Boho Glam Half Up Half Down Hairstyle Collab

I we are both in Vegas for the battle of the strands, and we are actually getting ready to go head there right now but she wanted me to do her hair, and we decided that. I should film it. So here’s a little tutorial on this half-up half-down style. I really like it. I think it turned out really well hope you guys do too, and we are actually going to fill our outfit of the days too, and it is going to be over on her my blog. So be sure to check out the link at the end of the post, and in the description box to go see us, and be sure to subscribe to her those are tables fantastic. And I lemon, and that’s it, I will see you guys in the next post wow. So Brittany. And I really wanted to make this nice spooked shape but our hair was pretty fine, and very light. So what we decided to do was give it a tiny bit of teasing just to add some body to. I didn’t need a ton but just a little bit you can skip that if your hair is thicker, and darker but we did do some teasing up at the crown which. I think all of you here types will want to try. Because. I think it adds the shape of the hairstyle then we just went ahead, and swept that hair from the front back into the center back of the head, and then penned it in place using two bobby pins, and crisscross them in place to make sure that they held really well throughout the night then we repeated the same thing on the other side or yes.

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I repeated the same thing on the other side she has some extra extensions on the side. So I didn’t need quite as much teasing over here, and then. I just twisted the hair to cover the bobby pins, and pin it in place then for these curls. I used a one-inch curling iron, and even though her hair is bleached which makes it very easy to curl. I went ahead, and rolled it back up, and pens it in place to cool in its shape that creates a really strong curl which is what we needed those kind of teased out looking curls that she wore Brittany was really inspired by this kind of hairstyles they were very sleek on top but had those really tight almost triangle-shaped curls on the bottom that you see in kind of editorial pictures but she wanted the girls to be a little bit more like Victoria secret. So I went with the one-inch curling iron size to give her that more wearable look but, I will curling the hair going in all different directions. So that the curl won’t flow together but they are all going to stack up on top of each other to make that kind of try Gold shape, and kind of create a little bit more body in the hair. So that’s basically what. I did was to go through, and continue doing that, and then. I waited until the curls were completely cool before. I started taking them down then. I just started on the one side you can see they came down, and they were very nice, and pretty, and then. I just started running my fingers through hit them, and. Because of her hair type it kind of started to spring out, and make that kind of picked out look if your hair does not do that just by running your fingers through it you can actually take the curls, and pull them apart you will get the same look but see, I will just running my fingers through here until it gets the shape that. I want it, and occasionally you will get some really fuzzy looking pieces when that happens, and when you see that happen you just take that little piece, and run your fingers down it is that will make it look smoothie, and like.

I’ll doing right here just like. So then what we did was just to kind of pull it up, and hair spray it, and then let it down, and that did the same thing on the other side, and here’s how you can pull your hair apart if your hair does it naturally split apart, and it kind of creates a nice teased out looking shape without it being like super teased, and crazy editorial looking, and then once you have that in place you just kind of want to pick it up a little bit, and give it some hairspray wallets picked up, and that kind of helps to accentuate the curl bit as well as once you have done that you are all done. I really like how this hairstyle gives kind of an odd to those editorial hairstyles without being crazy, and over the top. I think it is really pretty. And I think it was perfect to go with Brittany style. So you can click here to check out our outfit of the day post that we did together definitely check out her other style post she does a lot of fashion posts, and a lot of posts on her hair color if you want to see what that’s all about cut. I love her color anyway go ahead, and check that out. And I will see you guys later with another tutorial bye.

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