Blair Waldorf Braided Bun

So our hairstyle today is inspired by Blair Waldorf she wear this in a recent episode of Gossip Girl. And I got a ton of requests for it from like everywhere at Facebook, and Twitter we are blowing up let me tell yak anyway. So I thought. I should do a tutorial on it now. I couldn’t get it to look exactly the same on my hair for the life of me. I do not know why it is just. I think it is that my hair really is not that thick. And I really need to take care to kind of pull out those big voluminous braids that she had that’s my excuse.. I think this is a good way to recreate the style however. And I think it is a really great hairstyle for summer. So I hope you guys like it. I hope you try it out. And I will see you next post fine begin by parting your hair to the side on whichever side you like, and then extend the end of that part down add a diagonal angle blow the opposite ear.

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So. I parted my hair on the right, and now, I will going down to the left ear, and then you have got a nice diagonal parting there you are going to go ahead, and secure that bottom section or you know the section on the right out of the way. Because we are not going to work with that first you are going to start with a section on the left pick up a section of hair, and spy it in two, and we are going to French fishtail braid you are going to start by just fishtail braiding normally which is when you take a small piece from one section, and put it on the other, and then a small piece from the other section, and switch it back, and forth then once you have got your base establish you can go ahead, and start adding in here just take hair from next to it take a small piece, and flip it over to the other side, and then keep repeating that take a small piece from the outside grab a small piece from the section that corresponds to that side, and then go ahead, and pull it to the other section, and you just continue that until all the hair is incorporated from that section now with this the smaller sections you take the better it is going to look you want to get really precise, and take really tiny sections, and it will look really nicely detailed if you want to take bigger sections it will just a little bit a little bit more like a French braid which is not a bad thing it is just going to be a little bit different than once you hit the end of that you can go ahead, and fishtail braid down the rest of hair until you reach the end, and then secure it with a small band if you do not know how to fishtail braid, I will link my braids encyclopedia post in the description box, and you can go check that.

I’ll just. So you can learn how to do that there then go ahead, and let the other side free, and we are going to French fishtail this one. I brought it over to the side, and then spy it in to switch the hair back, and forth to start my base, and then.. I started French braiding, and only hair from the bottom if that sounds a little tricky to you really do not have to do that. I just thought it would make the nape of the neck look a little bit nicer. So that’s what. I did for this style, and then you are just going to continue that whether you decide to fishtail only or French fishtail until all that hair is incorporated, and you secure it with a small band now on my hair the fishtail braid looked very severe. And I ended up actually trying it again with a normal braid. And I liked how that looked a lot better. So when you see my end of clips of how the style looks, I will wearing a normal braid there.. I think if you have thin hair. I might look a little bit better on you to do a normal braid but if you have they cared the fishtail braid will look awesome just like the original style did. So now what you are going to do is pull that first braid down kind of to meet without second braid starts, and pin it in place, and then you are going to pull the second braid over the top, and get that nice little overlapping effect that the original style had, and create the shape that you want that overlap to have. I kind of wanted it to go nicely over kind of like a figure eight, and then pin that in place then you are going to take that first side again, and you are going to create a little bun right next to where you pinned it, and you are going to see here accidentally left a little bit of space it kinda looks like a donut you do not want to do that make sure it is flattened together there’s no space there. I had to fix that off-camera, and then the very last thing you are going to do is wrap that second braid around pull it kind of over that first the little button that we made like.

So, and then pull the tail up, and underneath the rest of the braids, and put it in place, and that’s it you are done now here’s what it looks like with the normal braid like. I said. I just kind of liked it a little bit better it kind of worked a little bit better on my hair type but you can see in the next clip how it looks with a fishtail braid it is a lot truer to the original style that way with the fishtail braid. I just liked it on my hair type a little different. So I thought. I would give you guys that option just in case some people wanted to try something different out these are some more Blair Waldorf inspired hairstyles we feel free to check those out, and be sure to check the description box for my link to the in great encyclopedia post hope you guys like this, I will see you my next post bye.

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