Best Selling Designer Handbags Under 1000 Michael Kors Coach Rebecca Minkoff

So today we are doing a post on designer handbags under $1000, I have three designer bags by three designers. So the first one is Michael Kors second one is Rebecca Minkoff and third is coach and there is going to be three categories that I’m going to talk about these back.

Best Selling Designer Handbags Under 1000 Michael Kors Coach Rebecca Minkoff Photo Gallery

So the first one is obviously the look and design of the bag second is practicality and third is the overall quality of the bag. So this right here is the Michael Kors this is their Mercer leather crossbody bag and it retails for 228 US Dollars and this is in the color moister it is a beautiful nude beige beautiful color, I just think it is stunning. So this little bag it has two side pockets that are open and then it has the middle pocket that is zipped which is really nice with the gold hardware and then on the side of the little zipped pocket you have three card slots which is really awesome and then it comes with an adjustable strap and this, I think the size of this is eighteen to twenty point five inches. So right here you can decide what size strap you want you can make it longer you can make a shorter which is really nice and obviously you can just take them off and wear it as like a top handle bag and, I love this little lock right here there’s a gold little lock on the side and kind of give us a nice little detail to the bag and, I love that it has the little gold little, I do not know what you would call this, I call them little stands little feet for my purses. So when you put on the ground and that’s the first thing they will touch are the little gold little feet other than that this bag is made of a hundred percent full grained pebbled leather and then where the zipper pocket is it is made out of 100% polyester in the lining and, I think the overall look in design this bag is very chic it is minimal. But you can definitely dress it up and, I think it is such a cute little bag the next thing, I look for in a bag is the practicality of it how much can, I fit into a smaller bag can, I fit my phone yes can, I fit lipstick yes can, I fit my keys yes can, I put my wallet yes and it does not change the structure of the bag, I barely filled it then it is not even that heavy which is really nice and the next thing, I like to look for in a bag is how many different ways can, I wear it. So obviously, I can wear it as like a top handle which, I can just carry the bag with the little handles, I can put it around my elbow which is really cool and then, I can wear as a regular shoulder bag or as a crossbody which, I love.

So this bag has multiple ways to wear it which, I approve of. So the next is is this in every day or more of an occasional type of handbag and for me this definitely is an everyday type of bag just. Because of the color it will fit with mostly everything in my closet and it fits all of my essentials that, I take with me outside my home and this type of leather its pebbled full grain. So if you scratch it you won’t be able to see it as much as. If it was really smooth. So, I really like that camouflage is it a little bit and the inside where it is not a zipped it is also full leather. So if you do maybe get a dirty you can just wipe it off.

So it is a very durable everyday type of bag that is super cute the overall quality of this bag is phenomenal looking at the stitching is beautiful there’s no extra stitching anywhere you have stitching all along the purse and even on the bottom everything looks incredible and it looks very durable the way it is stitched all the gold hardware is stunning nothing is coming off it works as it should and the zipper is really nice and smooth and a little hardware is nice and big. So it is really smooth the only thing, I do have to say about this bag is the bottom it is not very structured. So if you do have a lot of heavy things it might start to sag at the very bottom and then, I do have one bag that, I accidentally put something on top of it and kind of squashed the side of it. So kind of like caved in. So with this bag, I would store it in a place where nothing else wouldn’t be like falling on top of it it would just stand on its own that way it would keep its shape perfectly overall I’m very impressed with this bag it is a stunning little handbag next handbag is by Rebecca Minkoff and this one is stunning this is the Rebecca Minkoff is shittim medium crossbody handbag and this is in the color of vintage pink and this bag retails for two hundred and ninety five US dollars and this material that it is made out of is called caviar leather which is smaller than pebbled leather that, I just had in the Michael Kors obviously, I like a structure handbags. Because it is very structured it is a very chic it is very polished, I love the little turn lock closure right here it is stunning you open it up and you get several different compartments. So you get those beautiful material it kind of has like that it is kind of like a chevron little detail with like little grain darker gray and then you have the bigger compartment which is right here you have a nice zipper that you can put little things in there you have a nice deep pocket and then you have another bigger zipper they can pull a lot more things in and then you have one more compartment which would be perfect to put your phone in and, I just like that this one has a lot of different compartments and then the back of the purse you have this magnetic closure with another compartment which of course again for your phone for your cards, I think this bag has a beautiful design that’s why, I even picked it out, I love the stitching that creates the beautiful diamonds on the front and just the overall look of it when, I just saw it it reminded me of a very like a vintage edgy type of bag.

But it is still very chic and modern, I like that they has the little chain combined with this elegant type of bag and then you open it and you have this beautiful great canvas on the inside and, I think it is stunning the practicality of this bag, I can definitely fit a lot more stuff than the Michael Kors just. Because there are. So many more compartments and, I love this little outside compartment where, I can just shove my phone into it very easily look at that and, I can close it how nice is that then, I open it up and, I have multiple pockets that, I can choose from let’s put my wallet in the big one let’s put my lipstick in the big one as well and then let’s put my keys in this little front pocket look at that didn’t change the shape of it the structure of it which is beautiful, and it is not heavy it is very comfortable, I really like that with this bag, I can wear it three ways, I can wear it as a top panel just carry it around maybe keep it down or, I can just remove the strap and put it inside the bag, I can wear it as a shoulder bag or, I can wear as a crossbody the only way, I can’t really wear it is around my elbow just. Because if, I try it is just gonna crush the bag and does not look as good as that as comfortable for me this bag is definitely an everyday type of bag just. Because, I can fit all of my essentials in it, I think it looks good, I think it fits with a lot of stuff from my closet. If I’m running errands if, I have a dinner if, I have an event to go to, I can wear this to multiple events and occasions and, I think it is very tough just. Because it is real leather it will handle a lot of things and if, I do scratch you forget a dirty Acme just wipe it off and the bottom of the bag does not have any hardware.

But it does have really tough extruding lines. So when you do set your bag down at the bottom of the bag will not touch the ground first or wherever you put your purse down it will touch the little extruding line which is really nice. Because they are really tough and durable the quality of this bag, I think is really good. But I do have a few issues with this bag, I love the diamond station think it is a really nice detail. But once you start looking and expecting the bag you can start seeing some little stitching is starting to come out or they didn’t finish it properly some of the folds are not as beautiful they are a little bit jaggedy and then this is where my biggest issue is the back of the bag it has these little ripples in the back, I do not like that it looks not very well thought through that was my first thing when, I did pick this bag up I’m like what is that it does not look high quality in my opinion maybe it’s. Because of the magnet just the way it sits and kind of just ripple the bag over time. But I think to me that’s a big flaw, I think this is a good bag.

But just not quality wise as good as the Michael Kors I’m trying to be picky about these bags just. Because you are paying a lot more than you would with an on designer bag these bags should have been well thought through. Because you are paying more of a higher price. So with all that being said you want a bag that is well thought through the quality is there and, I think the Michael Kors. So far is winning this next bag is by the brand coach this is the rogue 25 quilting and rivets and this retails for 795 US dollars and this is in the color light saddle and black copper. So the look of this bag, I love it is very structured it is definitely very different than what, I have right now just. Because the color is a really nice has the gorgeous zipper right in the middle and then you have the beautiful side pockets with this gorgeous wine suede and, I love the top handles which is stunning and then you have these black copper rivets in the quilting, I think it just gives this piece a very unique look and, I think it is a really really beautiful handbag.

So like, I said you do have two side pockets that are not magnetized they are just opened they are nice and big which, I really like that and, I love the wine suede color, I think it is so stunning it is very complementing with the light saddle and then you have this beautiful huge middle a zipped pocket with two zippers or two hardware’s and the zip pocket is huge, I mean you can fit a lot of stuff in there everything like that. So you have a zipper inside the zipped pocket which is really nice and then you have this little coach emblem and then on the other side of the pocket you have another two little slots and this bag does come with straps. So you can make it into shoulder straps or you can combine these two straps together just like this and this makes it into a crossbody bag which is really cool it is very different this bag is made out of quilted napa leather and right away, I can tell you that is the softest and smoothest out of all of the other bags that, I have showed you guys and it does have fabric and suede interior. So it has suede in these all to side pockets and then has fabric lining on the inside the overall look and design this bag is very unique definitely tell that they put a lot of thought and design into this bag just. Because the colors the quilting leather the beautiful rivets the gorgeous hardware the dark hardware that you have all throughout the bag and then you have the handles and then just the colors everything just is beautiful together and of course it does have the hardware feet for the bag on the very bottom and just I’m very very impressed with this bag and that’s why, I gravitated towards it. Because I have never seen anything like it, and it is like about the practicality of this bag as you can see this bag is a good medium sized bag and it does have a lot of storage in this bag, I love that. So on the sides you can definitely fit your phone that’s where, I usually put my phone if, I do not have to zip it up easy access drop my phone in there let’s put my wallet inside the zipped compartment put it in there it actually lays flat.

Because there’s so much room let’s put my keys also in the compartment two zipped compartment and then my lipstick let’s put it in side pocket, I can feel like a whole outfit in this bag honestly if, I rolled it up it does have a little bit of substance to it just. Because, I think it is the bigger bag out of all three. But it is definitely not heavy it is very comfortable, I think overall practicality with this bag is really great let’s see how many ways, I can wear this bag obviously you can wear as a top handle bag just carry around in your hands you can put it around your elbow which is really comfortable or you can wear it as a shoulder bag or you could connect these two little straps and you can create a crossbody bag which is really nice, I would definitely travel with this bag just. Because, I can fit so much stuff in here and more this leather is quilted. So if it does scratch it will camouflage it really beautifully very durable and, I think it is a very functional type of bag the quality of this bag is stunning it is definitely the best quality bag out of the three it does have the highest price tag. So, I would assume that it would be the best quality bag and it definitely is, I love the stitching of this bag, I love the rivets all of them are there and quilting this is not one miss and they are all aligned as they should be the hardware is stunning it is really durable, and it is just, I love the mass of hardware the bottom is beautiful all of the folds are folded really nice and really seamlessly the only only negative thing about this bag for me is there is a weak point in this bag. So these little folds right here where it meets the zipper portion and the little suede folds.

If you really really stretched it out you might maybe pop a seam or two or. If maybe you are running somewhere in your bag snags on something you catch on it it might rip it all depends how hard you snag or how hard you pull the bag. But other than that everything is stunning there’s no weird stitching there’s no weird folding a beautiful beautiful bag. So what I have learned in this post is the higher the price tag the better leather it is going to be soft yet durable and then of course the design is gonna be a lot more unique and not as generic. But what that being said, I am. So impressed with the Michael Kors bag it is a stunning very simple bag. But the quality was there is definitely top notch it definitely reflects in the price and I’m very disappointed with the Rebecca Minkoff even though it is a very beautiful bag aesthetically.

But the quality is not up to par with the price tag the Coach bag, I mean it is the most expensive honestly. If you have a coach around you just stop in and just touch this bag you will you will know what, I mean it is very soft it is definitely different and just it looks well over $1000 just. Because the design is very unique and the colors and just the overall look of this bag is stunning, I’m very impressed with coach. If you are a handbag kind of gal like me, I love purses and, I love shoes what are two bags that are on your wish list one under $1000 and the second one no matter the price tag for now thank you for reading and I will see you in the next one bye.

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