Although I love old-fashioned puddings,

Sometimes a refreshing sorbet makes a better end to a meal. The colour of this one is gorgeous. Home-made biscuits (see below) are a nice accompaniment.

500ml blood-orange juice

200g caster sugar

100ml Campari

Zest 1 orange

Juice 1 lemon

Juice 1 grapefruit

Whisk together the orange juice and sugar. Add the Campari, the orange zest and the other juices. Churn in an icecream maker, or freeze in a shallow tray, beating the sorbet when it reaches the slushy stage to prevent crystals forming. Serve with orange fork biscuits.

Serves 6


We were very candid about our conditions and what we were going through. When meeting new patients, we would always ask them why they were there. Then moms with similar conditions would welcome them and fill them in on what tests they could expect and anything they might want to know about their condition. This helped form friendships and connections, and alleviate some of the fears of new patients while building our little community. Until that community is formed, if it ever is, it can be lonely sitting in your room especially if you have other children at home. My first day at the hospital, I cried for an hour after my husband left. I cried every time I heard my daughter’s voice on FaceTime. I cried when she came to visit and had to leave. I cried when other children came to visit their moms while my daughter was at home. I cried more than I ever had in my life.


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