Braided Updos from TV’s Victoria – Hair Tutorial

Everyone can we here and today we are Create TV show What season 1 in a day literally all of it in one day it was so good the show itself is similar to the crown or Downton Abbey if you like those shows you will like this one Drama about a strong I mean End the show with that being said let’s get into the post I’m going to start with this hairstyle which Victoria where’s very early in the season it is very pivotal to like her up as a queen I want to match Victoria’s amazing long luscious hair.

So I’m going to be adding in these extensions and I’m starting by doing a use tape section in the crown of my head with a four piece left and then just remove them No in the front my hair is not long enough to do this style on it is so I’m using it to piece extensions on either side of my head and I’m ready to go and now we selection this hairstyle relies on a very clean center part and then you have heard the hair from your part to the middle of your ear on either side of the head Add with an elastic and now we can braid I’m starting with this boar bristle brush to smooth the hair in front and I’m brushing up very very smoothly into place right in front of my ear and then a way to start breeding everything all the way down and at the end of securing it with a bobby pin just because that’s really fast just to let it breathe but you are not trying to leave Illuminati.

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Can I have pause on the front and move to the back you are going to split that truck and half and then braid the top half what do braided that all the way down you can secure it and then pull it apart just a little bit before wrapping that braids into a bun All the way down and secure it with a bobby pin then wrap it around the base of the brain that we just made making sure that you clearly see the braids as it forms around the bun and now we will back the French braids.

You can pull the first grade back shot it forms an dark just under your ear and then follows the line of the hair up to the bun and put it in place now repeat on the other side making sure that you exactly mirror the angle and position of the first grade if you have any braided insert Now for the final touches I noticed that a lot of the characters wear hair nets in the show so I went around the Buns hold any loose ends in place and then I’m adding some small jobs to the base of the brain where they meet the but I noticed that this is not leave Victoria does a lot with flowers or jewels and so obviously I wanted to replicate that and that’s it for this hairstyle of here early this was in Vogue with a French at the time it was very that moving on to this phone taht.

Victoria is wearing word for the end of season one I started with make such as of the same place in the front and then in the back I added 18 left towards the top of my head and then a three-piece wife towards the middle of my head and I was ready to go start with a center part and side sections just like we did in the previous hairstyle and then for the hair in the back sweep up half of it into a half updo and driver with an elastic Now in the front very smoothly sweet back one of your front section.

So that it covers most of your ear and then grab half of the hair in the back with that here we are going to create a 4 strand braid Under over it starting on the left to go over 1 Section and then under the section next to that under And then over and then you repeat that again on the other side over under and then on your right side under over I have more details posts on this if you do not then you could do a normal braid instead but I did notice that there are a lot of 4 and 5 strand braids in the show and so I wanted to incorporate that and repeat the same thing on the other side making sure it is a very cleanly Sweetback that front section you start your braids to finish everything off and grab your Making sure that it is sitting so that you can really see all four strands of the braid and 10 in place if you need to so that nothing is sticking out Finish by wrapping a rhinestone necklace around the bun and putting that in place this hairstyle was inspired by one that actually had a crown around it but I thought that the rhinestone kind of gave it a very similar look Crown but I thought it brought this whole hairstyle together it is beautiful it is true so the time but it is also something that I think if you kind of loosens it up definitely today The promo is down try to show what I need people to know that it exists.

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