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Hey what’s up world it is me, and Tosh EO fashion super sprat star. I call myself a runaway rock star cut you will find out when. I rock that runway later today who we are backstage sexy hair is hooking up my hair, and my models hairs for the show this season on this season my collection called the American Dream, and it is inspired by this upcoming election it is inspired actually Oh by Obama supporting gay marriage basically. So, I will supporting him for supporting the gays and. So this is my collection inspired by him for hand, and just the American Dream, I will somebody who is living the American dream. I do what. I love up he was one of the youngest designer to ever show Fashion Week nine years ago and, I will still here showing my collection which is a dream come true, and also a lot of other dreams are coming true here today especially for the sexy hair winner.

Come Backstage with Me, and Sexy Hair Photo Gallery

I had them come up to me, and say like oh my god this is a dream come true to be looking here at Fashion Week it is a dream come true for me to be able to showcase that fashion week. And I hope you guys enjoy my collection is much denied it everything started with a meeting with Rafe the creative designer for sexy hair these stylists have been selected by in dashy Oh out of the sexy hair stylist to be here. Because of the designs that they made for the show, and then we got started the majority of us we are in this little tinted off area but it was in the middle of a very warm basement where the stylist had to work to get the looks together. So everybody grab their favorite sexy hair products to go ahead, and create their looks there were tons of extensions of all different colors, and types, and even sizes even like this crazy big fan one that we had going on there was a lot of crimpy, and even some balloons which were blown up, and used inside of a giant extension to create the awesome kind of balloon here that you see later in the show which was one of my favorite looks another great feature in the show was a spray in color that’s going to be hitting the stores in March from sexy hair it’s. So pigmented, and works really well you can see that it colored this huge fan extension but we also use it to color some extensions in the models hair, and even the little corn rows on this model, and we even use it to stencil, and stars on the male models hair it’s.

So pigmented, and works. So well it was definitely a staple in these hairstyles last but not least the models got their makeup done including, and a CEO who had his makeup done by Inc cosmetic hi my name is Kobernus Morales the winner of the sexy hair photo contest, and the stylist category and, I will super excited to be here for the international show the excitement is craziness models that we were hair hairspray everything, I will in love with this whole event. I was. So happy to be here thank you sexy hair for the great opportunity gave me then the models lined up for the show. So you can get a nice close-up look at some of these hairstyles but for the ones that. I didn’t get in this clip you get to see some clips from the actual show our first hairstyle was this one inspired by George Washington. I loves this one, and you can see that huge fan extension being used here then this next one was our Victoria’s Secret kind of inspired curls then after that we had our freedom waves hairstyle which you saw up close in an earlier shot but. I just think it looks. So cool, and our braided star which you guys know. I love, and then the finale look was this statue of liberty inspired hair which was worn by Carrie d from America’s Next Top Model. And I think she totally rocked it as well, and that was the show now you can see a little preview of everybody, and also get a good look at some of the clothes that were worn in the show it was super fun the atmosphere was super cool, and there were lots of fun people there’s some celebrity said it didn’t manage to get footage of but it was. So much fun, and then everybody gathered on the stage again just to get those final pictures it’s. So. So much fun hey guys. So, I will here with the consumer winner, and the is Emily, and she has to come out, and see this subscriber to my blog. So we got to hang out. I was. So excited how did you like the show tonight. I love the crazy over-the-top hairstyle those are. So much about. I love the ones where they have the balloons in the light up something that was poor the Statue of Liberty crown those were a lot of fun I’ll. So glad thank you sexy hair for being able to bring out Emily, and we get such.

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