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Hey everyone. I’m Abby, from LA. Today, we are going to film a braid that’s really different but fun, and I think you are going to like it a lot. And I’m going to call it the Cage Braid. Also, for those of you that do not know, I’m really utilizing my Twitter account lately. So you can tweet me anytime you want. @CuteGirlHair is my account. And I’m finding that it is a really great way for me to stay in contact with you, or answer your questions, or anything like that. So feel free to tweet me, @CuteGirlHair, anytime. OK. So for this hairstyle, I started by just pulling it up into a ponytail. And her hair is damp. It’s not wet wet, but it is not dry either. And I’m just going to take a comb and grab a little chunk of hair at the top of the ponytail. Like so. And divide that into three sections. And start just your regular braid. Tip back a little bit for me, thanks.

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So this is where it gets a little different. You’re just going to pick up a little chunk from the side and add it in, sort of like you would on a French braid. And go ahead and braid it in. And then grab a chunk from this side and add it in. So what the trick is, remember that we are always pulling the stranding down, we are not pulling it over. Like a normal French braid, you’d grab this piece and you’d pull it tight over. We’re not going to do that. And you will see as we get farther down the ponytail how that affects. So pull it down into the braid. Grab little chunk, down into the braid. And now because we are taking little chunks, this does take a little bit longer to do, just like the fish tailing does. So grab a chunk. Add it in. Pulling it down. Now you can see that our drops are getting deeper and deeper the farther we go down the ponytail. And that’s exactly what we want. So just keep going. All the way. So while I’m doing this, I will just mention that it is sort of the beginning of the new year, and everyone’s always making resolutions, of course. So you will have to leave me a comment and tell me what your New Year’s resolution is this year to get better at. Oops, sorry.

So just keep adding hair in. I know it looks really funny right now, but trust me. In the end, it is so amazing. And add it in. So we have had a whole bunch of birthdays recently, which is always a busy time of year for us. They’re are all over now. OK, I’m kind of getting to the end of my hair, both in the ponytail and hair back here. And when you get all done with the hair, then just go ahead and finish off the regular braid and secure it with an elastic. OK. Now this is where the magic comes. So you take I’m going to grab maybe an inch down the ponytail and pull up. And look at what happens. Vrup! Do you see that? It almost looks like a little rib cage, which is why I’m calling it the Cage Braid. I’m going to just take that loop and tuck it back on top of her head, just over the ponytail holder, which also helps hide the ponytail holder. And I’m just going to bobby pin that into place. OK. And so when you have got that secured now, I do not love this little endy thing, so I also take that, tuck it up into her hair. And you can see I will try to pull that out of the way so you can see what I’m doing. Just kind of pin it flat against her head. OK. And there you have it. And then just spray a little hair spray as needed. And I just love the way that these loopies hang out and stick out and almost sort of look like a rib cage. But it is really fun. I think it is so different looking, but so easy. So there you have it. You want to say goodbye? Bye.

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