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One thing you can do with bobby pins that. I do not talk a ton of out of my tutorials but it could be useful for some of you is to actually create a base, and then pin into it now we kind of talked about that with the bun where you create a base by pinning at each of the different places, and using that to hold your style and. So that’s one way that you can do it but you can also do it with your hair just sitting like this. So you can create a line of however many bobby pins you want, and connect them kind of like the cars on a train. So let’s say we have this first car. So then we are going to pin through the end of this pin right here, and slide that through. So just for fun on that make this a little bit long, and then whenever you hit the end of it you can see. I have the loop on this side. So whenever you at the end you just want to put the loop back. So you have your little end to your train your caboose although this is like the side that the engine would be on is not it alright. So you might be wondering what you would do with something like this well what you could do is like if you wanted to have a little twist in here you could do that, and pull it back like. So if you wanted to be able to secure that you can take your pins grab some hair on your way over, and pin down into that base that we just made doing that if you want to you can crisscross your pins alright. So you can see this is like just a little example of something you could do but it is really tight, and secure to her head.

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So this was going to be like part of an updo like. I was going to continue this around, and do something back here this part would stay like she could go, and with her a head back, and forth of the prom, and it is going to stay there but you can kind of get the idea of it creating a base, and then pinning into it is always going to help you whether you are creating a base by just setting now those basic um little four pins, and your bun, and then pinning into those or whether you are creating a base out of nothing, and then making a style on top of it is really going to help you to get that style lockdown all right. So a lot of you guys might be wondering how in the world do. I hide my bobby pins especially in an updo. Because you really do not want to see your bobby pin sticking out everywhere basically what you want to be sure that you are doing is that you are getting under this first layer of hair if you are sitting on top of it your bobby pin is going to show if at any point your bobby pin is sitting on top of it is going to show. So if you have a like halfway in, and halfway out it is going to be showing. So what you want to do is make sure that you are positioning the bobby pin. So that is going into the hair at a degree angle. So it would be kind of like that. So it is not going directly parallel to the head nor is it going like it can’t go perpendicular to the head. Because that would hurt but degree angle from the head, and then you pin it in, and a high is really nicely underneath anyway.

I find that this little tail end likes to stick up where you had the extra bump you can just turn it to the straight side is facing up on the bumpy side is facing down now, I will making a little bit easier. So again you position it inward, and pin yeah. And I hide itself really nicely, and if you know you have a little top sticking out you can just loosen the hair around it, and that will kind of help to hide it a little bit more as well now let’s say you want to pin a piece of hair against the head, and you do not want it to show it is the same kind of thing I’m let’s just pretend like we are making a little shaping right there. So you can fit that there, and then again, I will taking the bobby pin at a degree angle, and pinning positioning into the hair, and then just that one little in sticks up. So basically what you do not want to do is to take the hair then wipe me parallel to the head try to incorporate all of the hair. Because then you get that, and you get this really big exposed bobby pin just sitting out there or you could do like what. I just did, and instead of position it in degree angle to the head, and only catch the back of the hair you really you feel like you have to catch all of it you really only have to catch the back of it pull it through the rest of the hair will follow, and you have got your nice little hidden thing where if you can see she’s got the little shaping, and you can’t see the fins except for the little nubs on top, and a quick note on pinning these little loops. Because, I have had these in my posts where. I curl on, and you know an updo or curling my hair. And I want to set the curl. So you have got your curl wrapped around your two fingers, and you want to place it, I will going to show it with a little opening facing you guys. So you can see really fancy here what you are going to see from the top is this loop, and supposedly or, I will assuming in these cases either it does not matter what the Pens look like or you are going to be putting something right here. So you won’t see it. So you can just put the pins in horizontally, and crisscross them right inside that loop if you have made the loop it ought to really just sit on top of the hair, and stay up nicely see with her hair. I took a fairly large section of hair and. So it might take more than one appending you can see that.

I had these little guys falling out, I will just going to do is kind of run my hand along it, and catch all those hairs together, and then hold them, and just bobby pin them right into place right there thing is let’s say just kind of fixing a hairstyle. So let’s say that we ended up with this fantastic updo all around here, and then you have got this little area that’s loose, and falling, and you not looking right the good thing about bobby pins is that you can think about them kind of like invisible fingers you put the hair where you want it if you pin it right it’ll stay there just like there’s little fingers holding it. So you have got this extra baggage here one thing that you can do if you have an area where you can hide it let’s say about like a loop right here you can pull it back. So it is hidden underneath that loop or you can disguise it by combing it to where to position where it looks kind of natural, and then paying it in place there, I will show you guys that version. Because it is a little bit harder it is a lot easier just to pin this stuff underneath. I other part of your hairstyle but if you want to just kind of make it flow nicely you do not have anything to hide it under smooth it back with your hands even if this is a little tiny bump or a big bump, and you are going to pin like. I showed you before where you are pinning in at a degree angle to the hair, and we are just going to let it go in up on my fingers apart. So you can see what, I will doing turn a little bit, and just pushing through there you can see there’s going to be a little bit of an indention there there’s going to be a little bit of change especially with our highlights you can really see it you are not ever going to be able to completely hide that you are not ever going to be able to completely fix the style when it is got that much of a crazy thing going on this is a good little way to fix it. So you could go ahead, and pin it again if you need to. Because. I still have some looseness right here a little bit of volume that. I do not want. So, I will going to smooth it back with my hand again, and then.

I’ll going to take this put it in a degree angle, and actually put it back up into that first pin, and then you can kind of arrange the hair around it as you need but you got that kind of pulled back. So we went from having a big mess to its pulled back you can still see there’s a little something going on. So you might need to be creative to hide it but you do have the bigness out of the way another thing you can do if it is just this little guy hanging out. So let’s say we have got this all taken care of you just have one thing hanging here you can take your bobby pin, and put the loop through it like. So, and use this to direct this wherever you want it see it is going to follow wherever that Lobby thing goes. So let’s say. I want to back here a slide though. I pin along. So it gets back here, and pin it down, and into the hair assuming you have got something to hide this little thing right here you are good to go if not you can just take another little bobby pin, and do the same thing where you catch the unwanted hair, and the bottom tooth of it, and pin down into the hair, and you are hiding it right away a quick tip for those of you guys who it is really take care, and you want to put your hair into a bun or something like that where it is like a buildable style is that if you have all of your hair together which is a lot of hair for another, and you are trying to twist it you have already got a lot right here. So what you want to do is actually pin it at intervals throughout the hairstyle. So let’s say. I already have a little bit of it right here you could go ahead, and throw a pin in there, and then you know you continue to twist it, and pull it around, and then after you have got that little loop you can stick another pin in, and then basically as you go you just continue pinning, and then you can actually finish off by doing our pending at every four corner staying for a really secure hairstyle all right now for pinning in like the tail of a braid you can see. I have her ends right here, and they are kind of tapering a lot basically what. I like to do is line it up around, and kind of pull it. So that it goes underneath.

So you can see you have got kind of the end of her bun right here, and there’s a space there to be able to fit something underneath. So, I will just going to pull her ends right here up. So that they go underneath it, and then just pin, and then if you have them tapering as much as Anna’s wear right there then you can go ahead, and put more than one pin in if you need to all right. So you might end up with a little flyaway like this it is kind of hanging out away from the bun what you can do is something like this, and this can happen in anything either a bun or an updo or a braid even. So if you are somebody that has a lot of layers, and you get really annoyed with a flyaway in a braid this is one thing that you can do is that you take the Flyway like this you go ahead, and put it through your bobby pin. So your bobby pins kind of got that it is going to be its little guy this is going wherever your bobby pin is going go ahead, and take your bobby pin underneath the braid push it into place why always gone all right. So thanks for watching guys. I hope this was really helpful it is a nice little basic on how to do some bobby pins, and really get that to hold really well, and hopefully you guys have a better idea of how to hide your bobby pins. So that. I think is all. I have to say you think we got everything. I think. So okay cool. So thank you for being my model of course um, and thank you guys for watching, I will see you my next post ma you.

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