it out is being very descriptive very so this is not really I think Your best base to like use a patch like that tip and also your protecting you Do you find that it? sticks really well because some patches like the edges because you are putting on like a race thing right the edges will like a list I Know you mean real estate. I feel like these ones stick really well, and I have gone through I do not know like a hundred like a billion of those yeah, and I just want them to make like a hundred pack good I know right maybe five. I think twenty-five. That’s not enough for me. Yeah. They’re really affordable Yep, five thought five dollars five thousand one Yeah, Kuya when they are on sale you could probably pick them up for three But it is. I think cosa Rex is number one best seller out of all of their products yeah For me it is not a patch thing, but this is good for people with Acne scarring like me.

I like the pitted at least line You’ll see a lot of things online that help hyperpigmentation, but you never really see stuff about like pitted scar Yeah Cuz it is one of the most difficult things to take care of which I think you do kind of need to like go see a dermatologist for But for a not temporary kind of temporary like at home thing that you can start to help your acne scarring is the makeup face 10% glycolic as an aha scaling cream and this is an H a cream that it is one of those ones that irritates your skin so that it produces collagen Okay, and so for a month your skin yot you are gonna have to get used to it because your skin will turn dry and flaky and red and peely for like a month before your skin becomes like super smooth and like the What does it done his scarring smooths out in too late it turns more plump? But the thing is you have to use this regularly not realize it like every day But like you need to consistently use it like once or twice every week because if you stop using it your skin kind of goes back to Originally it improves it so it is not like all the way back to the original state But it is one of those things that you need to use Consistently, but it is one of the few things that I have noticed Physically makes a difference and like my acne scar okay.

So I’m gonna go to the pizza dermatologist soon to get lasers and stuff But for the time being this has helped my skin so much that I’m surprised more people do not know about this I have never heard of makeup face makeup is originally started with someone mentioned wanting me to do a review of cushion What is that and they see you know like I meant like people that work there now and like They introduced me to this so if you have an issue with acne scarring like pity acne scarring definitely check It’s a little pricey, but you definitely need like a small amount because it spreads out really far But do be aware for like a month or so your skin is gonna look like crap But then it is gonna look like a beautiful when did you start using this though? I use this around middle of summer ish end of summer Yes, I didn’t see you when it was engulfed like because I was in LA right right right? Yeah, so even though the first month is gonna be a little difficult Or you can just lessen it to like use it less so your skin really gets used to it slowly But for me, I was using like every other day That’s not a good idea, but you gotta help me get over it quickly But after you see this starting to use after you start seeing the results smoother softer Your skin just feels moisturized More easily Rapada, so oh good yeah again AJ hittin that auto-scaling cream Final products one two three, then I’m sunscreen So got one one your heart again.

Yeah, it is been your favorite for a while good Bri UV aqua rich water essence is actually only available in Japan But if you want if I can recommend a Korean won the too-cool-for-school on yeah, oh, yeah a really watery one like this a mild Acid something like that some essence, but pretty much very very stomach very watery sunscreen that feels kind of like a lights Jelly –is– moisturizer I suppose so you know your sunscreen says watery essence mine is like Moisturizing serum no moisturizing sunblock. It’s a sudden Gel and this is from make Pat, and I just want you to feel this That’s the sunscreen and it just oh my to be the same in that one yes, and it is so easy to apply on your skin And it is 50 SPF Wow it is shockingly amazing I feel like these are the types of ones that you can report Depending on your skin type in your poly replace your moisturizer during the day with this one because it is moisturizing I need my moisturizer So I find that because I’m not the type of person I will use like oh boy shower that has SPF in it, but this is one of those ones I feel like It’s a good balance.

It’s not just like oh, let’s put a little bit right right Okay, so you feel like that could play both moisturizer, and so only in the summer if you have very oily skin, okay? Otherwise I would still would use a separate moisturizer, okay, but this is seriously My number one sunscreen where the focus this is on glow recipe.com They might have it at Kumari in color maybe Make friend the ingredients that they use it is so minimal and like like you just felt this product it feels so lightweight, you do not have to worry about a white cast like a lot of the sunscreen we recommend does not give you a white cast but Because this is a Sun gel it. Just it looks just like a putting regular moisturizer honey, and it does not break me out Because it is so like clear and lightweight, and I just can’t believe this is sunscreen but I love applying this and then my makeup just apply so smoothly afterwards and my face color does not change because Sometimes sunblock like really thick ones. They’re so white that like it does not mix well with the foundation that I’m about oh my god That’s why I hate anything that’s thicker than these two things because it will make your foundation look terrible. It’s like a bad primer Yeah, but this is You need dry skin Yeah, it is terrible and Tracy yeah That’s why I’m so like particular about sunscreens that are you and I think I’m just gonna stick with this one. No, okay? Yeah, I will see we will see though.

I do not know what else This out alright alright Brad that one your heart this year was my heart Probably I would say this one Cuz this one is the thing that was like oh my god need to get it too nigga face cuz they actually have skincare they Started with skincare and then makeup I found about makeup first But because of this I start getting to the other ones and they have a lot of skincare actually that’s very aim towards gentle – this was like really have an effect on you, but the others have been very gentle, but It great for sensitive skin, but it is like effective so I should probably I will make a post talking more about their skincare But starting with this one this has made such a huge difference in my skin not this there’s actually another thing that they sent me this there’s a cream that they have a Asia s and telleth then tell it Like a cream based off that and yeah actually recommend together, so I didn’t met bring it in this post But um you guys try it out. Yeah, so in terms of skincare This one the other stuff was kind of stuff I already you know Randall’s already at you good last year you gave the award to natural Pacific Bell I gave it to Kosar eggs this year unlike torn between make creme Huxley and hamesha cuz there are all very gentle ingredients that are good for the skin But if I have to choose it would have to be made brown because I’m just so impressed by how like little ingredients they use Yet, my skin, just like drinks it up absorbs it so nicely and the results are just amazing I hope you guys found this post helpful. Make sure you check out Edie’s blog comment to him We are going to post the makeup version of this post right now. Yep, so I will see you guys in that post.

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