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Hi, everyone! Welcome back to my blog. And today I decide to do another fashion related post because ever since I uploaded my collab with Q2HAN so many of you guys requested it. So I thought a great way to start was by doing one of the oldest fashion tags on , and it is the Closet Confidential tag. I thought this would be a fun way to share what’s in my closet, and I had a lot of fun picking out the pieces, and it brought back some old memories so let’s get started.

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I had a hard time with this one so I almost skipped it, but today while I was getting ready I saw this blue dress in my closet and this is something that I got after I graduated high school. And I bought this in Korea in Apgujeong in the streets for about 10,000 won which is super cheap because I still have it. I can’t let it go because the quality is great and it is super pretty. I do not normally wear a lot of dresses but somehow both my oldest and newest piece is actually a dress. And here is a dress from the Kooples. I have been obsessed with this brand. It was introduced to me by Soy. She loves going there, and I followed her and I just fell in love with the clothes. It was on sale for 30 percent off, but it was still very expensive. However, I’m all about quality over quantity so I did pick this up. The most expensive item in my closet would have to be my Balenciaga bag and this was over 2,000 dollars and I know it is crazy to pay that much for a bag. However, I do wear this a lot and I have been getting my money’s worth and the story behind this is.. I won a contest, it was a post contest and I won over about 1,500 dollars. I was planning on just leaving it in my bank account, and probably used it for rent. But then my mom advised me not to do that, she told me with money like this, you should remind yourself that you won something.

Closet Confidential

So, we went ahead and went to the mall and picked this up because I was eyeing this. This is a black bag so it matches everything that I wear and it fits a lot, so it is very convenient. So, I’m very happy about this purchase. The biggest bang for my buck would have to be this hat from Forever 21. I wore this like so often and the quality is so nice and I just like can’t let this go. I bought this for 15,000 won which is about less than 15 dollars. And I wore it more than 15 times. So I know that I’m getting my money’s worth. Usually whenever I buy clothes or bags or shoes I ask myself Would I wear this more than the price amount? So, if it is 200 dollars I would ask myself, Would I wear this over 200 times? I do not know. It just helps me justify the price and the purchase, but this is definitely something that people would ask me where I got this hat and whenever I say Forever 21 they get shocked because it does look very sturdy and yeah, it is very wearable. The biggest bargain would have to be this floral blouse and it is very nice in quality. It’s super flowy, perfect for the summer. And I bought this for 5,000 won at the Express Bus Terminal. I just can’t believe that this was less than five dollars because it just feels more expensive than that. An item in my closet that not everyone hates but whenever I wear them people ask me what they are would be these glitter shoes from Crucial. It’s a Korean brand, and I wore them around a lot when I was in New York and Eddy was questioning me, my friend Dayo was questioning me.

Closet Confidential Tag

But then there were people like Whitney and Fei who loved them. So this is just like something that I feel like people love and hate, but I love them. The biggest waste of money for me would have to be this SJYP sailor shirt. At the time it was very trendy and cute. However.. First off, it is white so you can obviously see food stains on here right now. And with the brand SJYP, I’m always so shocked by the price of it because the quality is not that great. Compared to AllSaints or The Kooples that I have tried. This was 80 dollars and I didn’t wear this enough for me to say, Oh, I got a good wear out of that. I didn’t. And it already turned very beigey because you know I had to wash the shirt. And for summer it was quite heavy. You can’t wear this in the fall or winter because it is too cold. You can wear it during the spring but I felt like this design was very summery. So, I personally thought this was a big waste of money.

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And, to be honest, everything that I bought from here is a big waste of money. I got a black shirt that says SJYP on it. And I bought it because it was a very up and coming brand. And I think I paid about 30 or 40 dollars. And it was just too plain to be that expensive. And also I have this long black dress, and everyone thinks I’m wearing a dress that says JYP on it, but it is actually SJYP. And that’s just my airplane go-to outfit. I do not ever wear it other than that and that costed me about 80 dollars, so I think everything from this brand, so far, has been a waste of money. The final question on this tag is three of my favorite items at the moment. And first we have this Kooples t-shirt. And if you follow my posts you probably have seen me wear this many times and I even Instagrammed wearing this and someone commented, You really like that shirt. And yes, I do. I wore this to the GD concert for the first time because I felt like it was very concert appropriate because of the skulls. I love the pink details and the design is just very extra and I love it. Normally, I wouldn’t wear pink but because it is with black, BlackPink, I’m obsessed with this top. Another item that I have been loving is this AllSaints Crossbody.

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And it is a brown one, so very different from most of my black purses. But I love it because of all the pockets and it fits so much in here. Sometimes I could put in my umbrella or a water bottle. It fits all my wallets, my phone, both my cameras. It’s just super convenient to carry around and it is super fashionable. I bought this for about less than a hundred dollars there. So, definitely worth the money. And finally we have the Gentle Monster sunglasses. And this is in the design Love Punch. And I got this as a gift from Dave when I did the Gentle Monster photoshoot with him. And I do not know, the silver and reflective lenses, just kinda completes my outfits and makes an effortless look look like I actually cared. I hope you guys enjoyed a little glimpse of what’s inside my closet. I will try to do more fashion posts. If you are interested in any of the pieces that I mentioned, check the description box and I will link them all down below. And I will see you guys in my next post.

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