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Hey all, Welcome back my love’s you are in joining me today in a more of relaxed setting you are in my makeup / office room and we are going to do a chatty get ready with me post where you guys asked to see my makeup it is very simple there’s not that many products involved. But let’s get started and I’m doing my hair, I totally forgot about that. So before, I do my makeup, I like to apply my leave and hair conditioner to kind of do its thing for my hair while, I do my makeup. So what’s the plot I’m very generous with my leave-in conditioners and then I’m just going to gently brush out my hair to make sure, I would say is incorporated from the bottom making my way up with a wide tooth comb alright. So for the makeup obviously, I already have my sunscreen and shopping stuff. So before, I start already applied my sunscreen and my lotion all that good jazz and I’m going to apply some primer this is a hangover by Too Faced, I just love a good hydrating primer for the summertime and for my skin base I have not been wearing foundation on over the last my word foundation, I either wear just concealer on its own or I will apply some kind of CC cream or a tinted moisturizer.

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But I do not know I have been loving it my skin’s been doing really good except for a couple of these right here Aunt Flo just loves town and she loves some presents on her way out. So, I need some concealer today alright. So the first thing, I do are my eyebrows since, I do not really apply foundation, I like to do my eyebrows first get them done frame my face and I’m on to the next step. So, I just like to apply some kind of pomade or what is wax since by NYX is. So tiny, I love this stuff. So simple just kind of go over my brows it gives them a little bit of a waxy texture and then I’m going to go in and kind of give it a rough feathery look I have been really liking that look lately for my brows and for my pencil I’m loving this it is cosmetics brow power Universal pencil I have talked about this many times I’m using it for several years already and. If one of my favorites getting really close to the mayor here.

But I’m just kind of following my natural hairs or giving these short strokes and kind of filling in the bald spot and next step is concealer, I like to use a really lightweight concealer underneath the eyes not having crazy baggage lately. So, I do not need that powerful concealer. So I’m going to use my instant age rewind in the shade, I do not wish a this is they are going to roll it up just apply some right here in the inner corner just a little bit and I’m going to take some spotting concealer for these red spots little breakouts the Tarte shape and take concealer and the shade what is this light a neutral it is a little yellow for me, I just only need a little bit, I think ever since the summer comes around the really warm months here in Florida the freckles start popping out ever since, I was a kid, I will always have freckles in the summertime I have always liked them, I was that kid that like freckles my mama always said there were angel kisses big that’s why, I like them. So that, I was saying, I like to have my freckles peeking through is underneath the concealer, I think it looks good kind of my natural look it is our things eliminated I’m just going to take a smaller brush and just kind of pass over the spots where, I need to conceal and I will just feather out to make sure everything is blended for my contour, I love to keep it really light and, I like to use cream products this is the NYX wonder stick, I love this it is so simple to use it is very easy to blend and the color is very universal, I like this. So this applies tiny little line on both sides and I will just blend it out, I do not know why the summertime, I just like to keep it really light with my makeup you know why. Because, I melt that’s why and then we are the same contour brush by Real Techniques and just blend it out as very gently I’m barely touching my skin and it blends. So easy, I have a question for you guys, I’m thinking of postging every single day Monday through Friday maybe Saturday we will say starting it at the end of next week Andre and, I are going away on a road trip up north to visit his family in my family and we are going to go to New York City we are going to go hiking and go do some fun stuff and we figured making Google Blog on a second blog the lol life what do you guys think of that, I think that would be fun to see let me know what you think.

So now that all the cream base is down I’m going to set my face very lightly with the cosmetics bye bye pores is one of my favorite products to set my face or under under my eyes it is very lightweight a little goes a long way and, I just like this stuff and I’m using my big fluffy brush by Ecotools it is so soft it is one of my favorite brushes it is just a little bit just kind of set my face it is very lightly I’m really nervous to post everyday just. Because I have never done it yeah I’m going to keep the posts short and simple just kind of what we do on a daily basis take you guys along show you where, I used to live where, I grow up that kind of thing, I think will be fun even just for us to just to look back on all right that’s on my face is set I’m going to go back in and do like the blush to highlight a little bit of bronzer just to warm up my face a little bit alright. So for my bronzer where are you I’m going to use this one today the butter bronzer by Physicians Formula it is really nice very very pretty and it smells delicious this one are your smell to feel good a little bit just to warm up my face for my blush I will be taking the hourglass dip infusion, I just love this color, I think it is so flattering from this is the blush brush by Sonia Kashuk my highlight I will be taking hourglass brilliant strobe light, I just saw this highlighter for a summer it is a little bit powdery. So what, I like to do is apply it on my brush and just wet it very very lightly, I think it is a very subtle highlighter. But it is really pretty finishing touches mascara for these days, I do not even apply eyeshadow honestly alright. So for the mascara, I like to only do the top lashes, I feel that it just, I do not know makes me very youthful and awake, I do not I have been really loving it lately and lunches set our brows. So their last thing was some clear brow gel.

But Anastasio the really hills alright. So for the lips I have been really really really enjoying the color pop blotted lips and, I do not know, I just for some reason it looks like I have been eating popsicles all day and, I just had some kind of collar left over on the lips is just very effortless and, I just like the way it looks this right here is one of my favorites it is bit o sunny bitch Oh sunny it is a really pretty color I’m going to take my finger and just slot it in super simple love it alright. So now that my hair is sixty to seventy percent air dried I’m going to finish a blow drying it and I’m going to use this lot of stuff this is the orb rate royal blowout key protectant spray it is incredible it is makes your hair. So soft shiny and, I spelled away smell now do not do anything special when, I blow dry my hair, I try to air dry my hair as often as, I can. But when I’m posting how, I dry it is fast again Oh smells. So good are you guys. So I’m going to share with you a trick that I have mentioned many times.

But you guys still asked how to get volume at your roots at the top of your head and this is what, I do when, I are dry or blood on my hair, I never blow dry in a specific part, I won’t party like this and dry it, I will dry it on my left, I will dry on my right and just kind of go back and forth back and forth until my hair is dry and then, I decide where, I want to part my hair in the middle on the left or the right and this just gives me instant volume until, I go wash my hair again. So basically the trick is do not always have the same part, I guess works for me alright. So you guys can see whichever way, I part my hair, I still have volume, I just love doing this it is been working for me for years. So try it out for at least a week or two weeks and, I think you will see the trick alright. So now I’m going to show you guys quickly how I have been curling my hair recently very simple and it left until, I take a shower already have he protect it in from the aura base and I will be using the hot tool the gold-plated curling iron what is this sighs, I want to say it is 1 in 1/4 inch it is definitely into 1 inch. Because, I want those very loose at Birla’s curls alright I’m going to take a nice chunk fiction and very simple make sure my hair is going down and, I will leave at least an inch out and kind of hold it for five to seven seconds and, I have it on Alek 350 degrees Fahrenheit. So very effortless the first lowest section I’m going to keep going in the same direction with the curl going away from my face, I still can’t believe my hair is getting.

So long already kind of not used to it same thing on the other side and this hairstyle it takes really fast probably like five to seven minutes just. Because you are taking well I’m taking bigger sections just. Because we do have a bigger curling iron alright. So well we are planning on putting a post of a hairstyle every single day Monday through Friday for two weeks we will see. If we will do it for longer. But our plan right now is for two weeks what do you guys think I’m really excited, I hope, I do not get burned out put on a post every single day. But I think will be fun especially for the summertime, I think will be a great and above yourselves, I want that, I want to do are going to be on the simpler side.

So kind of for the summertime when you want to do be outside and not worry about your hair. So, I think that’s kind of my goal I’m excited and nervous all right. So one more section. So basically three sections total, I keep the top for the very last and I’m going to do slightly different. So a couple of sections I’m going to curl them going towards the face. So this gives me a very effortless look, I just like the way it looks with the very front sections of my hair and they are going to be going away from my face, I just think it flatters me most. So the same technique make sure you have some hair left out go and then this next section I will just do going towards my face the Saints that can eke applies leave some hair out and then hold for five to seven seconds depending on the size of your section and that’ll alternate all of them just a couple of them alright.

So last section I’m going to split it right down the middle just. Because if, I do want to part it on the left or right side, I can, and it is going to look good. So for curling my hair from for the very top section, I like to curl it from the back going towards the front I have always loved doing it that way kind of gives it that security that, I got all my hair covered and curled, I do not know I’m just a weirdo, I do not know mine only one that does that, I hope that it off the lawn all my finger itches for finishing touches, I will either add some dry shampoo from the middle to the end of my hair or some really fine hairspray either one will do it just adds a little texture and hold for my hair and then I will just take my hands and just kind of fold the waves take I will do the left part today oh yeah. So there we have it you guys thank you for getting ready with me for my super simple makeup and my hairstyle that I have been loving lately, I hope you guys liked it let me know what you guys think about the daily postging and the daily hairstyle Monday through Friday I’m excited and very nervous. But for now thank you for reading and I will see in the next one bye.

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