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Hi everybody, Welcome back to my blog today’s post is gonna be kind of different. Because, I do not usually sit down in front of the camera and talk to you guys. But I have accumulated a lot of clothing the past couple of weeks and, I want to share with you guys since you know summer is ending fall is starting. So, I just worked up a few pieces that are really nice and, I thought you guys would like to see before, I begin with the clothing haul, I did want to mention that, I did actually get a haircut and, I cut it pretty sure as you can see and, I got just really happy highlights around my whole head and that’s basically that’s all, I got was it is very textured you can see the bottom bottom layers everything’s texture and they got a lot of layers in. So this is kind of like a texture bob. If you want to call it that. But let’s get what the cooling haul.

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So the first store, I went to Lazzara and, I picked up this shirt this really really pretty cutout sure it is kind of slightly below my belly buttons. So, I wear this kind of with high rise jeans or like a high rise skirt or shorts even, and it is really cute. Because it is a really pretty cream color, and it is not it is an off-white. So it is really nice and plus with jeans it looks really really pretty and, I got this in a size small the next item that, I got from Zara were these jeans these are called a tomboy low slouch and, I got in a size for us, I just love wearing these type of jeans sort of distressed jeans with something weren’t dressy or like a dressier top when slim heels, I think it just looks really nice and well put together and, I think it looked really pretty with the shirt that, I got from Zara that cream-colored shirt just thinks I’m really cute alpha, and it is really easy and there’s not much to it. So this next pair of jeans or pants rather, I picked him up also at the loft and, I got this in a size zero. Because the sizes do tend to a run larger. Because, I’m usually in a size two or four and these jeans or pants are really nice.

Because you can dress them down obviously and then dress them up. Because they are more lounger sight. But these fit. So nice and they look very good with just a really plain t-shirts of heels and that your outfit is all set and they just, I do not know they are really comfortable and, I really like them yes moving on to dresses, I picked this one up also at the loft and this was on sale for 50% off and, I got this in a size zero as well. So what really attracted me to his dress was the pattern and the color it is just a very light dress where you can actually put a jacket on top if, I need. If you need it too and, I really like spaghetti straps, I really like this dress this next dress, I also picked up at the loft. But I think they got a new brand it is called the boo and gray and this is not a size extra small and this dress is.

So cute it is kind of like a shirt dress and, I just love the color is the really pretty orange brown with the cream and then Maivia in the bottom and it just looks really nice. So casual. So chic especially with some heels on, and it is just a really pretty outfit honestly just it looks. So well put together and I’m very excited to wear this in Italy okay. So my last item or drugs that, I picked up was from Topshop and this is probably something very different, I do not really tend to wear this kind of stuff. But this really caught my eye. Because of the colors again it has the Navy the really pretty red Brown has a really pretty green and the cream-colored the button-down dress work it buttons all the way down and then it has a little belt that you can tie around your waist and it looks some really pretty it is longer it is below the mean.

But I really like this. Because, I kind of envisioned myself wearing this on like a scooter in Italy somewhere and like a random little village. But it is a very pretty it is very light, and it is really breezy and I’d probably wear this with some kind of sandals are we leaving heels if, I want to dress it up and, I got this in a size four in US. But I’m very excited about these dresses alright. So that was it it was a really kind of quick haul. But I want to share with you guys. Because, I didn’t think they were very good pieces that, I found and they are kind of like staple for fall and kind of transitioning from summer to fall these are actually one of my favorite posts to watch on YouTube or any type of hauls clothing makeup anything honestly.

Because, I just love when people tell me what they like why they bought it you know. So, I kind of want to share with you guys also what, I buy why, I liked what, I liked about the products let me know. If you guys like these type of posts in the comments down below and always do not forget to subscribe. If you are not already and follow me to my Instagram at Villa broose09, I always love to see you guys as well. But for now thank you for reading my post and I will see you next time struggle is real.

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