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Hey everyone. I’m Abby from LA and tonight because it is evening here we are going to do a no heat curl tutorial called cocoon curls. OK. Everyone keeps calling them cocoon I mean Cancun I mean oh my gosh, I’m so confused. Cocoon. Cocoon curls. That’s terrible. OK. So this is how you start. We’re going to just take a section of hair, and I’m going to just light, like, half of her hair, maybe of it up, so that I can work with just this underneath hair right here. And she just recently washed her hair, and it is air dry. So we are going to have to add a little moisture back in to our curls. Now remember when you are doing no heat curls, the worst thing you can do is over wet your hair. So if you are starting with wet hair, make sure to let it air dry for a little while til it is at least half dry before you do this. Or if it is dry, you can just add a little spritz of water. So we are going to take a section. And I do not like them too small. The smaller the section, the smaller the curls.

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We did this one time and we used teeny, teeny, tiny curls and she ended up with like, this My hair was like, poof. crazy, crazy hair. So we are going to go for bigger sections here. So I’m going to twist it. Now here comes the tricky part. Take two fingers, lay them on top of the hair, and you are going to go like that. And do not worry if it starts un-twisting. That’s OK. You’re going to just re-twist it. So you crossed it over and under. And then you are just going to wrap it around itself. And you can re-twist as you go. Don’t worry, I will show you again. Don’t panic. And when you get to depends on the hair length. You need at least, like, two inches. Then you are going to stick it between those two fingers, pull those fingers back through. OK, so can you see this little loop I just created? You do not want to pull it all the way through. You still want those ends popping out. And then you are just going to slide the whole thing down, see? So you want a little loop, but you still want the ends out on that original side. And this is why. I will show you. Because in the morning, when we take them out, this is what we are going to do. We’re going to grab that end. We’re going to give it a tug. And voila, the whole thing unwraps and will create a beautiful curl, of course, after we have let it sit overnight. So I will show you one more time. Twist the section fingers on top. Hair over. Just give it a little twist as you roll it over and over and over until you are about two inches away from the bottom. Maybe two and a half. Slide the whole cocoon down. And it really is tight. It’s very secure. And you are good to go.

And we are going to do our next cocoon. So do it again. As fast as I can. Hurry, hurry, hurry. Twist the hair. Two fingers on top. Roll it over into the right. Twist it. Twist it. And then see on this one, I can’t quite make it all the way around. So I’m just going to end it right there. Give it a tug down. Create the cocoon. No, it does not knot the hair. It does not damage the hair. It’s totally fine. So then I’m going to take the next maybe third of her hair. Again, I’m going to have you hold this. Flip it over. And we are going to just take our next section. I think I will only do two again here. So while I’m doing this, I will tell you a funny story. Tell them what happened. So my husband and I were recently on a vacation in Hawaii. And while we were there, we got a phone call. Tell them. I just came out of gymnastics, and I had fallen while doing a trick in gymnastics and I fractured my wrist. And it wasn’t a very fun phone call because I was in pain. So she calls. And she’s crying, of course. And really upset. And she’s like, Mom. I broke my wrist. I think I broke it. The teacher thinks I have a hairline fracture. So the bad news was that of course, we were in Hawaii. So we aren’t here to help take care of her. And the person that was helping take care of her, poor babysitter had to deal with it all. But we had just switched insurance. So it was all, like, new insurance. And it was kind of a hassle. And I heard that hairline fractures do not show up on x-rays for a while. I’m going to just cut into the story for a sec. I just finished two more. Now I’m going to go to the remaining hair. So I didn’t know whether or not to take her in to the doctor right away, because I had heard hairline fractures do not show up for a while on x-ray. But of course, you do not want to pay a bunch of money to go in and then have them tell you you have to come back. So I had had this friend that had told me about this Facebook page called Intermountain Moms.

And if I was saying it in my Utah accent, I would say Innermounain Moms, with no t’s. But anyway, so I got on there. And I guess there’s this nurse on there. She’s a real nurse. Her name’s Nurse Dani. And she answers questions to pregnant moms, new moms, all moms. And she gets on there weekly and answers questions live. And so I jumped on there one night and I asked her the question. How long does it take fractures to show up on an x-ray? So I would know when to take her into the doctor. Anyway, it was really nice because we got our question answered. Just like Call a Nurse, only on the internet in Hawaii. And we took her in and yeah. It ended up being fractured. Hairline fracture. So now she’s in her wrist wrap, her brace OK. Same thing. We’re still just do in our little cocoon-ies. Twist. Twist. So if you guys need medical advice, there you go. Check them out. It works for me. So just pull it down. Make the cocoon nice and tight. One more. Spritz it. Do a little bit more. And we are almost finished. So when we take these out in the morning, you are going to love the curls. They’re so fun. Didn’t you love them? Did you get tons of compliments when you wore them to school? Yeah. I loved the curls. They were so cute. OK. So again, when you are making the cocoons, just make sure you have one little loop out and then a tail. You do not want the whole tail out on the same side as the loop, because then you won’t have anything to pull in the morning and get them out. So these are really secure. Like, I was surprised how easily they stayed in overnight. But if you are worried about them falling out, you can always take a bandana. Will you hold that tail for me, babe? And just do the Aunt Jemima thing where you tie up like they used to in thes when they all had rollers in their hair. OK. Now hold this right there while I re-tie it. Thank you. You can just tuck those in. And that will help keep those little curlies in a little bit better, if you are worried about it. Which I do not usually, because they stay in so well. And we will see you tomorrow when we take them out. Hey, guys. So it is morning and we are ready to take out the curls. So we are just going to go ahead. And like I showed you before, you are just going to grab the loose end and just give it a tug, and that will just unwrap the whole thing very easily. And you can see that we have got this really fun bouncy curl. And obviously, you can tell because her curl is so tight right now, how easily it would curl within just a couple hours if you wanted to do it that way, too. We’re just gently giving them a tug.

Those loose ends. And then they just fall right out so it is not a problem. And when you get them all taken out, then I will show you what we will do. So I jumped online last night to look at that Intermountain Moms Facebook page again and realized that they are doing tons of really cool giveaways right now. So if you guys are interested, I will put a link in the description box below and you guys should definitely click on that and check out the giveaways. Plus then you will know where to go if you need medical help like I did with the wrist. OK. We’re done. So you can see all of her really bouncy curls, and they are really full and fun. And then what I’m going to do is just very, very lightly separate a little bit. I do not want to run my fingers through them too much, or they’ll really puff up on her hair. So we are just going to separate a little bit with our fingers. And if you are thinking the curl is too tight, you can even spritz just a tiny bit of water on them, and that will help relax them again, too. Just a little bit. I find that they start out curly. Isn’t this what you think? They start out really curly and then by the end of the day, they are loose and really pretty. Yeah. They tend to flatten a little. Flatten themselves out. Yeah. So you can see like that one in the back, some of them are a little looser so it works itself out. Gives you some nice curl. We’re almost done. So you can see why I said bigger pieces on this one is a little bit better, just because they do come out really curly. Very easy to use this to curl in an afternoon. There we go. OK. So you have this fun bunch of curls. This spot I think is just a little too tight for my taste, so I’m going to just spritz it just a tiny bit. And you will see that that will just start relaxing that curl even as I’m spritzing it. And you are ready. So for this hair, I do think that on this particular type of curl, it does not allow for you to put a lot of curls up on top. So one of my favorite things to do is just take a head band and put it on like that. Fix that spot. And just pull it up a little bit. There we go. And then that leaves a lot of fun curl underneath. So once you get your head band positioned, then you can just take some hairspray to smooth down any fly aways, and you are finished. And you have these beautiful cocoon curls. So we hope you guys have loved this one as much as we do, and we will see you guys later. See ya. Woodland Fairy tonight. So I think it is kind of fall, autumn-y, soft looking hairdo. And we are going to add in her little antennas.

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