Coloring bleached hair darker

Washing Your Natural Hair

Essentials: A Great Shampoo, Cleanser or Daily Conditioner

I wet my hair ever 2 – 3 days. Contrary to what we have been programmed to believe, natural hair craves moisture. Gone are the days of keeping a hairstyle for 2 weeks or more like we have been accustomed to. I love drenching my hair in water and I do not reach out for my shower cap each and every time I have a shower.

As for cleansing, I no longer use shampoo to cleanse my hair; I practice what is called the No Poo Method – not using shampoo.

I find shampoos too drying and too squeaky clean for my hair. To avoid precious oils from being stripped from your hair you can try new shampoos on the market that are free of sulfates, e.g.: L’Oreal’s EverStrong line.

The No Poo Method: using conditioner to wash and remove dirt from hair, also known as the CoWash.

With the No Poo Method my hair stays soft and healthy. I have had no problem removing dirt, hair product or sweat from a crazy workout by using the No Poo Method. Daily, light conditioners are great for the No Poo Method. Avoid using intense or deep conditioning conditioners for routine cowashes. Start with drugstore finds like Pantene Pro-V Conditioners and Sauve Conditioners. Natural soaps like Ghanaian Black Soap, and a line of conditioners from Curly Girl Solutions, Blended Beauty and Curls are now my staples. For a great selection of salon products including the ones that I have listed can be found at my favorite online store:

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Coloring bleached hair darker

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