Braided Cat Ears Halloween Hairstyles

Hey everyone. I’m Mindi from LA. Today we are here with CGH number four to show you guys a cute Halloween hairstyle that we are calling cat ear hair. So you are going to need some pipe cleaners. Now, they come in a package that looks like this from your local store, or your craft store, or anything like that. I got these at Walmart. They’re like for a huge package, and I got black. So I’m going to and I started I’m gonna back up. I just started by parting her hair right in the middle, and just creating two little rectangle shapes, and pulling them up into little piggytails on the top.

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Now I’m going to take the pipe cleaners and I have got two of them and I’m just going to take it and lay it next to the elastic, and wrap it around, and just twist it in on itself once so it just holds those pipe cleaners tight against that elastic. Once you have done that, I’m going to separate the hair into two pieces, and the pipe cleaners are going to become our third strand. So you are just going to create a regular braid using those pipe cleaners as your third piece, and you are going to work your way down the length of the hair. This is really easy. And if you wanted to do red ones, I suppose then you could make little devil horns even if you were going to be a little devil or something for Halloween, but we opted for kitty cat, huh? Mhm. And when you get to the end, just simply put an elastic around the whole thing. Now, if your hair is longer you might need to twist two pipe cleaners together to get that extra length you need for your braid, but hers is short enough that we only need one.

And then we are going to take that and we are going to form the ear. So you kind of have to just eyeball where you want your point, and you bend it. You got to bend it pretty tight to get that really nice sharp point. And then we are going to do the same thing right here on the outside edge, and that kind of forms that triangular shape that we want for the ear. Now with the rest of hair, lay it in front, and then I’m going to take it and wrap that whole thing back behind, and I’m going to use the ends of that pipe cleaner again to wrap around one more time and hide any elastics we have hanging out. You can just bend those into place. Now, because I want hers to really sit flat on her head, I’m gonna take a bobby pin and I’m just going to run the bobby pin right here along kind of the underneath side get a little piece right there of that whole bottom braid. Just kind of weaving it in and out so it stays, but that’s going to hold that ear really secure down on her head. And then if you want to I mean, it just depends on how hidden you want everything. I’m just going to take a second bobby pin and use that to just lay the ends of her braid just flat on her head too. And then you can use hair to hide anything that’s showing. OK, so there’s your really fun finished product. You’ve ended up with some awesome kitty cat ear that you can use to dress up any Halloween costume. And we are going to go, hopefully, get lots of candy next week when we go trick-o-treating. Why do not you say, meow?. Oh, dear. Say, meow!. OK, well check us out on Instagram. It’s Hairstyles, and we have been posting lots of really great pictures there. I think on a daily basis lately. So check us out. I’m sure you will love what we are posting, and we will see you guys later. Bye bye. Say trick-or-treat. No! Now the great part about this is just that by using the leather strands, it kind of creates a little bit different pattern down her hair, and almost kind of has the effect.

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