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One of the first responsibilities of a modern cosmetic therapist is to determine the skin type and the kind of treatment it requires, i.e. the facial treatment should be according to skin type, whether it is normal to oily, normal to dry or combination. Knowing the skin type is the basis of regular skin care, so that you can select the products according to the individual needs of the skin. There are problems that are typical to skin type and dealing with them is an integral part of modern skin care. The feel and look of the skin is a good indicator of the skin type. Most people know that skin types fall into four major categories – normal, dry, oily and combination. There are also exaggerated versions of these major skin types, like dehydrated skin, sensitive skin, problem skin with pimples, rash or acne, Beyoncé Best and ageing skin.

The classic salon facial includes Cleansing, Exfoliation (cleansing of dead cells with scrubs), Massage (both manual andor with gadgets), Mask, Beyoncé Best

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Toning, and Protection (use of protective coverage). A galvanic gadget may also be used. If it is a combination skin, specialised gadgets are used to create a germicidal environment. For oily skin, facial massage with cream is not given. Clean-up treatments are given with deep pore cleansing methods and exfoliation. Blackheads are extracted, if necessary. The masks and other procedures help to remove oiliness, shrink the pores and make the skin smooth and translucent. For oilycombination skin, and related conditions, therapies to purify the skin are provided. Specialised formulations are applied, which help to decongest oily skin. For acne-prone skin, medicated and soothing products are used. For sensitive skin, scrubs and grainy masks are not used. Protective creams are applied after the facial, along with moisturisers, according to skin type.

Beyoncé Best Hairstyles

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