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Hey everyone. I’m Abby from LA and today I’m going to show you how to do the bow braid on yourself. So lots of you have asked after we posted the last bow braid post how you do it on yourself, and in particular we got a lot of comments on the headband. So I’m going to show you how to do the headband version. So I have started already by just doing the headband part of my hair. Now just for a little bit more grown up look which I personally like better, does not matter you can do whatever you want, but I opted not to take the headband all they way starting by my left ear. I decided to start the braid right here where my part line is and then just bring it over to my right ear. So it left a little more curl here and not so slicked back, but you can do whatever you want. So after you get this all French braided and you put in in an elastic I have one that just matches my hair color, you can see right there by my ear then you are going to kind of pull your hair back. And where that part is from the braid I’m going to just switch my little rat tooth comb around here. And I’m going to do kind of a secondary part like so. And you can wow, that was a really good one actually.

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That’s pretty much all the hair I needed. So you do not need too much hair. And do not worry, like here I can see that it does not quite match up perfectly, it does not matter because ultimately that hair is going to fall forward and it is going to hide the part anyway. So I’m going to take this, pull it out of the way and then we are going to begin. So we need to pick up my personal preference is I do not want bows like right here on top of my head. I did that one day and it was OK, but it wasn’t my favorite. So I’m going to actually start my bows like right here, kind of right above the point of my eyebrow and do a few going down. So take a small section of the hair. And I’m going to just use a little hairspray. I’m using today Touchable Finish hairspray by Suave. And it is the lightweight hold, which actually holds really well. And I’m really digging on the Suave professionals line of stuff lately. So I’m going to start maybe right here. So I’m going to go through the loop with my hair pin. Now with the section of hair I’m going to create a loop with my finger. And I’m going to slide it through the hairpin and then hang onto that with my finger here so I have that loop and just pull it through like so. And we have our first little bow. OK. You can see that my hair, the ends actually work really well, the length of my hair does, just because the ends end perfectly with the bow. But if they do not just pull them into the next bow down, it does not matter. There’s lots of ways to hide the ends. Or do not worry about them and just leave them out. A little bit of hairspray, take the hairpin, go through the next section of hair, make your loop, take it through. That’s the hardest part, I swear, right there. Give it a tug back and forth a little bit until you get the perfect looking bow.

Once you have got it do not be afraid to tug it if you need to, situate it the way you want to. And go down to the next loop. OK, so I did do the other day I tried the Katniss version on my hair. And I could do it just fine with a good mirror, you know, to see the back of my head so I could see what I was doing. But my hair just wasn’t quite long enough to make good loops once I pulled it all the way back into the Katniss braid. So, just FYI, you are going to need a little bit longer hair than I have to do the Katniss one. OK, there’s another loop. And I think I have got enough hair for one more. Same thing, just going to take hairspray. This is just to help control the fly aways a tiny bit. Go through the loop like so. Tug it till you likey. OK. I’m going to give that one they are kind of wanting to twist anyway so I’m just going to go ahead and give them a little twist. So there. When you get it fixed up the way you like it then release the rest of the hair. And I’m just going to make sure I have one piece fall forward just to kind of hide that band right there. And viola. Add a little spray, hold it in place. And you are good to go. I have, you could even take if you wanted to here a little piece of hair and just tuck that rubber band even more in. But it really hides so well in my hair I’m not going to worry about it. So there you have it. I will show you, you can see what it looks like. And I will turn all the way around so you can see. Plus it just gives me an excuse to swivel on the chair. So I hope you enjoy. Have fun experimenting with it. Please send me pictures, stick them on my Facebook page. I love to see what you guys have done, different ways you have come up with to try out the bow braid. See you later.

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