Today I’m going to talk all about the iconic over-the-knee boots Stuart Weitzman everyone wants them everyone needs them in every single color shade size and, I found oops in different price ranges hopefully that are very comparable to basically the iconic over-the-knee boots. So let’s start with the iconic Stuart Weitzman, I picked up the boots High Line this is basically like their newer version of the Highland boot it is a four inch heel and, I picked up a size seven. Because that’s what fit me the best in the store. So like, I mentioned the fit of these boots fits like a glove we measured them in the store to make sure everything is good. Because these are very expensive pair of boots, I think for my height, I think it fits perfectly maybe like four inches or right above the knee which is incredible and, I think it makes my legs look even longer which, I appreciate and, I just think they look really really good on the leg and hugs everywhere in the right area my toe is not squashed it is just perfectly sitting in there.


So, I would not be able to go up half a size. Because of my foot would be just swimming in it and then if, I go half down a size it would be really cramped let’s talk about how they look on the feet and the legs. So the toe is a beautiful almond toe, I think that’s very complementing to the foot. Because it just gives a really nice shape and then the heel is kind of like that Half Moon look which, I love it is a nice block heel it which means it can be very comfortable to walk in the only negative, I have with this shoe when, I was trying it on in the store was at the top of the heel or the shoe part where my ankle is sitting there’s like this little dip. So for some people it might look better and then for some people it might not look as good for example as on my foot. But overall, I think they look incredible and they just fit like a glove which, I love and, I love the way they fold increase on the leg they just fold increase in all the right areas and it looks like a really beautiful substantial boot on your leg instead of like leggings or slim Zee and just not great quality these are great quality and of course to finish off the entire boot at the very top you can tie your a beautiful bow which, I think is just a classic for these boots in general, I think it just completes the look. So these shoes are made out of suede obviously the outside then it has a leather insole and a rubber sole overall quality obviously it is incredible it is substantial it is an amazing quality boot, I think the number one thing about this shoe for me that, I love is the rubber sole or the platform it extrudes beyond the almond toe for example if, I go into the rain snow or dirt I’m gonna hit the platform first and not the actual suede part and, I think that’s incredible you can automatically see that the boot is beautiful just.

Because of that it gives a nice shape. So there are two negatives for me regarding this shoe for the for the price that, I paid I’m gonna nitpick the shoe, I can see some glue right around the heel and the sole, I’m NOT a fan of that especially for how much, I paid for these, I do not want to be looking at glue on my shoe and then wear the heel meets the fold on the shoe there is some wear and tear it is not really wear and tear. But it you look scuffed and she tried to fix them in the store. But it is kind of like probably just the way they fold it over the suede over the heel it kind of caused that wear and tear. But overall you can’t really look at it until you start really nitpicking the shoe obviously, I think you would especially. If you are paying this much money for a pair of shoes, I mean, I did. So did Andre he was like the what is that this supposed to be there she’s like yeah, I think great time shopping with you babe fun times fun times.

So obviously these are the very small little things that you can look when you buy this pair of shoes, I just wanted to give you guys a quick overview of what, I found what, I did do inspection shoes before, I bought them alright. So I’m gonna move on and we are gonna compare the dupes to the originals. So I’m gonna start off with the most expensive to the least expensive and how I’m gonna do this I’m gonna take off my right boot. But I’m gonna keep my left one on just. Because we want to see them foot or like two leg full on comparison and see how well they are duped or copied. So the first dupaire, I bought were by Sam, I think it is Edelman or Idleman let’s go then, I got my shoe size seven cuz, I try them on the store and, I paid 189 without tax. So overall the fits and feel they feel very Tudor size they feel very snug.

But not too snug where I’m like my foot is gonna cramp or hurt they fit very comfortably the fit of these boots they are definitely not as snug or tight as the Stuart ones obviously, I like the more snug lug just. Because it contours the foot and the like a lot better and, I think it is more flattering. But I feel these boots would be great with like jeans or leggings let’s talk about the look of this shoe. So starting from the foot has the beautiful almond toe as well as the same of the Stewart it does not have the extruding platform or the sole that, I love. So it does not look as contoured and as flattering from up top from my angle the heel is beautiful it is 3 and 1/2 inches. So it is a little bit shorter than the Stuart Weitzman and then around where the ankle is the same issue with the Stuart Weitzman and this one is a little bit taller the Sam Edelman’s the contour of where your ankle is it goes a little bit higher. So it has that dip as well and then the biggest drawback for me is the zipper the way the crease is sits right on top of the zipper, I think that’s really unflattering it should not be there, I know some people like the zipper.

Because they feel like it will hold a shoe up. But even in this case, I feel this the boot is just gonna keep sliding down and then to top it off in my opinion this is my drawback the drawstring in the back, I think it looks good on children’s shoes. But not for adults or for a woman shoe especially over the knee boot, I would prefer the classic bow in the back the materials of these boots are leather upper synthetic lining and sole. So basically the sole is not even rubber some kind of blend that is synthetic alright. So the construction of this shoe first thing, I noticed my biggest pet peeve the soul does not extrude beyond the almond toe. So if you step into dirt your suede or your faux suede will be touching the dirt automatically. So next you can see glue the same issue, I had with this one.

But it was only on the one shoe and. If you look for you could find it for this one you can see kind of basically all around the perimeter of the shoe. So overall obviously this boot is made of a lot of synthetic stuff, I do not even know what. But it is not gonna last long that’s not gonna hold its shape very well in just the way I’m holding it it is it’s very flimsy next dupe is by Steve Maddens, I got these in a size 7 or 37 and, I paid $99.95 without tax. So the fit and feel of the boot around the foot area is very comfortable none of the toes are scrunched they are comfortable, I can we will go them around and then the inkle is nice and perfectly situated and just not moving around, I love that and then right around the ankle and going upwards up over the knee everything is very loose there’s a lot of room in here. So the look of these boots they are my favorites.

So far between the first dupe and this one they just look beautiful around the foot the obviously the soul is not extruding as the Stuart Weitzman as, I prefer. But overall, I think the almond toe is gorgeous and, I really love the ankle part where the ankle and the boot meet pretty much there’s not that big of a dip as compared to the other two, I really like that, I think it looks beautiful on the foot. But then everything else just looks loose and not as tight and Oris contoured as a Stuart Weitzman. But I think overall these boots look the best. So far, I think they look incredible. So this boot is made out of faux suede and man-made sole whatever that means. So starting with the construction and quality of the boot or boots the sole is pretty much non-existent it is very thin the same as the first two pair and this sole this man-made sole has stitching on it all the way around, I do not understand that, I do not think that’s going to be better or more substantial to the boot and then you can see the glue and some of the part wasn’t tucked properly and then some of the stitching is starting to stick out obviously wasn’t stitched as good.

But overall look good for the price I’m not mad the third dupaire is by the brand Unisa and, I got these from DSW retailing for seventy nine and ninety nine without tax and, I picked up my size seven. Because those are the ones that fits me properly. So starting off with this fit in the feel the foot is nice and snug nothing is getting pinched or scrunched the ankle feels fairly comfortable this is a really good true to size boot in my opinion and then starting off after the inkle the material gets very flimsy and you can feel it right away it is a lot more loose and then when you go it up the material is very thin on the feet like, I mentioned and, I just have to keep pulling them up. Because they are very loose. So how do you love they look beautiful the foot looks really contoured it has a beautiful almond toe. But then once, I turn to the side everything just starts looking flimsy and just does not look good does not hold its shape or my leg is not contoured at all and, I do not like the zipper part. Because it kind of bunches up right around the zipper, I personally do not like that as, I keep mentioning in this post and then obviously.

Because this material has pretty much no substance to it it looks like, I have a sock or a stocking over a shoe and it just the way it folds in creases I’m not really the biggest fan. But I do like the tie in the back. Because it kind of gives it that store Weitzman look the classic tie or bow in the back. So the materials for these boots are faux suede upper and rubber sole nice it is not man-made looking at the construction and quality of this boots you look at it you automatically or, I automatically think this will not last two seasons it will be maybe like a season half a season and depending how often, I wear them looking at the sole this rubber sole it is extremely thin like this is very thin and then everything else just looks a very flimsy there’s no substance to it you can see pretty much all the glue all around the perimeter of the shoe which is, I mean we can see a pattern here the stitching is not the greatest overall the shoe, I feel that for $80 $79.99, I would expect better quality. But obviously not last. But not least for the dupes, I have this pair for $44.

99 without tax and, I got them from Target or tarjay, I got these in a size 7. Because that’s what fit me properly in the store the fit and feel of the last pair of dupe booths they feel and fit very nice and snug very comfortable around the foot and ankle area my toes and I’m getting squashed. But as you go up after the inkle and going over your knee they fit very loose and they feel very loose. So the overall look of this boot, I think is my least favorite starting off with the toe it does not have that beautiful almond toe that, I love and is beautiful it has more of a rounded toe even though this boot has probably more substance and than the other three dupes unfortunately the way it creases in certain areas it does not flatter my foot or my leg it makes my legs look wider than they really are especially around the zipper area, I really do not like that look what is that doing and obviously they are very loose at the top. So you have to consider that pulling them up all the time then, I did try six and a half and a seven and a half just to make sure and they were very uncomfortable these boots are made out of polyester nylon upper and then thermoplastic rubber. So looking at the construction and quality of this boot for the price it is very great it is it is pretty good, I would say. But looking further and digging in.

If you are gonna be nitpicky looking at the sole it is pretty much non-existent, and it is that type of material where you are gonna slip and slide on certain surfaces, I have some of those pairs and their problem at least favorite to wear just. Because you never know when you are gonna go see lighting especially in the winter you are gonna come across you know slush rain snow ice your yeah you do not want this kind of sole then looking closely where the sole meets the shoe the faux suede there are some parts where you can see the glue, I mean it is actually better than the three pairs would say it is not bad the way it is folded I’m very impressed very impressed the heel looks really good the zipper looks good the stitching looks really nice honestly for the price I’m very happy with this shoe except for the way it looks on my legs that’s probably the biggest downfall. So overall what I have learned comparing the dupes versus the really expensive Stuart Weitzman for the feel obviously none of them could even come close just. Because the feel and the fit of the Stuart Weitzman is literally perfection fits like a glove it contours the leg in the foot perfectly it makes them look gorgeous longer and it just overall the fit and feel is incredible for these boots, I think the closest ones that could compare and, I think my favorite for the fit and feel would be the Steve Maddens they are retails for $99 just. Because there was no zipper involved and the way they hugged and creased on my leg, I think they were the most flattered even though they were loose, I think they looked beautiful on my leg, I think the biggest downfall for all of these dupes is from the look standpoint is the creasing or the folding the kind of creased funky. If they had a zipper or. If there was lack of substance in the boots materials it just kind of looked like a sock we are just just bunched or folded over in certain areas where it shouldn’t have.

So, I think that’s kind of the biggest downfall for me for these dupes. But overall, I still prefer the Steve Madden ones they still, I think in my opinion looked the best for the quality standpoint, I think my two favorites were Steve Madden and the Target brand. Because for the price the Target brand incredible quality you just tried them on maybe the fit is not gonna be as good. But the quality they did very good, I’m very impressed the worst ones for me were definitely from DSW the Unisa brand horrible quality there is the material was incredibly thin and, I just, I was very unimpressed that brand. So there you have it, I hope you guys like this comparison dupe post I will obviously answered a lot of my questions comparing them one-to-one and my question to you is how much would you spend on your over-the-knee boots are you the type of person that buys them every season you know you kind of like plan I will just buy a next season again just a new pair of boots or you or that type of person that actually invests into your pieces your boots I’m very interested thank you for reading, I really hope you enjoyed this post and I will see you guys in the next one bye.

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