Cinnamon Bun Hair Tutorial

Hi how are you doing today’s hair tutorial is going to be on a cinnamon bun it is not a regular cinnamon bun that you eat it is a hairstyle and it is a really pretty hairstyle that. I have been wanting to learn for a while but it seems kind of complicated and you guys know how, I do not like things that are complicated but um you know, I try to experiment with a few different ways to do it and, I finally got in the easiest way and today I’m going to show you how to do it very easy very fast some of the things that we are gonna need for you this tutorial is hair brush just a hair elastic we are going to need some bobby pins and you are gonna need um regular bobby pins that you can get at any beauty supply store or at not or but as well as you are going to need these hair pins these are really crucial because when we are going to be twisting the bun these are the only pins they can actually hold the bottom in the hair. So make sure you have these types of hair pins and we are also going to need a hairspray and today I’m going to be using my intelligent nutrients hair spray.

So the first thing you want to do is just brush the hair. So there are no tangles or anything and, I’m wearing my lucky hair extensions in 160 grams set however I’m not wearing the full set I’m missing the the largest four clip weft that goes in the back and to want to clip what’s that go here because for a button, I feel like you do not really need that much hair. So I’m wearing like a tea for 70 percent of the of the set that, I have.

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So once you brush the hair you want to just brush the crown if you are wearing Luxus you want to make sure no clips are showing and I’m going to turn around. So that you guys can see what I’m doing it is going to be the easiest way for you guys. So you want to put the hair in a ponytail.

So that’s the first step that we want to do is just gather all the hair and put it in a ponytail now that your hair is in a ponytail you want to do two things. So the first thing is you going to split the hair in two and, I mean try to split it in equal sections. So you know let’s just fill it with your hands that it is two equal sections and then what you are going to do is take the section on the left and start twisting it and you are going to just twist it around section number one.

So you just twist it and as you twist it you want to start taking your hair pins and pinning that bun on to the hair. So you want to twist it continue twisting it and continue pinning the hair down and you are going to need quite a few of these bobby pins over hairpins. So make sure you have plenty of them lying around the only problem with this hairstyle is that as you are keeping your hands up your hands are constantly getting really tired because you are not used to holding them up all the time.

So, I gave myself a break and now I’m ready to continue. So once you have twisted the first section you are going to grab your second section and you are going to do exactly the same thing. So you are going to twist it around the first section.

So that’s what’s going to create that cinnamon bun effect and again as you are twisting it you want to make sure you grab your pins and you pin the hair down as you are twisting lay the bun and again as your ending um as your ending the twist you want to just grab a bobby pin twist the ends tightly and just secure it with a bobby pin and make sure to use a few. So that there are no hair sticking out there any hair sticking out you want to just fix it with bobby pins. So you just simply just smooth it out and you pin the hairs into the bun once you are done pinning all the flyaway hair you want to just grab your spray and just spray the bun all over.

So if there’s anything you can just smooth it out with a hair spray and I will just ensure that you have this hairstyle for the whole day good and you have got your cinnamon bun ready, I hope you guys enjoyed this hair tutorial thank you. So much for tuning and definitely give it a try and let me know how it worked out for you down below do not forget to rate this post love you guys I will see you in the next tutorial bye.

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