Bobby Pinning The Super Basics

We’re going to be doing a little bobby pin or had a bobby pin post. I decided to use Anna as my very beautiful model. Because it is a little bit of hard to demonstrate on my own head. And I wanted to show you on somebody else’s hair she also has a different hair texture than mine. So I can kind of talk a little bit about what it is like to deal with thick hair. Because. I know thick hair really does have a hard time dealing with bobby pins right oh yeah alright the first thing you want to think about when you are bobby pfennig especially if you are having a hard time Bobby pinning is that you are using the right kind of bobby pins. Because if you use a little flimsy ones from the drugstore it can be really hard to pin your hair and, I will be really understandable if you can’t get them all events to stay right. Because we have tried those before where we just bought lots of different kinds there definitely more harm than good it is true. Because we have been through like this whole like years-long thing, and good bobby pins yep from the drugstore the ones that. I like are the con air secure whole bobby pins those are good. Because they have little like lines cut into the inside of the vine pin.

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So it actually like grabs onto the hair better, and it is a kind of sturdy material. So you are not going to stretch it apart too easily but my favorite bobby pins we have been using these over the past like seven or eight months. I think, and these are barricade, I will going to do the whole like you tuber reach it to the camera thing Mariana bobby pins, and these are from Sally’s you can get this entire one-pound box for seven dollars. So it is really good like we have both been just like pulling out of this thing, and it is still like half full yeah. So we really love these what. I like about them is that they are really tight like they are really hard to pull apart but that means that it is going to be really tight down on your hair it is a flimsier material. So you will stretch them out a little easier but they do hold pretty well the other thing you want to think about whenever you are going to bobby pin is that your hair texture is kind of conducive to Bobby pinning. Because if your hair is really slippery or really fine the Y pins are just going to fly out of it um n even if you have really thick hair if it is really slippery it is going to be hard to hold those bobby pins into it. So one thing you can do if you know your hair is really nice, and silky soft like Anna’s or if you are just having a hard time in general you can add some texture onto your hair by either putting a dry shampoo onto your hair this one is one of our favorites it is batiste we go through this one like crazy, and or you can put a little bit of hairspray on your hair, and the hairspray is just going to put a little bit of texture under your hair, and a little bit of grip.

So that when you put that bobby pin in it is going to hold on it is going to have something to hold onto instead of just slipping right off of your hair the other thing that you can do. And I found this out when. I was researching one of my Hunger Games tutorials is you can actually take your hair pins, and you can just like put them on a table or on your hand or whatever, and just like you know take a handful, and sprayed them with some dry shampoo, and that puts the texture right onto them, and it makes them like hold. So much better when. I heard that trick. I didn’t really think much of it. I didn’t think it is going to be that great but. I tried it, and it works. So well. So now whenever, I will doing like a big up do. I always dry shampoo my bobby pins first is that weird yes like one more thing is the dry shampoo, and then the hairspray is not enough for you or if you really just want a little bit of extra hold teasing your hair is actually going to make those bobby pins hold like crazy do not wear nothing to your nose oh baby, I will going to make her hair stand out to hear now a teasing is kind of a scary thing but you really only need a little bit of it, and well that’s going to do is it is going to kind of mat your hair together just a little bit to give your Wally pen something more to hold onto. Because if you have straight silky hair like this that bobby pin is that notice it is just going to go sliding out of the hair. So you want to give it some traction. So that it can hold on to which these things will do but the teasing is really the biggest thing. So a couple options with that you can separate out if you know you are going to be like pinning all this hair back into this one place you can separate out your base here, and tease this little base, and then that way whenever you lay this hair down you pin back you have got that little teasing to go into or you can tease down the hair that you’re going to use, and then actually kind of use that using just smooth it on top. So let’s say you teased it, and then you smooth it, and then you pulled it back it is actually going to hold a lot better than if you had just pulled it back alright. So the next thing you want to think about is that you do not end up taking a section that’s too big or too small if it is too small they have the wipe in it might stay in there at first but it’ll eventually fall out or if it is too large you might have the same problem either it will just come right out or the hair will fall out or over time it is not going to hold up very well. Because if. I took like all of Anna’s hair on this side of her head, and wanted that to hold with the bobby pin first of all would be hard to f it all into the bobby pin not going to fit, and then as soon as.

I let go half of its come out again. So you want to play around with it, and find the size of sections that works for your hair type is all going to depend on the density of your hair, and the texture of your hair whether it is fine or thin just know that that’s something to look out for. So if you are applying what you have problems with pinning your hair just look, and see the sections that you are taking are my sections really small, and do. I have fine hair probably need to take bigger sections if you have really thick hair or kind of coarse hair you probably need to take smaller sections especially. Because your hair is just initial diameters. So much bigger all right. So once you have got your bobby pins right, and you have got your texture right then it is time to go ahead, and start working on putting your hair pins in. So I think one of the big things in creating a really secure style is making sure that your interlocking your pins. Because this little guy standing on its own can’t really do a lot but if you give it a buddy to hold it up then it can do a lot more. So the biggest thing. I always say this in my tutorials is crisscross your pins you do not know what that means it is like taking one like. So, and then take another one, and you actually pin. So that it goes through it, and makes a little X, I will show you what that looks like on the hair for example if Anna wanted to pin this piece of her hair back she would just pull this back then take a bobby pin it one way, and then take the next pin, and open it out wide enough to fit the entire other bobby pin into it, and slide it all the way down your hair. So that it kind of eats that first bobby pin up, and you have got your little crisscross right here that’s a lot more secure like. I could assist sit here, and do this number it is not going to go anywhere basic thing is that you want to be interlocking your pins the most basic way to do that is to make your little X by Criss crossing them but you can do that many times over, and was more than one or more than two bobby pins you can do it with three four five six you just want to make like a net of bobby pins or a mat of bobby pins into your hand, and that’s really ideal for if you are pulling your hair backwards like. So, and you want to have your hair stick right here.

So you would put your first pin in up this way. Because if you think about it is got the little loop at the bottom which is going to hold the hair. So you put it up like that it is going to hold the hair while you can’t reach, and grab your other pin to stick on top like that it is going to hold it in place really nicely if you are going to do it vertically you are going to have the hair position vertically it is pretty nice, and easy. Because you just have to go horizontally with both your pins here, and here. I find sometimes where you do not want to do the same little penny that we just talked about where the Pens are kind of laying against each other you have got one thing going this way, and the one thing going this way, and you can see them on top sometimes you want to be a little bit more subtle like with a braid or with a button. So when you are in those situations what you want to do is to actually position the pins into the braid, and crisscross within the braid that can be a little tricky. Because you are working under the surface. So here’s what you are going to do first of all instead of tilting your bobby pins. So that it slides along the hair you actually want to point it like it is an airplane kind of coming up for landing it is coming in at a degree angle you are going to push it. So that it goes into that little braid, and just push it in, and slide it along, and what it is going to do is that one end of the bobby pin is going to reach under, and grab all this hair that’s laying down right here the other end of the volume is going to come through here, and grab that bottom layer of the braid. So it is going to be incorporating that hair, and holding it there, and then this top hair is just going to kind of go along with it then you are going to repeat that with the other side at the opposite angle. So we can make the rest of our X. So keeping a mental picture that. I just put that one duck bobby pin in like this.

Now, I will going to take this bobby pin bring it in at a degree, and make sure that it meets up with that first bobby pin, and push it all the way through, and you can just let that go, and you got your braid that’s all together it is crisscross. So it is going to stay really well but you can’t see it at all the other way that you might want to be Criss crossing your fence is into a bun it is similar to how we deal with the braid but it is tiny bit different. Because we are dealing with a little bit more, and you can bring here on pins, and at a more horizontal angle to the head. Because you have got more to cover it up right there. So what you are going to do is go ahead, and position your first bobby pin into the hair basically just sliding it along the scalp making sure that it picks up some hair there you can see that, I will opening up my pins. So that it catches a little bit more hair, and. Because these bobby pins return to their shape really nicely it is going to close on itself, and catch all that hair back in there. So you have position your first bobby pin going this way like. So do you want to be able to again position another one creating an X. So, I have got this one go in this direction. So, I will going to place the next one going this direction that way inside of here they are going to meet up be buddies hold the hair up, and you can continue to repeat that around the hair. I usually like to go at every corner of the button. So I do the top the bottom, and each side, and then you just add more pins as you need all right. So let’s say that you have got this pinned on each of the four corners, and they are crisscross, and is feeling okay but you have a little area that’s feeling kind of loose let’s say this area is feeling a little loose just go back in with one of your pins kind of trying to feel you can kind of feel the top if you feel your finger around where the bobby pins are. Because, I will sure by now you have kind of forgotten where they are. So let’s say okay. I can feel that. I have one right here. So, I will going to put this one here where it feels loose, and tilts it. So that it goes into those five pins that we already did that way you are creating this really strong debt of hair or none of pens it is really going to hold that hair up it is not going anywhere is it nope is really stuck. I like it okay basically in doing that we are putting into our criss cross. So we are adding more to it, and that way you can use any little weak areas, and use the pot the pins, and places where you are strong to your advantage by pinning the little weak areas into the stronger areas, and that makes your overall style a lot stronger a lot more long-lasting.

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