Cheap Vs Expensive Jackets Is it from Target or Nordstrom

Today we are talking all about jackets, I will be doing a blind to comparison cheap versus expensive from two specific stores Target versus Nordstrom, I am. So excited I’m looking at them right now Andre went out and bought them all by himself, I must admit he did a very good job, I would buy all of them myself as well.

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But they look very similar. Because he got three different types. So we are gonna be comparing moto or leather jacket and then the quilted jacket and last. But not least the anoraks anoraks Honor X. So again Andre had all the tags prices brands, I wouldn’t be able to see. So let’s take the first jacket which is a moto or leather jacket I’m excited alright let’s do this. So jacket number one it looks really nice and then jacket number two okay actually they both feel very nice this one feels more expensive it really does right away.

So I’m gonna put them on for you guys and I will give you my guess. But which one do you think is from Nordstrom or Target A or B, I already have my guess. But let me put them on alright. So putting on the first jacket, I think it looks very nice on, I like we need zip it up it kind of goes at an angle, I think that’s very flattering it has pockets which, I approve of, I love the little lines alongside the shoulders on the back and then also around the arms it looks really nice it kind of gives it like that biker s look the stitching is very poorly done some of it is already coming out and the feel of it it is very stiff as opposed to you know kind of molds with your body as a leather jacket should and then the inside the lining is just it is good. But it is kind of blah as compared to the other one. So putting on the second moto leather jacket right away you can smell it it smells really good like a nice leather jacket and it feels very nice it feels like butter and it just forms to your body it just sits nicely, I do not know. If for me, I think this one is a lot more flattering the stitching is incredible you can see it, and it is done perfectly and then the zipper is really nice, I like the very short there’s basically like no collar.

But it kind of is there you know what, I mean it is very minimal that’s why, I really like this jacket, I like the zippers and then when you go inside the lining it is really nicely done you can see that actually took a little extra time and there’s an extra pocket on the inside all right. So the first jacket my guest it is from Target let’s see. If I’m right and, I think coz jackets usually range from like thirty to fifty dollars from Target this one’s probably like 40 to 45, I believe alright let’s do this yep exhilaration from tarjay let’s see the price $39.99, I was almost right yeah it is a great jacket for 40 bucks yes it is a great jacket, I like it and obviously this one is Nordstrom. Because, I got the other one right, I just want to see how much this one costs and what brand it is Oh mark New York okay that’s the last brand babe see how much this bad boy is. So obviously is at least $200 and over 330 okay this is definitely better than the white t-shirt for $320 no this jacket is very nice is it is a very nice jacket. So next are quilted jackets he did a really great job.

Because he picked some really great colors okay. So this is the first one the color is really nice, I like it alright and here’s the second one you said not to look too closely at it. So I’m just gonna open it up and show you guys this one feels very plasticy this one feels like a quilt somebody you want to ride your body and it has a nice little what would you call this like a little belt in the back. So put it in the first quilted jacket it looks very nice. But it does feel plasticky on the outside to give you guys here that makes a lot of noise. But I love the detail on this the stitching is not the greatest it does look really nice there’s nothing hanging off or coming off, I love the shoulders from detailing on that, I love the little sides where it is kind of like this knit elastic material it looks really good and, I love the pockets, I love that it has a zipper and it has the little gold buttons you can close kind of like extra closure here not as cold, I think this is a really really great jacket, I think it looks beautiful. So when he handed me the second jacket, I could automatically feel the difference it feels more substantial it feels more of like a quilt in a way the material feels better and, I love the fit of this jacket it does not have a zipper.

But it does have the beautiful big buttons they are kind of statement piece, I love that, I love the sleeves you can roll them up as well it looks beautiful, I love this shoulder detailing it also has a button, I think it looks are really nice and flattering and overall this jacket is very nice and just the way it hangs and sits on me it looks better and then in the back of the jacket has that belt and then that little split towards the bottom, I think it is very flattering and talking about lining this one does not really have any lining to it and then this one actually has a lining it is thicker like, I said it looks more substantial it looks more of like a jacket that you can wear out in the winter with snow which one is which Target or Nordstrom what’s your pick. So this first jacket my guess is this one is from Target just. Because it has different types of material and it is some of the stitching is coming off once you look closer and just the way it feels, I can’t stop doing that just the way it feels it feels cheaper and does not feel quilted material. So this one obviously is from Nordstrom. If you are just looking from the side. So, I think this one it probably is $45 let’s see oh okay and away and away yeah and away all right let’s see what how much this price is $39.99 $40 all right this is a great jacket, I mean it is beautiful, I just love it, I think it is a great jacket definitely worth $40 folks and this one obviously, I believe is from Nordstrom.

Because that’s the only other guests we have left and, I think, I know what the brand is just by the line into the inside, I think this one’s Burberry yep Burberry. So the price, I think for this probably well above 500 just. Because there’s expensive brand 5.95 $600 folks. If you have this jacket is it worth it. Because, I always see people wearing this older women younger women is this jacket worth it for $600 all right we are doing good. So last.

But not least we are doing the anoraks jackets and I’m just gonna handle it to me. So here’s the first one oh this is light, I love the color babe wow that’s nice that’s a very lightweight jacket, I love the color all right and the next oh they are both lightweight this one feels softer though a lot softer let’s try them on. So try it on the first jacket, I think it looks stunning it feels very good, I love all the features it has it has a lot of features, I love the tie in the front that you can make it tighter you can make it looser looser is that a word you can make it loose and then when you go to the back, I love that it has kind of like that high-low and, I love that it has this little piece right here kind of separates it and then it has a little low piece that also has a little split and you can tie it on the back that’s very stunning and of course it has a hidden hood which, I love you can wear it closed like this or you can wear it out and over your head, I just think this is a really great jacket beautiful beautiful jacket and it feels really great has great pockets it is a stunning jacket it is really nice the second one you can feel the material it is slightly different it feels softer, I think the fit and this one is a little bit shorter than this the first one. But I think it still looks really nice I’d like the pockets, I like the different sleeves. So you can roll them up to make it go like kind of like that quarter length sleeve or you can make them longer, I prefer the sleeves on the first one just. Because it has the little buttons around your wrist which, I really like makes this sleek and slender, I think for my hands, I love the pockets on this one, I think it is really flattering it is a kind of like at an angle and then it has one pocket on the left side on your left breast what you think is also really nice the only thing, I do not like about this jacket is that the tie in the front is on the inside. So if I’m zipped up and, I’m buttoned, I can’t really fix if, I want to loosen it or if, I want to tighten the little tie around my waist that’s the only negative that, I do not like about this jacket.

But everything else is perfect beautiful stitching, I like that the back same thing high-low. But I think it is not as low as the first one has beautiful ties and also of course has the hidden hood you can wear closed or you can take it out which great jacket both of them are stunning. So which jacket do you guys think is Nordstrom or Target A or B these jackets are extremely similar. But this one here has a little bit more features involving the jacket and this one does not really have as much. But overall they are extremely beautiful and, I think they fit very similarly and they do not look amazing, I love these types of jackets that’s the Nordstrom guess alright. So let’s see BNC, I what is that, I do not know this brand may be $89 ninety-eight, I flip-flopped him it is 98 versus 89 I have never heard of this brand BNC, I did you guys heard of it boundless north clothing international okay I have never heard of this brand. But it is a really nice jacket it is stunning and then obviously this is from tarjay okay 34 okay the same brand and away 44 this is the most expensive one Wow $44.

99 okay this feels very nice this is a very nice jacket, I’m very impressed with this are you guys. So not bad three out of three, I actually trusted my gut this time and didn’t switch any of them around. So right away you can definitely tell a difference in quality in all of these jackets and then you put it on and it just fits better even though they look very similar just the way they fit and feel on the body obviously, I hope it is not a surprise. Because they are a lot more expensive and, I would hope for that kind of price you would get quality. So I’m very impressed with that. But target blew me away they have amazing jackets for amazing price which, I’m just very impressed with obviously the quality is not the best. But for the price jackets are incredible, I’m very impressed babe let me know how many of you got them correct a three out of three, I think this was a really great post, I likely got the different types and then different colors, I thought that was really awesome and also who would actually spend over $300 on a jacket cuz jackets you can wear them pretty much for a very long time.

If you get a good quality jacket thank you guys for reading this post. I’m so glad you were enjoying this series, I hope you liked it give me suggestions of what you guys want to see next what comparisons cheap versus expensive. But for now thank you for reading and ll see you in the next one bye you.

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