Braid Bun Combo Hairstyles

Hi everyone, it is Katie and Charlie again. We are here to show you another style. This one is really beautiful, it is simple, and it is fun. So we hope you like it. Make sure to give us a big thumbs up, thumbs up. And comment to Hairstyles if you have not already, using this button below. Yeah. Start the style by parting your hair down the middle. As you can see her hair has a lot more volume than usual because we used a texture iron, like last time over all of her head. Okay, now I’m gonna take this hair and I’m going to start a Dutch braid. And add in just a couple from the front. Okay, now I’m gonna switch to just adding hair from the top section. Okay, when you get to the back you kind of want to pivot from this point. You do not want to make anymore part than right here. Now just braid down a little ways and you can add a Bobby pin or an elastic to secure that. Now I’m just going to repeat the same thing on the other side. So now that I have finished this side I’m gonna join the two with an elastic in the very middle. And then take out this last elastic band that we used. And undo the braids. Now I’m just going to, turn this way.

Braid Bun Combo Hairstyles Photos

I’m just going to take a piece of hair from this side of her face and one from the other side, as well, the same. Now I’m going to put an elastic right here right above the other elastic I just did. And then flip it around once or twice. Okay then tighten this down and I’m just gonna pancake it. So hold this and just pull out some pieces. Now with this hair I’m just going to twist them one way and twist them together in the opposite way. And I’m going to pancake that. And I’m going to make a bun over top of all of the elastics right here. So as you can see, your first ponytail you made is gonna stay nice and loose which adds some of the highlights from lower into it, which I really like. Thank you for watching. We really love being here and we hope you like our posts. To comment to Hairstyles use this button here. If you want to see more of our posts up here. And more of Hairstyles posts down here. Thanks for watching everyone, we will see you next time. Bye! (blowing kisses).

Braid Bun Combo Hairstyles

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