Blindfolded Hairstyle Challenge

Hey guys. I’m Abby from LA. And today, I’m here with Kayli from Hey Kayli. Hey everyone. Yes. And Kayli and I both do hair on our blogs. So today we thought we’d do something kind of silly and mix it up a little bit. Not only are we going to do each other’s hair, so we get to be the one that gets pampered, but we are also going to try to recreate kind of a difficult hairdo while being blindfolded and see who can do a better job. Are you a little nervous? I’m so nervous. This hairstyle I’m not even sure I have not figured out how to do with my eyes open. The hairstyle we are planning on doing today is one we are going to call the S braid. So some of you guys have probably seen it. It’s the braid that kind of goes like an S. And we will show you a picture of what it is supposed to look like, and then what it actually is going to look like when we are done. Can I just say that I’m so excited to be on your blog and here with you? I have been watching you for so long. We’re both Utah girls. So this is so fun. You’re very nice. We are. Utah, but met in LA. Go figure. OK, guys. Here we are. And I have my little blindfold. I’m going to put it on. I’m so nervous.

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I’m not going to lie because this is really intimidating to me. I know you are going to do so good. I know Kayli has bangs, so I’m going to try to leave her a little bang and hope that that looks normal. And now I’m going to just start my braid. I’m going to kind of start it right by her ear instead of doing a headband across the top because I thought that might look kind of funny on her face. And I’m going to do a lace braid is how I’m going to do it. So I’m going to just start taking pieces and adding them in, but not only from the top, so that I leave hair underneath for that second layer. Kayli, are you getting more nervous with me doing this? I’m not nervous, no. I have total faith in you. I do not know. I have watched your posts. I know how you work. Yeah, but I do not usually do it blind I’m feeling like Beethoven right now. I’m braiding with no eyes like Beethoven composed with no ears. And he was amazing. I’m sure you will be too. I do not know where I’m I’m not far enough yet. So Kayli and I are both from Utah. And Kayli has tell us what you do on your blog, Kayli Well, I like to do a little bit of everything. Like Abby said, I do hair tutorials as well. I do a little bit of makeup. I also do crafts, different types of crafts, simple crafts that everyone can do at home. I love doing that. Also cooking and snacks and also Oh snacks, that sounds good. I like to do holiday snacks. And I really like to do those posts with my kids and get them in on the action because they love it. Anything to spend more time with your family is what I try to have on my blog. And also I started a body series. I do not know if I have ever talked to you about that one. I do not know if I have seen that one. I started a body series last year that I’m really proud of, and I hope to go a little bit farther with that and do a little bit more with that soon. So I just turned the braid. I hope that looks I do not know. Could be scary.

I can see it, and it looks not scary. I was going to ask you, what’s your favorite of all the things you do on your blog, what’s your favorite to do? Oh, I really love doing everything, but my true passion is hair. I’m a cosmetologist, and I have been doing that for years. So I miss it a lot. I worked at a salon when I was in Utah. So I really love any opportunity I have to do hair. On the Mom’s View, we did a makeover show, and that was really fun because I actually got to color hair, which I love to do, cut and color. I need to have Kayli do mine some time. Oh yes, I would love to. Give me a nice little trim. Tell them how many kids you have. I have two kids, a little girl who is eight, and a little boy who is four. They’re so cute. They are pretty cute. OK, I think I’m almost out of hair. I do not know What’s going on. I’m going to just finish it off with a braid I think. I’m going to take my blindfold off and have mascara all over my face under my eyes. Let’s see. Do you have an elastic? I’m nervous. OK, here we go. Well, I mean, it looks OK. It looks look, I totally missed a hair. Yikes. Did I do bangs? Yes. Sort of. OK, look, here’s a mirror. You can see. Abby. Oh my gosh, you guys. Look how good that is. Look at how bad that one is, that whole chunk and this one. That’s not even in the braid. I like it like that. The only part that looks good is this. That’s so good. She did that blindfolded. Stress. That was like anxiety. That was serious anxiety, people. That was fast too. You just whipped that up. My eyes are watering. Well, it looks like we needed to pick a harder hairstyle for you and an easier one for me. Now it is your turn. I’m ready. There’s the blindfold. So you guys go check out on Kayli’s blog, Hey Kayli, and you can click here or wherever. I will put it somewhere here. You can click there and see what Kayli does to my hair. Now I’m really nervous after seeing what you did. She’s going to be amazing. Mine’s going to look way better. Except mine’s even shorter, so that might be harder. Well, we will see. I’m excited. Her hair’s a little longer. Check it out. Bye. Don’t laugh. It will make me nervous. Just kidding. OK, no laughing. I can feel it. It feels good. Well, I hope this feels good because I have no idea what I’m doing. I feel like I’m like Like a zombie.

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