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Hey everyone. I’m Abby from “Hairstyles.” And today I’m going to show you how to do a cobra braid into a ponytail. Now, some of you may be familiar with this braid if you were a Boy Scout or a Girl Scout or you just loved to make boondoggles as a child. A boondoggle is the little key chains that they sold on “Napoleon Dynamite” if you have seen that movie. It’s kind of the same stitch, only we are going to use it in hair today. So let’s go. OK. I started by pulling her hair into a side ponytail. Now, I took all of her hair above her ear and put it in. And then on this back side, you can see that I actually went down to, like, her neck, so that the little shorter pieces would get pulled up into the ponytail as well, instead of hanging down, which is just going to make the knotting a little bit easier, like when we start tying the knot.

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OK. From this point, I did also about probably of her hair into the ponytail and then the remainder just straight down. So that’s how you have to section it. Now I’m going to take this straight section that’s not in the ponytail, and I’m going to wet it down just using water. Or you can, if you do not want to wet it down, use some mousse or some gel, or you can use pomade or texturizing paste, anything like that. We’re just going to try to do this to control the flyaways as we go along. So I’m just going to kind of wet it down, because I think that’ll work just as good. OK. And then divide it in half, right below the ponytail. OK. Now you are going to take this left piece, and you are going to make sort of like the figure four. You’re going to kind of lay it across, like if it was a four like that. Lay it across this top part of the ponytail like this. You’re going to bring this right piece up and over. And then it goes under the giant ponytail. Once you have that done, take your fingers and just loosen this as little as possible, just enough to get your fingertips down through there. Reach through and pull this up. And you have just created your first stitch, you can see, if you pull it down tighter. I’m going to wet this side down a little bit more. I can feel that’s drying out. OK. Now we are going to do it to this other side, the opposite side. Take the right piece. Go across. Take the left piece. Go up over the top, down underneath. You can hold it like this.

Reach your fingertips through the loop and grab that piece of hair. And then tighten. You can see how if you loosen it too much, and then you tighten it, you can get all these flyaways out of control. So try not to do that too much. Again, now we are going to do the left piece across. Right piece over, and then under. And then reach your fingertips through. And pull. See how this one got a little looser than I like it? Tighten it down. And, again, to the right side. Across, over the top, underneath. Reach through the little loopy. Pull it through. And tighten down. Now, this is probably as much as I’m going to get out of her hair, just because it is not that long. Well, if you had longer hair, you know, you could go down farther. But I’m going to end it right there. I’m going to end it by taking those ends with just an elastic, same color as her hair, and securing them. And that will poke her hair sort of towards her neck if you leave it like this, you can see. So I do not like that. So I’m going to just take it and flip it up and inside of itself, like if you were doing a topsy tail. And that will just lay it closer to the ponytail so it lays flatter. And then you just loosen those up a little bit, kind of stretch them out so you can see the cobra snake figure going through there. OK. The finished cobra braid. Ta-da! What I love most about this particular hairstyle is that you could dress it down if you were going to the beach, especially because you kind of start it out wet anyway or the pool. But you can also dress it up and really slick it and make it a really fancy, sophisticated looking ponytail for a really formal event. I think you are going to love this one, and I hope you enjoy this hairstyle. Now, if you forgot that we put up a bonus post on Wednesday, you need to check it out. I always have people asking me what it is like, a day in my life. And I had my two-year-old film me for a whole day with a little GoPro on her head. And we put that up. And I’m sure you are going to love it. It turned out really cute. So make sure you check it out. I will put it up here and the link to it in the description box below. And we will see you guys next week. Bye. See ya. Hey, Buddy. Hi. How are you? Good. Good. Guess what? What? You’re grounded for a million, bazillion, kajillion years. How’s that sound? Good. Sounds good? Why are you grounded? I do not know. Because you are too cute. Yep. How come you are so cute? Because Jesus made me that way. Yeah. There you go, Buddy.

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