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Mar 21 – Apr 20


Character profile

Arians are generally independent and courageous “ theyre not the type to go unnoticed. With endless enthusiasm, they are also very optimistic. However, they can be rather short-tempered, moody and impatient. Another common characteristic for Arians is for them to be impulsive.

Live your dreams

The theme for you right now is one of progress and change. Early December is a great time to revisit special hopes and wishes. Gossip is rife but if it reaches the right person, it could help turn dreams into reality.

An interesting offer around the 15th could take you away from your usual place of work. Your boss will want to be kept informed of your movements and activities. All efforts to improve finances will bring pleasing results.

Be open to love

Dont be too quick to write off someone you meet at a Christmas party. A first date may not be wonderful but give them a second chance. Before the year ends, you could be surprised to find you feel.

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Lend a helping hand

Dont be shy about offering to help a workmate who seems out of their depth. Your support will mean more to them than you realise. Being assertive will get on you the good side of a superior who is looking for someone they can rely on. Rewards will come your way as a result of meetings and interviews attended around the 14th.

Fire up your passion

Cupid will not be far away this Christmas. A romantic spark will be ignited through your work or social affairs, and youll experience a weakness for outgoing, creative-types.

If youre in a committed relationship, your fun-loving nature helps keep the flame alive. Towards the end of the year, try to squeeze in a little rest and relaxation, and steer clear differently about somebody who rubbed you up the wrong way when you first met a few months back.

Festive and social plans will run on well-oiled wheels. Make the most of every opportunity to have some fun. Friends will be impressed by your festive ideas.

Remember your power

You can make a success of your life if you have faith in yourself and believe in the things you do.

Once you have set your sights on new goals, dont let anything stand in your way. Either you or your partner could be enjoying an increase in income, and youll feel more confident about expanding your joint horizons.

Be adventurous

Theres nothing stopping you from making a start on plans to broaden your horizons. Look into future travel possibilities or investigate schemes for specialised training. The 19th will bring a chance for you to act on ideas youve been considering for some time. A friend or close colleague will be closely involved in your plans.

Work affairs

The more spontaneous you are when expressing ideas, the more enthusiastic the feedback from others will be. The start of the month isnt a time for hesitation; decisive action is most certainly called for.

A male colleague who overlooks your contribution to a team effort needs to be put in his place. You arent looking for praise but you will expect respect.

Stay true to you

Theres some competition in romance this month and you could be upstaged by a flashy opposition.





New people entering your social world are ostentatious and flamboyant. You may feel youre being pushed into the background but sometimes what goes on behind the scenes can be surprisingly enjoyable. Rest assured, Cupid is working just as hard off stage as he is on it.

Have a giggle

Travelling for fun, expressing your creativity, enjoying time with friends and revelling in love and romance make the perfect ingredients for an action-packed month. You will have a lot of fun at a festive event and if youre single, you could be making plans for the New Year which include someone new.


Take it easy

Life will get chaotic if you agree to do every favour others ask of you. You love buying gifts for your family and friends “ just make sure you dont spend more than you have. Invest in something small that will serve you for a long time. Treating yourself to a nice present will do you good and ensure you dont feel as though youre working for nothing.

Radiant romance

Youre in the mood for love and your cup will run over this Christmas. With Venus in your romantic zone from the 5th until the end of December, you will ooze charm and charisma. Romantically, this should be an exciting time for you.

Reap what you sow

All the energy you are putting into your work and family life will soon pay off. You might get the chance to improve or upgrade your job situation, or make your home a more peaceful place to be. A change is as good as a rest, and you are set to take a new direction. The hardest thing youll need to figure out is whether youre being guided by your heart or your head, as you need to be realistic if your hopes are to be realised.


Jul 24 – Aug 23


Character profile

Leos like to be in control. They are very confident and ambitious, but also encouraging. Sometimes they can be domineering and pretentious, and its not uncommon for them to be described as a tad vain.

Socialise with colleagues

Your supervisors are organising some fabulous festive functions to get everyone into the spirit of the season. Make the most of this chance to meet up after hours and get to know the people you work with. If you sense someone you meet will be helpful in a job search or romantic goal, trust your intuition and be sure to give them your phone number.

Prepare for excitement

Your partner, family and friends will bring so much joy into your life this December. The most significant part

Let things settle

If there has been tension in the workplace, you should notice people are less angry now. Or maybe youre being more amenable?

Either way, progress will be made thanks to an upbeat attitude.

Some encouraging money news will be received around the 21st. The festive atmosphere could tempt you to be extravagant but a small win should improve your financial outlook.

Love freely

Youre feeling exceptionally lucky this month and youre likely to remember this Christmas for being one of the hottest and most romantic of all. Friends will also play a major role when it comes to enjoying all the festivities. Just take care as too much fun, passion and jollity could lead to burn out if youre not careful.

Make peace

Its the season of goodwill and you will do your best to get others to mend broken fences and to resolve mistakes.

You could find a few good bargains this month, too “ but not without a lot of effort. Even when spending on gifts, you will not settle for second best, so reduced prices will be an added bonus.


Crack on

Youre a stickler for routine so if there are things about the house or workplace you really cant ignore, get them sorted at the start of the month.

Your family and friends just want to have fun and their high spirits are bound to be infectious. A Christmas party or two will magnify your chances of making more aquaintances and enjoying romantic encounters.

Relax & calm yourself

It seems as if you are waiting for something new every day this month. Although youre trying to contain your excitement, youve never felt so impatient, exhilarated and frustrated at the same time.

There will be a lot resting on the results of a test, interview or examination. You cant wait to get it over with but youre also nervous in case it goes wrong. The more preparation you put in beforehand, the more likely you are to succeed.

Look after you

Youve always been generous but you can at times be too nice for your own good. Yes, it is enriching to please others; but remind yourself that relationships are about equal amounts of give and take. You are deserving of as much love as you give to others.

Your partner will be a great source of inspiration this Christmas. Together you will explore ways to improve your joint prospects and long-term security.

Create a special place

Between waiting for taxis to arrive and Christmas to get here, this will be a month of anticipation. A beautiful decoration will deserve place of honour in your home or heart, so clear out a neglected space to make room for it.

Act instantly

New job opportunities are coming your way but you will need to act before someone else takes advantage. Others need to see you are capable of taking action after decisions have been made. Your partner should be kept informed of any financial moves you make that might affect shared funds.

Enjoy yourself

When you arent working or busy with other responsibilities, you will be in the mood to let your hair down. This month youll find it easy to talk to strangers, even if youre usually tongue-tied when meeting new people.

Contact with an old friend will open


Oct 24 – Nov 22

Character profile

Known for being fiercely independent, Scorpios are dynamic, resourceful and observant. They will often flit from one extreme to the other, and can be jealous or obsessive. That said, they are very loyal and have great memories.

The door to romance this Christmas. Fun and happiness will be generated through the favourable contacts made at festive events and parties.

Take time out

A partners money luck around the 16th will add gloss to joint finances. There is an air of fun and sociability surrounding you “ if youre throwing a party or entertaining family, keep fragile possessions out of the way as an appliance or cherished ornament may be at risk of getting broken.

When making plans for the end of December, dont forget to schedule some me time, too. You might prefer to keep arrangements for the New Year flexible.




Nov 23 – Dec 21

Character profile

The good-humoured Sagittarius is honest, daring and friendly, but can also be rather blunt and sharp-tongued. Sagittarians tend to have good judgement and be adventurous when it comes to trying new things. Its not uncommon for them to be less aware of others feelings and to exaggerate slightly.

Take stock

Youre uncertain about accepting new responsibilities because you feel people are starting to take advantage. Slow down and get your life in order before you take on anything else.

Time spent with your favourite people will cheer you up. Sagittarians have had more than their fair share of hard work lately and this is a perfect time for you to loosen up a bit. Therell be ample chance for catching up with your loved ones.

Make a move

Romantic sparks are flying now and if you havent yet found your soulmate, you soon will. As well as glowing love prospects, the 13th should bring some money luck, too.

If you meet someone you like the look of at a Christmas party, take a deep breath and make that first bold step. There are plenty of people who will want to grab your dream lover, so send them a text message, and be sure to meet up soon.


Smile & enjoy

Its hard to decide what is more exhilarating: your career, romance or community affairs. If youre really lucky you will be enjoying a small amount of success in each of these areas.

Youre feeling bright, healthy and on top of the world. No matter where you are heading, a trio of planets in your sign will light the path ahead.


Keep focused

A change of routine at the start of the month will mean a heavier schedule than normal. You may experience a turbulent few days but your hard work will not go unnoticed.

If youve got some spare time, skill-based hobbies could be put to good use in a spare

-time money-making venture. This will bring more cash your way.

Remain honest

Christmas can be a time for secrets “ but not romantic ones. Be as open as possible to avoid misunderstandings, especially around the 8th. If there has been any kind of deceit, it would be better to admit it now.

Equally, if you suspect somebody is being dishonest with you, try not to let these thoughts cloud your judgement. Chances are, once you strike the right compromise, youll have a happy Christmas.

Stay upbeat

Family relationships call for total honesty and openness this month. When you are alone, you may be dealing with some serious, private issues. You have a lot of thinking to do and some important decisions to make; try to take it easy on yourself. Both the Sun and Mercury in your sign during the last 10 days of December will fill you with confidence and optimism. And by the beginning of the year you will be able to put many worries of the past behind you and start looking forward with excitement.

Dec 22 – Jan 29

Character profile

Capricorns are responsible, patient and ambitious. Risks arent their thing as theyre very cautious and are likely to over-analyse situations. They can be pessimistic and also rather shy, but are very caring and helpful, too.

Keep up the great work

Competition in the workplace keeps you alert and on your toes. You can look forward to impressing those in high places with your talents. Results of this months efforts could lead to a promotion or a transfer to a position where you will have a better work/ life balance. Career-wise, youre at the start of an upward spiral.

Pick your company with care

Parties and social gatherings will bring you a huge amount of pleasure but there are some areas of your life that will be a bit of a painful. You may not be getting on well with with somebody in your social circle; their words seem deliberately hurtful and the more you try to please them, the more cynical theyll become.


You would do best to avoid difficult people altogether.

Heal yourself

Good things are starting to happen in an area of your life that has remained stagnant for longer than you can remember. Your usual routines will be thrown into disarray but you will not be complaining. You have a strong sense that the angels are guiding you and that change will be beneficial.

Yoga, meditation, reiki, art or music therapy can be healing.

Check out the details

Dont get too excited about a money making offer as there may be strings attached. Just remember that an opportunity missed is an opportunity that wasnt meant to be “ there will be plenty more ahead.

If youre trying to better your prospects or win the approval of someone in a high place, youre going the right way about it. Your enthusiasm for your work does you credit.

Be approachable

The sky will not fall in if you go against the wishes of your partner. When important decisions must be made, instead of trying to please others, make yourself a priority. You dont want to miss out on some great opportunities through a lack of confidence, so stop hesitating and go for it, you will be surprised at your ability to socialise easily with new people.

New romantic encounters are destined to bring you happiness. Whether you are single or in a committed relationship, your love prospects are rosy this Christmas.

Embrace changes

It might seem as if you have lost touch with your aims and true desires.

Meditating at the beginning of the month will help you feel spiritually and emotionally whole again.

Unexpected events will make this Christmas one you will always want to remember. A loved one will be beside themselves with excitement and it will be difficult to calm them down “ not that you will really want to!


Feb 20 – Mar 20

Character profile

Kind, compassionate and imaginative, Pisceans are selfless and sensitive characters, who will go beyond their call to help others. They can also be weak-willed and over-sensitive, passing the buck if something doesnt go to plan.

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