Hello my lovelies Welcome back to another post. I’m so glad you could join me today, I want to talk about the common mistakes in the shower dealing with your hair it could be washing your hair not washing your hair, I do not discriminate you do what you do.

But there are a few wrong things that you might have done or still do that, I have done common mistake number one this is before you get into the shower and rinse your hair not brushing out your hair. If it is prone to tangles and knots. Because my hair is really fine and thin. So it is very prone to tangling and now we just skip the brushing that part and, I would try to brush it out when it is wet and that is. So bad for your hair. Because it is super weak when it is wet. So take a brush brush out your hair very gently before you jump into the shower and your hair will be less prone to tangling the second kind of mistake from me was using shampoos with a lot of added stuff into them sulfates parabens sulfates is what helps your shampoos get that really good lather.


But they are really bad. Because they can cause really dry irritated scalp it can cause frizzy hair and then of course an overproduction of oils which obviously is not that good of a thing for her hair or scalp and parabens it is pretty much a preservative chemical that they put into a lot of beauty products especially in shampoos to help prevent fungus and microorganisms and growing in our product. So they can last a lot longer which is not good at all you want to use shampoos that are more natural that are healthier that have less ingredients. If you want to check out how safe and natural your products are the you use right now, I love this website e WG org they are an organization that tests products and they break it down to you buy ingredients and they let you know what it is how harmful how safe how natural they are, I just love that informative website. So good and they have thousands upon thousands of products and brands the third kind of mistake, I was not utilizing clarifying shampoos you get a lot of build-up from various things one could be the type of water you have which could result with a lot of calcium buildup in your hair and your scalp. If you use a lot of hair products hair spray dry shampoo dry texture spray leave-in conditioners or you just use very crappy shampoos that create a lot of buildup in your scalp or your hair. So this is why you want to resort to really natural healthy clarifying shampoos and one of my favorites both of ours Andres in mind we love clothes and this is their rosemary shampoo it is.

So good it is all natural and the best part is they are ewg certified they are USDA certified organic and of course the European the B dih, I believe also certified this smells good, and it is actually really pretty the bottle it has the rosemary leaf inside of it, I think it is stunning and it smells very clean fresh and the best part is it cleans my hair and my scalp without over-drying it and my hair feels very soft and my scalp is not irritated it is fresh, and it is clean and of course the best part is. If you love Amazon Prime and you live in the United States the shampoo is on there that means free shipping and fast shipping I’m all about Amazon Prime, I love it and of course the link will be down below and thank you to clay Vosges for working with us on this portion of the post and of course the amazing products that we both love and enjoy the fourth common mistake, I washed my hair pretty much every single day, I shampooed it and conditioned it way too much with those crappy shampoos that produced so much access buildup and extra oils in my hair that, I did not need some of us have certain conditions where we have to wash her hair. But for most of us we don’t. Because we have the natural oil in her hair that is actually very good for your scalp and your hair. If you wash it every single day you strip your hair of those natural oils which results and lackluster hair a lifeless hair and of course sometimes it could even make you produce extra oil that you did not need. Because it kind of triggers the body thinking that it needs that extra oil. Because you are stripping your hair and your scalp of the natural oils how many times, I just say, I guess.

So many questions asked how, I keep my hair fresh after the gym since, I do not wash my hair every single day, I wash it regularly 45 days, I have trained it after, I come home my hair is nice and sweaty and wet usually towards the bottom and right here right where my face meets the hair and what, I usually do is, I take my hair dryer blast on the coolest heat setting if, I do not have time. If I’m in a rush or, I air dry it and, I make sure, I dry it completely where it is mostly wet and then when it is all dry, I go to my dry shampoo and, I pretty much just do all of that sometimes even the next day allergies bull Jaya or air Jaya and then, I do not even need dry shampoo after that just. Because my hair is already trained and it loves it and I have noticed such a crazy difference from not washing my hair every single day or every other day just. Because my hair is a lot fresher it has more body, I can do more things with my hair and, I just utilize different hair styles, I utilize hats sometimes in the fourth and fifth day. If it gets pretty bad that’s what, I do that’s kind of how, I trade my hair was with hats braids and different hair styles, I actually got criticized in one of my posts, I came back from the gym, I did my makeup washed my body. But didn’t wash my hair and people were like oh my gosh you’re. So disgusting for not washing your hair l like how could you do that I’m obviously kidding.

But seriously try it out the next kind of mistake, I did not Shimpo and conditioned my hair properly yeah was a weird child oh. So what, I would do was, I would shampoo my ends first and then go into my roots and my scalp, I have no idea why, I did that nobody even taught me that, I just thought, I was proper who knows, I do not know, I will never know. But that is a very wrong you are supposed to shampoo your scalp and your roots just. Because that’s where you have the newest freshest hair that’s where your oil produces and then. If you need to you can massage and shampoo your ends. But most likely you do not need to just. Because your ends already dry.

So massage gently on your scalp get all up in there, I love most my hair with shampoo in the shower it is. So nice. So calming and it also produces more blood flow to your scalp with results with hair growth and of course with conditioner I’m sure all of us have done this and maybe some of us still do you take the conditioner in it is pretty much you have a mountain of conditioner hair and what did, I do, I just slapped it onto my roots and my scalp and then, I brought it to my ends that is. So bad. Because my hair is already super fine and thin. So it is very prone to laying flat against my scalp and not having any volume or in life. So now what, I do is, I only apply it to the ends of my hair and then, I take a wide tooth comb, I keep it in the shower and, I barely gently brush it through my ends kind of making my way up to the middle and, I just brush it out to evenly distribute the conditioner from the ends to the mid length of my hair and the last kind of mistake, I was using really hot water or warm water to wash and rinse my hair yes taking a nice hot shower is good it opens up those pores just kind of opens everything up.

But when your rinse or wash your hair out it is great to wash it out with very cold water just think of it this way the ice bucket challenge that was great you will do something great for your hair it helps seal the hair cuticles which results less frizzy and very smooth hair which means shinier bouncy your hair your hair will love it your body might not. But it will feel good and you will wake your right up and for taking showers in the morning, I love roots in my hair with cold water, I do it as cold as possible. So there we have it for some of my common mistakes with hair in the shower what are some of yours that you have changed to make your hair life so much more enjoyable thank you for reading spending time with me, I love you all so much and I will see you next time bye.

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