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Hey all, Welcome back my love’s you caught me with my damp hair. Because we are testing out a new product for me you guys requested. So, I would review and test out the schoolies hair curlers where you do not need any heat I’m really excited, I had really great reviews on Amazon, I got two different sizes, I got the blue which is the bigger size and, I got the pink for the smaller size for smaller curls and yeah let’s test them out see what, I think see how, I like them, I will test them out throughout the day let them air dry in my hair and then I will come back and show you guys what happened on the right side, I will do only pink and on the left side, I will do only blue just. Because, I just want to see what each size does for my hair you know I’m going to add my leave-in conditioner into my hair just.

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Because, I want the curls to be nice and soft shiny bouncy smooth not too much frizz happening. So that’s what I’m going to do first and then we are going to brush up my hair and separate my hair right down the middle find two back alright let’s start with the pink one and, I do not remember how much, I paid, I can do thirty five dollars which is not the cheapest low struggle one alright here we go just kidding these are the blue one let’s try this again well the pink ones are packaged nicer you get a baggy. But this one get a box and you get instruction. So that’s cool you get 24 soft silicone hair curlers and this is a classic size two pink ones and you create the curls from 3/4 inch to an inch which, I really like the curl that kind of size. So it looks like that’s really nice like it is really organized that’s really cool. So right here, I see on the back of the box it says for natural ringlets and soft waves do not dampen hair. So, I guess we are going to the tight curls today since my hair is damp have you guys try these on your dry hair, I wonder what’s it look like alright.

So it says for the tight curls you can just place the smaller end of the little what are these pulleys place like this basically and just start wrapping the hair around this little portion right here. So I’m going to take the hair away from my face and then you just fold it over nope okay okay, I guess. So alright let’s try this again. So, I think that was a little too much hair. So I’m going to grab a smaller section this time right we go alright. So I’m just going to continue doing this and see what happens alright, I’m still on my third one and, I really the biggest fan this is way too much time and, I feel like I’m really uncoordinated my just being a weirdo now I’m not really enjoying the process. So far we found a way to do this Andres helping me he’s holding this bully and, I wrap the hair.

So here’s the verdict definitely use the second person or ask somebody to help you do this. Because it is much easier and faster with the second person. Because they can see what they are doing, and it is easier to hold. But the only negative thing. So far is there’s only 24 and it definitely is not enough for the entire head, I used 18 just on half of my head and we try to use bigger sections and this school II would just pop up. So I’m not sure. If we are doing this wrong.

But I think we are doing it right, I thought the instructions let me know. If you guys had a same issue, I would definitely need a second pack of this alright. So let’s go on to the bigger ones but. So far there’s no pulling on my hair which is comfortable. But I can tell you this much right now, I would not sleep in this. Because that would be very uncomfortable, I do not know, I would not like that alright let’s do the big one I’m going to take bigger sections for these blue ones see how that works all right like that take bigger sections at a time. So the same thing with the blue bigger schoolies, I definitely do not have enough, I used up already 11 juice and a half portion and, I think pretty big size pieces section and, I would have to get a hint pair of these not a pair second set, I think I’m not the only one that has that issue.

Because, I also have to do the same thing with the other curlers, I really like the other method better where you just pull the hair through that little ribbon type of curl, I will have it linked up below for you guys. If you want to see that one. But I’m really excited to see what the hair looks like with these chrome I’m really excited it might be a big fail. But I think it would be really pretty we are back with six hours later and all right, I have a couple of remarks. So, I’m looking like a hot mess spoole Iza started to fall down really fast and it started to get really uncomfortable on my head. So around the five hour mark, I decided to kind of test them out see how they are doing see how they feel and they still felt very damp usually my hair dries within thirty to forty five minute mark just air dries this, I feel just. Because it kind of suctions in the hair it does not let the hair breathe and dry as fast as it should.

So, I put heat on it the last 30 minutes or before sort of posting up put heat on it or dry it for like 10 to 20 minutes and we will see what happened I’m excited to take them out. So it should be very easy to take out I’m just kind of unroll it. So that’s happening yep Phil damn you no other hair texture feels like you know like that dull texture hair that’s what that feels like okay then all right. So I’m not going to touch the curls, I just want to show you guys what it looks like yeah that’s happening all right. So one eye look like a complete hot mess even though, I try to make all the curls go in the same direction some of them are completely done some of them are not is just, I do not know what’s happening here too it takes way too long to air dry even though other curlers took like an hour max and that was done and three it is very uncomfortable. If you were to sleep in this or even just to walk around you have to be very cautious and careful you kind of just you can’t really lean your head back. Because it is just always there um no let’s take out the blue ones hopefully, I get better results.

So a couple remarks there with the blue ones as you can see they are just starting to come off, I had to redo this one three times already just to make sure it wasn’t coming off all the time and, I think they are also still down let’s start taking them off all right similar remarks hot mass you guys hot Matt does not look good honestly I’m just really disappointed. Because they were not that cheap takes way too long and the overall result is just ridiculous, I mean come on this is bad you know what let me just get my hands in there and see if, I can maybe like shake it out that makes it worse oh yeah does this remind anyone of Greece, I do not know why I’m getting the Greece slides. But. If you are into this kind of look yeah give it to volume are you guys let me know which one you like better pink from blue tough choice you guys tough one. But for now let me know what other posts you want to see in the future what other products, I should test out hair makeup skincare body products whatever it is I’m your girl thank you for reading and I will see you in the next one, I look awesome, I know.

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