Blow Dry Hair Faster With This Time Saving Technique

It’s a blow-dry, but not as you know it! Get ready to turn UP the style and cut DOWN the time…

All you need to know

The Low Blow is the done, but undone look. If you’re over the super-polished blow-dry of old and keen to try something more natural and modern, this is the one for you. It’s a quick appointment in the salon and really easy to replicate at home. Hair stylist Melanie Pellegrini says that it’s no longer about having oodles of volume at the top, instead it’s about airy and loosely-waved ends.

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1 DRY IT with your hairdryer, holding your head upside down, and tousling through with your hands as you required. However, if your hair is very straight, you can dry it with a diffuser, which will add more kinks and volume.

2 WAVE IT Spritz a heat protector spray through your hair, then pick up a mediumsized hair wand and use it to add waves through your mid-lengths. Take sections that are at least 3cm thick and curl them away from your face – this creates wave. It doesn’t matter if some of the sections are curlier or looser than others, the more uneven, the better. The key is to avoid anything that’s too perfect – so the pressure’s off!

3 TOUSLE IT Tip your head upside down; the root as if you were shampooing it. If your for more volume, apply a texturising spray to your mid-lengths to bulk things out. Add a little serum to the ends of your hair to condition and reduce split ends.

4 FIX IT M ist your light-hold hairspray that will set your waves, but still allow for some movement. Hold the can 30cm away from your head to help keep the distribution light – this will ensure the spray sits invisibly on your hair and doesn’t dull down any shine.


Blow Dry Hair Faster With This Time Saving Technique

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