Braiding Hairstyles with Thin Fine Hair

Hello my lovelies we are in New York and we have a special guest today my beautiful niece Dahlia, I thought this would be like the perfect time to play around my niece’s hair and we have one more nice she’s downstairs she just woke up from her nap.

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So we will see. If she’ll be up for it this is a little cranky okay. So Adalia has beautiful hair look at that. So gorgeous and then today’s hairstyle we are gonna do space buns with braids, I think that would be really cute on her I’m just gonna split her hair right down the middle. So we get two equal sections and I’m just gonna take she does and then I’m gonna take one of the sections and just put it back. So we do not touch it I’m just grabbing a really tiny section from the front and I’m gonna divide it into three and we are gonna do a Dutch braid just. Because, I want her to have as much texture and dimension as possible.

Because she has a really dark hair, I want the braid to stand out. So Dutch is outer sections underneath the middle then we are gonna add hair. So, I do outer section under in the middle first and then, I add hair to the middle just let me know. If it starts hurting okay just remember Beauty hurts exactly does not hurt kiss you why not she’s very pretty do you watch my posts mm-hmm she does she always tells me that she watches my hair posts she’s like wanna how do you make your how do you do it. So fast like know when, I speed up. So yeah we are gonna show her how we edit, and it is gonna be a really cute we are gonna get them involved email is a superhero speed that would be. So cool right just she can only do it when you are not looking we are just gonna do a same thing on this side as well keeping it nice and simple and fast.

So now that we have the braids, I just want to make sure and see. If they are straight before, I pull them out and do the space buns and they look good to me. So now I’m gonna take the hair from the bottom and we are gonna pick it up to the crown and create a really simple space button and I’m just gonna pull apart these little buns to get them nice and big and voluminous I’m just gonna secure them with mini bobby pins of course and there we go super cute super simple little buns and then. If you want you to keep these really tight or you could just add a little bit more dimension which I’m gonna do he’s gonna pull it out just a little bit all right. So I’m gonna spray some hairspray to kind of calm these flyaways and just smooth everything out you ready yeah all right do a little turn around. So now I’m gonna do reveal time she’s gonna look at herself for the first time are you ready all right you like it yeah oh you look. So cute look at that you like the two little braids that, I did a little bun.

So cute all right we got Ella the second sister, I think we are gonna make you look like a warrior princess yeah you know why. Because, I kind of want to do that yeah we are gonna do like a nice braid down straight down the middle. But it is gonna be like this nice big braid you gonna look like a warrior princess I will show you a sister off that’s that’s what we are going for shot you showing her out in five that’s what I’m talking about all right. So all you do is go around one to the second section and that and over it like that and you got your new two sections and then do the same thing from the other side you will go over first second section and around it and then we are just gonna start adding more hair to the outer sections just like breaking those little bracelets. So we are gonna go around first section around second section and flip there we are doing LS hair was actually much harder than, I expected. Because it is super fine, I couldn’t really get my fingers under there. So yeah mallanna has to come and help me you all can be just gonna pull some of this hair part and oh yeah princess all right.

So we are gonna pin the tail underneath yes yes awesome and there you have it did you girls have fun yes who is hair do you like more do you like yours la do you think under did a good job yeah you did he did a really good job you get girls for joining us give this post a thumbs up for my niece’s this is a Dahlia and this is a yellow the color Ella thank you for joining us, I think you guys had fun and we definitely did, I think they enjoyed it we will see you guys in the next one bye.

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