Boho Holiday Hairstyle My New Haircut Re-Upload

Hey girls Abbey here with our third holiday hairstyle inspired by the Russian variation in the Nutcracker, and before. I say anything about the hairstyle. I just have to point out. I got my hair cut information on this haircut will be located at the end of this post okay. So it occurred to me when. I chose the Russian variation. I do not actually know a lot about Russian culture but. I do have Google, and via my research on Google. I was able to discover that there’s a lot of buns, and braids, and kind of traditional Russian styles also. I kind of had this hairstyle been wanting to do for a while cause. I saw it in this picture which is in the down bar for copyright reasons, and it seems like a really good time to do. I think one of my favorite of our little holiday series. So I hope you guys enjoy it okay. So last time. I got a haircut. I had a bunch of people asked for me to do like a post on it, and say like what. I asked for, and stuff. Because they wanted to get something similar. And I never did. And I still feel bad about it and.

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So. I decided that, I will going to do that at how kind of as penance. I guess okay basically. I asked my stylist for specifically if they actually asked for this link that she made it just a little bit longer which is always fine by me. Because. I heard for them to go a little bit long but a little bit short but. I asked her about this link that. I told her. I wanted long layers. I do not like it when the end looks flat. So she could like feather the ends enough for them to look like nice, and layered, and natural, and she was like yeah but not thin right. And I was like yes like. I felt like we were really kindred spirits in that moment like she really understood what. I meant. And I was like yes but then. I told her. I had absolutely no idea what to do at the front. Because. I know bangs look bad on me and, I will really not sure about side bangs. Because, I will a college senior who looks like a high school junior. And I do not feel like side bangs are helping my cause at all and. So she was like yeah. I understand how about if we did a swoop. And I was like a swoop, and she said yes a swoop it does not make people look older. And I think it would look really great on your face yet we could also angle the hair like this, and that would help but even more. And I was like oh okay, I will down cut, I will always kind of down to try anything new, and she was like okay let’s do it. And I thought when she said swoop she meant like swoop but apparently she meant swoop. And I guess in that sense we actually weren’t kindred spirits and.

So first when she cut it. I was like oh my gosh but then like she dried it. I was like oh. I actually kind of liked it and. So, I will kind of dealing with it now like, I will learning but. I do like it is kind of different but. I think in a good way hopefully maybe before-and-after pictures will be on my blog. So you can right-click say that’s pretty, I will take you to your hairstylist, and Wallach if that’s you know what you want to do. And I guess if not you can just ask for you know whatever length, and long layers, and a swoop sure all right. So that’s it, I will kind of liking it. I think it is going to be interesting learning how to style all this but. I think. I think it is good. I think. I like it. So yeah.

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