Exfoliating Body Treatments

It is easy to make your own body scrubs that will make your skin smooth and silky. These exfoliating treatments are designed to remove the roughness, dead skin, unclog pores and leave you with soft and smooth skin. Additionally, they detoxify the body, stimulate the circulation of blood and lymph, and help to fight cellulite. Exfoliating is vital if you are battling acne. Endeavor to exfoliate at least once a week with a homemade body scrub. Using a body scrub prior to other skin treatments opens up the pores and enables other products to work more effectively. You can use a Salt Scrub, Sugar Scrub, Loofa Scrub or Fruit Scrub. Do not use body scrubs if your sin is fragile, sunburned, broken, or if you have certain allergies.

This is a refreshing body scrub that smoothens, cleanses and stimulates your skin. It is useful for balancing oil production in normal, combination or oily and acne-prone skin.


1/2 cup sea salt

2 tablespoons grapeseed or any other carrier oil

1 1/2 teaspoons Aloe Vera gel

2 drops rosemary essential oil

5 drops peppermint essential oil

8 drops orange essential oil Directions:

1. Combine salt, oil and Aloe Vera gel in a ceramic or glass bowl. Stir together with a metal spoon.

2. Add the essential oils and stir until well combined.

3. Usage: Take a warm shower but do not dry your body. Stand in the bathtub and rub the body scrub with gentle circular motions all over your skin.

4. Rinse off with water, dry your body with a towel and moisturize.

Caution: Do not use salt based body scrubs if your skin is irritated or broken. Avoid face and genitals. Do not use prior to sun exposure because the sweet orange essential oil may cause sunburn.


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