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Today we are going to talk about simplifying your makeup by focusing on your brows your lashes, and your lips and, I will just going to add one set to that which is to beautify the skin, and by beautify. I mean augment the beautiful skin that you already have. So I want you to think of the things that you have time to do in the morning, and then make you feel like it sets off your skin really well whether that’s concealer tinted moisturizer bronzer blush whatever that is and, I will just going to show you guys what that meant for me the day that. I was filming. So what that meant for me that day was to use half a pump of a really full coverage foundation the reason for that was. Because. I was having a little bit of a bad skin day. And I was filming a lot of posts this day. So I needed a little bit more coverage. So that my skin would look good throughout the day. So I just put this on. And I like it. Because it is a very thin layer of foundation but. Because it is very pigmented it is very effective, and that’s a really great really quick way to get what. I needed done that day, and then, I will going to go ahead, and conceal my under eyes, and my eyelids just to get rid of any vagueness, and darkness, and then., I will going to powder my nose, and around my eyes, and that’s what it meant to kind of get my skin evened out, and feeling good for what.

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I needed it to be that day but again for you that could be concealer that could be tinted moisturizer that could be bronzer blush it could mean going bare skin whatever makes you feel like you are really showing off your skin to its best advantage is what. I want you to do for this step, and. Because. I was feeling extra fancy this day. I did a little bit of blush, and a little bit of highlighter but just. So you guys know my normal thing for beautifying my skin on a daily bas is just tinted moisturizer a little bit of blush, and maybe some powder if, I will a little oily that day. So now we are going to talk about brows again this is really going to be specific to you, and what you feel like really sets off your brows but what. I like to do especially when, I will in a little bit of a rush is just to go ahead, and brush my brows into place with some brow gel, and then. I like to line the underside of my brow with a pencil for brows the reason that. I do that is. Because it really defines your arch very nicely. So it gives that nice lifted look to your brows, and a little bit of drama but then it is not really it does not take that long. Because you just have to draw that one little line, and then.

I fill in whatever needs to be filled in with some powder, I will much faster with powder. So that’s a really great idea for me when, I will definitely on the go. And I want to get my makeup on, and done it works really well for me. So moving onto lashes again you do whatever my Sara feels great for you that you like that wears well throughout the day, and if you want to be a little bit more fancy you can also curl your lashes to really set them off well this is all about showing off what you have. So showing off the beautiful lashes that you already have and, I will going to use the julep volumizing mascara it has in a couple little fibers to make my lashes look extra full. And I really enjoyed that about this mascara now while that dries, I will going to apply my lipstick, and again this is about feeling beautiful. So whatever lipstick makes you feel great you guys know, I have been loving jungle peach by Revlon but you could do this with everything from a nude lipstick to a bright red lipstick whatever you want, and then if you are doing a second coat of mascara you can go ahead, and add that now this is my L’Oreal mascara, and guess what that’s it. I think it’s. So great to go back to the basics, and just remember the things that frame your face, and really set off your beautiful natural features you can do this on a small scale with like a little bit of makeup form just running around or with more makeup when you really just want to show off, and you want to dress up just a little bit more it is also great for that. So I hope this has been helpful to you guys. I love you very much and, I will see my next post bye.

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