Common Mistakes With A Flat Iron

Well Hey all, Welcome back my lovelies to the third day of our holiday giveaway today we are giving away this beautiful t3 single pass Lux a flatiron or hair straightener. I’m so excited for this giveaway. Because two days ago, I asked you guys what is on your Christmas wishlist. So many of you said a flat iron and a lot of you actually said specifically a t3 flat iron.

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So, I am. So happy to be able to gift this one to you guys. But do not worry. If you do not win this one you will have many more chances. Because, I will have a lot more flat irons in the next several days the rules are very simple you must be following me or subscribed to either my social media blogs YouTube Facebook or Instagram the second rule is you must like this post and like the picture that, I post on Instagram and Facebook and share it with your friends. So they also have a higher chance of winning and the last. But not least comment down below what is your favorite Christmas movie and today, I want to talk about or focus on the common mistakes with the flat iron I have done all of them and more and I’m not ashamed to admit it or the first common mistake is you are not using a heat protectant what does it he protect it it is a product that literally protects your hair from the heat flat irons curling irons blow dryers.

So you want and need the extra layer of protection on your hair strands when you apply heat to your hair just. Because you will save your hair in the long run there are. So many different types of heat protectants the very first type is a type that you apply to your damp hair for example there is a cream formula this is by debris ojio raw Sarco one of my favorite heat protectants is. So good and then you have products like the pure ology color fanatic there’s 21 essential benefits one of them being as a heat protectant and then leave-in conditioners this one also by saying to centers and their leave-in conditioner also has the benefit of a heat protectant and then you have products that you apply to your dry hair for example the Tresemme heat tamer paul mitchell hot off the press and then kendra thermal styling sprays. So please do not forget the heat protectant for your hair the second common mistake is you are not using the proper heat setting on your flat iron, I was that girl they used the highest heat setting no heat protectant and just go multiple times over the same hair strands it was bad and my hair would smell we all know that burnt hair smell from a hair straightener it is not pleasant. So please read where you should have your heat setting depending on the type of hair you have, I have very fine thin hair. But I have a lot of it.

So, I never go above 350 degrees Fahrenheit if, I can, I will go lower. So for this flatiron, I usually stick around between two and three never go up above three. Because my hair really does not need it. If you have very coarse curly thick hair or just coarse thick hair in general, I would go maybe four to five depending on what type of hair you have next kind of mistake is you are grabbing too big of a section for your flat iron. So pretty much what we do or what, I did, I was either in a hurry or, I just wanted to get it done as fast as possible. So what, I would do would grab really thick sections of hair and really big sections of hair and, I would just go multiple times, and it is not turned on. So not putting that much heat in my hair.

But I would just go multiple times over and over again until, I could barely hold my hair. Because it was burning that is not good or very healthy for your hair. So what, I do now is, I section my hair actually it is making easier myself, and it is actually faster this way. So section my hair top in the bottom and then, I take smaller sections of hair they are thinner they are easily controlled and, I do not have to put that much heat on my hair and do multiple passes over and over again. So see it just fits very easily there’s no tugging, and it is just it is easy you have to go one or two times a max and your hair straight or it is curled work in sections use smaller sections of hair and you will get the best results next common mistake is you are tugging your hair way too much. So this mistake goes hand in hand with the previous kind of mistake is you are grabbing too big of a section, I was that girl that when, I grabbed a big section and, I thought that if, I press my Flatiron nice and tight with my hair, I would get the best fastest results and that was the worst mistake ever just. Because, I’m tugging my hair, I’m burning it at the highest heat setting with no heat protectant.

So that result would have really burned badly damaged hair. So you want to just let the plates of the Flatiron do the job for you take a section of hair and just barely press it together and just bring it down and the hair should easily slide through the plates. If you are using a good flatiron the next kind of mistake is you are not holding your Flatiron correctly when you are curling your hair. So the biggest mistake from you was, I would not hold and twist my hand properly and, I wouldn’t get the style that, I wanted actually the post that, I did a couple years ago ten different techniques on how to curl your hair with a flat iron, I think that’s a really great informative educational post. But right now, I want to show you guys with the cold Flatiron in which, I also always recommend to everyone that has a know how to curl her hair with a flat iron first practice your twisting and handling techniques while you hold it I’m going to show you guys different examples of how you can curl your hair with a cold flat iron. But I’m just showing you guys actual twisting and handling techniques of when you hold the flat iron my hair is not gonna be curled obviously. Because it is cold alright.

So let’s say you want really tight bouncy waves or curls. So I’m gonna take a section of hair a smaller section and make sure it is brushed there’s no knots. Because you know we do not want knotted curls. So you take the flat iron and always place it downwards. So I’m gonna take it put the hair in and just start flipping it away and then see I’m twisting it along with the hair. But I’m also very gently bringing it down and letting to do the job for me and just keep twisting it all the way down this also goes hand-in-hand with the previous one do not tug just let the plaits do the job for you just barely hold a place together and just let the plaits glide down your hair for the tousled look that’s pretty much what, I wear all the time if, I’m wearing like curly hair with the flat iron this what, I like to do I will take a section of hair and this is where, I alternate the curls a lot of you say you have problems alternating the curls you really understand what that means. So the first section of hair always is going away from a face that’s just what, I prefer.

So obviously it is not the first section. But I’m going to quickly demonstrate. So for this one I’m not gonna be twisting my hand as much as, I would with a very tight curl just. Because, I want that very tousled look. So, I will place my Flatiron down again take the hair and the very first one I will flip and then just keep sliding it down let go and then, I will get the wave and then for the next curl, I will alternate it and that means I’m gonna take the hair and bring it towards my face twist it once and then let go and just let it let the plate slide down your hair. So the look of get with that is very tousled most of the curls are towards the top of my hair and then as, I get to the bottom they kind of fade out and then sometimes, I even go back and straighten the bottom it is just to give it that super tousled look that’s just kind of what, I like to do. But mostly, I would recommend play around with your flat iron to get that twisting and handling down.

So you understand what you are doing and then turn on your flat iron and do your hair and as, I mentioned before, I do have a post on how you can curl your hair 10 different ways with a flat iron different techniques the next common mistake is a very technical. But I’m gonna keep to the fundamentals of this to make it very simple and sweet. So this kind of mistake is not picking the correct iron for your hair or not understanding what you are buying or purchasing let’s talk about the materials technology your flat iron is made with. So for the materials of the plates of the flat iron there’s typically three very popular ones on the market ceramic tourmaline ceramic which is a blend and then titanium which is very expensive usually the cheapest flat irons that you can find are made out of ceramic and that results with hot spots and your hand will get snagged just. Because they do not have that snag free technology in the plates and as we go higher in price for example you have this beautiful flat iron from a GHD where they have a specific blend that helps your hair run very smoothly through the Flatiron and then you have t3 like, I mentioned they have a blend of tourmaline and ceramic. But also they have a single past technology in their products specifically to help control that even heat throughout the flat iron or curling iron and then you go even higher in price like a bio ionic where they have titanium plated with a vibrating feature within the plate to help get that even more smooth feature and glide down your hair and of course one of the latest technology is infrared heating technology within the plates. So, I think that’s really cool there’s a lot of different brands and flat irons to choose from.

But do your research and see what you are actually paying for with your flat iron. So there we have it some of the common mistakes with the flattery and, I hope you guys like this post do not forget to come back tomorrow the day after that and the day after that and many more days for the next giveaways for this Christmas season, I hope you guys enjoy this post and I will see you tomorrow fine you.

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