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Some people work out to look buff – but at personal trainer Colin Dobson’s gym they are working out nthe buff!
do it here too. Ive dropped two dress sizes since I started. I enjoy it more than a normal gym as I love being naked.
Mark, 52, adds: Im working on getting fit and this is a great way to do it. Im not shy of my body and I like to be able to see my muscles working.
But you dont have to be a naturist to do the classes.
Colin – whose partner doesnt have a problem with his job – doesnt consider himself to be one. He says:
Im happy with or without clothes, Im comfortable in my own skin and I can see the benefits so it makes sense. My clients range in age from 19 to a couple in their 70s, who come for naked Pilates.
Some of the men worry about getting an erection – but as soon as theyre working out they completely forget and its never been a problem.
We have hygiene rules and provide towels for people to sit on. The equipment is sanitised after its been used and the
f, like most of us, youre feeling a few pounds heavier after the festive season, you may be considering investing in a gym membership or even hiring a personal trainer.
And gym-goers who sign up to classes with Colin Dobson will find theyll instantly drop a little weight before their sessions even begin – as they can strip off their clothes before exercising.
However, as Colin, 43, explains, they might be naked but the only pumping is reserved for weights!
Its not sexual, says Colin, who lives in Barnsley. Training naked is extremely effective. When youre not wearing a T-shirt and trackie bottoms you can see your muscles
working and its easier to spot if youre not doing the exercises correctly.
I also find it boosts peoples confidence. Looking at yourself naked in a mirror certainly helps you focus on your goals.
It also helps you move around more easily.
Colin had already been working as a personal trainer for 20 years when he got into naked training in 2010.
He reveals: It started after I appeared in the national newspapers when I raised money for charity by clearing snow in the nude. Some of my clients saw the articles and asked me if Id train them naked and I thought, Why not? There are lots of reasons
why people want to exercise naked, sometimes theyre just curious, but once they see the benefits they enjoy it. Others are naturists and just want to exercise naked.
Since then, Colin – who has his own gym and charges a monthly membership of £129, including four one-on-one sessions and 24-hour support -has trained clients clothed and unclothed.
Now over half of Colins 40 clients choose to train naked. Retired married couple Andrea and Mark Goshawk, who live in Mirfield, Yorkshire, swear by exercising in the buff.
Weve been naturists for two years, explains Andrea, 46. Weve always been fairly open to it, I sunbathed topless and we just got a bit more adventurous. We go to a naturist camp in Spain and they have a naked gym there, and we wanted to be able to
gym is cleaned thoroughly every day. Clients have health assessments before starting and all the training courses are adapted so theyre safe to do naked.
Anthony Guest, 60, whos
single and a full-time carer for his mum, says he cant believe the benefits its brought to his life.
He explains: Im not a naturist but Im very keen on fitness. Last year, I decided I wanted to beef up and so looked for a personal trainer and found Colin. I find it helpful to look in a mirror and see my muscles working
and I can see that Im doing the exercises properly. Also, it makes Colin less intimidating as a trainer and Ive become more confident.
And Colin says that you can perform most exercises in the nude – even running, though that can be painful for women with large breasts.
He adds that there have been a few awkward moments.
He says: A couple of clients have asked me out, but I just politely tell them Im married. And there was another time when one of my female clients realised shed seen me before at her life drawing class – but only after I took my clothes off. It was a case of I didnt recognise you with your clothes on!
By Mel Fallowfield
Exercising naked helps you focus on vour goals
Closer reporter Mel Fallowfield,
42, spent a day at Colin’s gym. She says: “I’m a convert to exercise after attending a boot camp in the summer,
but I’d never considered doing it naked before. Colin was very matter of
fact and, more importantly, cranked up the heating in his gym.
“As I dropped my towel I was confronted by my body in the floor-to-ceiling mirror…..eek! But what was useful was that I could point out to Colin exactly what areas needed working on, though it was probably painfully apparent to him that my stomach was far from a thing of beauty and my bum and thighs werent much better.
“He demonstrated the way my muscles worked and showed me various exercises. It was much easier to see my posture without clothes and therefore there was less chance of injuring myself. I was surprised by how helpful it was and that I quickly forgot I was wearing absolutely nothing. And seeing my wobbly bits as I completed lunges kept me focused!
“Would I do it again? Well, once youve perfected the techniques then I dont see the point, but Im definitely in the minority as every single client of Colins thats ever tried it swears by it.
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