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Hey everyone. I’m Abby from “Hairstyles.” And I’m here with CGH number three. And today, we are going to do a braided flower tieback. Now one of the things I love most about this hairstyle is that you can do it on straight hair, curly hair, wet hair, dry hair anything you can kind of think of and it looks great. So we started by parting her hair down the middle and I have already just done a very simple basic braid on this left side and we are going to go ahead and do that on the right side to match. So we will just section of a little piece. Right here I left a little bit of hair about her ear s just to give it a little more of a boho feel, a little bit less structured because it is summertime, you know, and that just feels really summary to me. And again, like I said, we are just really doing a very simple basic braid all the way down the hair, or at least the large majority of the way down the hair. Now you want it long enough to reach back behind her head and be secured with the other elastic in the middle.

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So as long as you get that much length, you are good. So Special K had to have two teeth pull this week to make room for some of her other permanent teeth that are coming in kind of cattywampus right now so show them your new exclusive smile. Full of holes today. OK. So you want it to go back to at least to the middle of the head, which this certainly is, and then you can elastic it if you need to or you can just hold it with your fingers. And bring the second braid around and make sure they kind of meet in the middle and figure out where you want them to sit. I want it to sit down pretty tight at the bottom of her head. And then you are going to use another elastic and secure them together. Now, I would definitely use a matching elastic right here for this part, or at the very least, clear. Then you are going to remove the first elastic and undo any excess braid. Now I’m going to take it and tuck it because I want it to sit really right there on her head. I’m going to just tug so it tightens that down. You can see it just gives it a little bit of extra volume. I’m going to take the end of my comb, just stick it in there, and just pull up a little bit. This just adds a little bit of volume back here, adds to the boho summery feel, keeps it from looking too just blah against the head. I think that looks good from here at least. Yeah, that looks good. OK, now for the rest of braid make sure we got that nice and secure we are going to put all of the ends together and do another regular three strand braid down the remaining hair. And when we get to the end, before we secure it with the elastic, I’m going to go back and pancake one side. So I’m going to go back here and I’m going to just tug the end out of one side. So again, you are just grabbing the very edge of the braid, giving it a little tug. Only do one side. You can pick the left or the right, but do not do both. Then go ahead and secure it with an elastic, again at the bottom.

Again, one that matches the hair or is clear. And there we go. OK, once you have pancaked all the way down to the very end, I pancaked on the left so I’m going to start curling to the right. So I’m going to take it and wrap it up and around our elastic because we want to try to hide that as much as possible. And then we are going to continue to wrap and we are just going to lay the braid underneath itself, around and around, and let those little edges that we have pancaked pop out and form the shape of a flower. And then when you are down to the end of the hair, take a bobby pin and you are just going to go underneath and catch just the very edges, like just the very, very edges of the flower. Because we want to make sure those bobby pins stay hidden. And I’m going to go in and do one more on this side and just really just catch the very edges because I do not want those to show. And then you can go back and adjust if you need to. And what you end up with is this adorable little boho flower. I think it is such a fun look for the summertime. I love it. And ta-ta. Let’s do the full spin. Are you ready? And the flower, and around. So many of you guys know that I went to San Francisco recently and filmed the Monster University press junket for Fandango. Yeah, that was great. We loved the movie. We saw it in Florida together and it was so fantastic. So make sure you go see it. If you want to read about my experience and see some of the clips of my interviews with the stars you can click up here and check it out. We hope you guys have enjoyed this post and we will see you next week. Bye. All right, so here’s the deal, everyone. Tomorrow’s a pretty special day, is not it, buddy? Mm-hm. What is it? Mommy’s birthday. Is it Mommy’s birthday, huh? Did you make something for her? A necklace. A necklace. Isn’t that really cute? I think she’s going to love it, do not you? Mm-hm. So we thought, what better opportunity we could do than give our fans a chance to wish Abby a happy birthday. You can leave a post response below. You just click in the Comment box, then click Leave a post Response, and then upload your birthday wishes for Abby. I will go through and approve them so that she’ll see them all and that way it will give her a chance to see you and hear from you directly instead of just reading comments. If you are below , make sure you have your parentspermission. But I think that’s a wonderful birthday gift for Mom, do not you? Yeah? Can you say thanks to everybody? Thanks. Thank you. Bye.

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