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Once you’ve finished this blog, you’re going to start my full eight-week health plan The Wilder Way. Why eight weeks? Because I believe your body needs time to adjust to the changes you’re going to make.

I don’t want you focusing on counting calories, points, numbers, or portions. I want you to learn about your body, and discover what true health looks and feels like. I’m honestly not sure that the average American even understands what true health means anymore, because we’ve moved away from natural foods and regular exercise to lead lives that are sedentary and that are fueled, primarily, by processed foods. To compound this issue, we are all confused by what we’re being told.

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Information has changed so often over the last thirty years that my head has always been spinning: don’t eat fat. do eat fat; don’t eat carbs. do eat carbs; don’t eat eggs. do eat eggs; don’t eat red meat, don’t ever eat bacon. real meat and bacon is just fine; orange juices causes cancer. orange juice cures cancer. Where’s the moderate voice in our food culture? And who can be trusted?

Tips For Dieting And Weight Loss

Even as I was pouring over recipes, trying to modify them for this blog, I ended up throwing many of them out, because either everything was so fancy that none of my kids or my husband would even touch it, or so full of junk that by the time I finished revising the recipe, there was nothing left! Who the hell can get their kids to eat water chestnuts and tofu?

I’m going to show you a new way of eating which at first might sound like nothing you’ve heard before, something new, something fresh, but I honestly think it’s super easy, and makes a whole lot of sense. It might sound a bit overwhelming; I know most of you have a whole family to consider; so winning everyone over can be tough.

I want you to really focus on one meal at a time. That’s it. Just focus on that next meal, and make the healthiest choices you can each and every time you sit down to eat. I want this to be fun for you. I want your family to enjoy doing this together. I want them to feel better.

I believe we are on the verge of a food revolution. There’s going to be a tipping point where the people suffering from a plethora of food-related diseases will demand change. I think it’s coming sooner rather than later, so take the first step with me.

Diet Tips For Weight Loss Fast


• Eat real foods with minimal ingredients shoot for five or fewer. If you can’t pronounce an ingredient without sounding it out, don’t eat it.

• No sugar. None. Nada Sugar is a killer. No, not even donuts. Say it with me: “SUGAR IS A KILLER!” We’ll talk about doing this gradually later on, so for now just keep reading. Don’t be scared, you will not even miss it, I promise!

• No processed foods or refined carbohydrates you only want the real stuff!

• Cycle your food combinations for weight loss if you want to lose weight, keep your body guessing. More on this later.

• Mindful eating, not mindless eating

• SLEEP your body needs regular sleep. This is vitally important, so don’t skip this one.

• MOVE! Our bodies were made to move. If you want to feel good and look smoking hot, get moving! Get up, go outside, and start doing your thing, whatever it may be. More on this later, as well.

• As always, be sure to stay hydrated!

So why isn’t my program complicated? Aren’t diets supposed to be complicated? Don’t we need to suffer? Why aren’t there little boxes to measure your serving sizes? Why don’t you have to count calories?


Well, I think that’s all bullshit. Sorry if that’s a little blunt, but I’ve been counting calories my whole life. I’ve counted points and calories, I’ve used boxes and pre-packaged servings, and all of this got me exactly nowhere. It didn’t accomplish one thing. So, if none of that worked, why are those methods still out there? Why are we still gaining weight? Why is our health crisis getting worse each day? Why are there more and more obese Americans every year?

We need to stop focusing on another weight loss program or exercise gimmick. Instead, we need to focus on something totally different: our food choices. It’s really that simple. All it really takes is reading labels, and a little knowledge. My plan is for busy women and men too! who just want to be able to spend their precious time with their kids, and not measuring, boxing, or counting bullshit points systems or calories.

My plan is taking us back to the basics. Nourishing food, physical movement, and health. That’s it! Sit back and relax. If a mom of six with a farm and a publishing business can do this, you can too!

Pro tip: I never leave my house without filling my purse with snacks; now I never get sidetracked by the pastry window at Starbucks. I don ’t leave home without some nuts, a Quest bar, or some dark chocolate…or all three!

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