Comparing CHEAP vs EXPENSIVE Chloe 1850 vs Dupe 69.99

Hello my lovelies and, Welcome back to my bedroom we all know what this means it is another comparing cheap versus expensive.

But today I’m gonna do a little bit differently I’m doing a one to one comparison one is extremely expensive and one is extremely inexpensive, I have found one of the best dupes and I’m really excited to share with you guys, I’m comparing the Chloe small PHA backpack to an amazing dupe under $100. So here we have the Chloe bag and here we have the Chloe dupe yeah the colors and the gold hardware is completely off. But they look very similar. So quickly, I want to run through the specs of the bags and tell you what, I paid for them what colors, I picked why you picked them and things like that. So this right here is the Chloe small fey backpack they have four colors they have black cloudy blue they have the moto grey which is what, I have and they have a tan which is kind of like this beautiful saddle brown color it is stunning and then this one right here is the ferry bridle on Amazon bag it is a dupe bag for Chloe and this is their gray bag and they have two other colors they are brown and a black too. So for the Chloe bag they retail 1850 u.s.

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dollars without tax and this bad boy right here on Amazon, I payed $69.99 u.s. dollars Prime with free shipping it was fabulous. So both of these bags are actually made out of leather this one on their website it says calf skin suede this little portion here is suede and then you have leather for the rest of the bag and then this bag is also a genuine leather. So if you are looking for a really good quality leather bag it is this leather bag I’m kind of surprised, I was thinking polyurethane something you know polysynthetic. But they do claim that this is a genuine leather bag for under $100 is a pretty good deal yeah and it looks beautiful looks like a Chloe bag.

So let’s let’s talk about the colors this right here, I think is a true modal gray has a beautiful beige undertone a little bit more earthy undertone which, I love especially with the gold hardware and this gold hardware it is not in-your-face gold it is not a yellow gold it is a very muted gold which is stunning and the hardware is a very heavy it is a very solid. So you can feel that it is a really nice hardware and then you have this bag this grey it definitely looks closer to the Chloe cloudy blue instead of a grey this is very cool toned very blue undertones in the gray and then the outline then you have it on the bag it is a very purple instead of dark gray or dark brown and then the gold and is a very yellow gold it is in your face and I’m not personally the biggest fan of the color combination you have purple you have a very yellow gold you have a blue grey it is not my favorite, I wish it was this color. But it still looks beautiful this kind of gold it reminds me of like a yellow mustard and then this bag you have like a grey poupon Dijon mustard you have the classic mustard it is muted it is not in your face, I’m very hungry not. Because Andre and, I are fasting. So, I’m thinking of food analogies, I apologize. So let’s talk about the design of the Chloe bag. Because it is the original design, I want to talk about it rather than the dupe.

So this is a backpack which also you can carry as a shoulder bag that’s the reason why, I got it. Because it is a very multi-use multifunction and, I can definitely dress it up with a really cute dress heels or, I can really dress it down and we are literally leggings with sneakers and a really cute jacket and wear this as a backpack it is a really really versatile that’s why, I really like this bag and of course Chloe bags, I mean they are stunning, I love the chain detail nobody else does not like them and, I just love the two-tone you have the suede at the top and then you have the really nice leather all around the bag and of course the gold detailing, I love that. So it is really easy to open it is a not a clasp just like that and it opens up into the bag which is really big considering and of course you can always unzip to two sides to make it easier opening to store a lot of things, I actually tested out the camera that we are in right now the DSLR it fits in perfectly without struggling it obviously will add a little bit more poundage. But this bag itself weighs 1.8 pounds which is very light and comfortable. So when you open it. So you have a zipped pocket which is really nice you can put you know your cards in there other things you do not want just rolling in your bag and then in the front you have another side pocket that is open, I found this pocket great for phones.

If you open it up just toss the phone in there or four keys and then you have everything else it is just the big opening for the rest of your things. So, I have my wallet in there, I have my makeup and tampon holder, I have my glasses, I have some headphones, I have a little brush a lipgloss and some vitamins that’s what, I have my bag. So it is a really big, I love that you can fit so much stuff in here, and it is actually really easy to navigate which is really nice. So then you go towards the back and that’s where you have your straps and then these straps are adjustable as you can see you can make them shorter you can make them longer and of course. If you want you can take every one of these straps off the reason why, I picked this color was. Because, I think it will work very well with all the seasons spring summer winter, I think it is great and the color works very well with my closet color palette works very well with that it is a very expensive backpack. So if you are in the market for an expensive backpack that you will travel with though you will just use all the time this is a really great investment piece, I think it is stunning Chloe bags are beautiful they are definitely one-of-a-kind, I mean not anymore.

But you know what, I mean they are definitely a beautiful bag they are definitely a statement piece, and it is a great bag. If you were in the market for an expensive bag and then you have the dupe which is a beautiful dupe. But once you start looking at all the little details compared to the Chloe bag it is completely different, and it is a completely different bag in itself. So the hardware the gold detailing all the screws they are very inexpensively made some of them are falling apart they are not screwed in as tight then of course you have the color which, I mean some people love the beautiful yellow gold and then some people love the muted gold. So that’s what we have the difference is and then you turn around and you do not have the extra leather little straps around the clasps. So you do not have the extra security you do see some major differences once you turn the bag around and you see the straps they are a lot thinner they are more frail looking at compared to the Chloe, I mean the Chloe you have substantial straps and yes you can definitely adjust these as well as the Chloe like, I mentioned just the little details that the Chloe BEC has this bag doesn’t. So just the littlest things like that it looks cheaper when you do hold it up one to one if, I didn’t have the Chloe bag here this will look like a really nice bag they did a beautiful job, I mean it looks like a Chloe bag me too under $100 how is this real leather even smells like leather.

So to end this post do, I think this bag is worth it yes yes it is this bag, I mean it is a designer luxury handbag. So it will cost you a pretty penny or two this is almost $2,000. So if you are in the market for a very expensive bag that you will love, I think this one is amazing it is so different, I love it Andre loves it I have gotten many compliments already it is a stunning bag, I can’t say anything bad about it it is a little baby it is my Bambino and then you have this bag that is under $100 that is a real leather it looks beautiful and they do have other colors. If you do not like this one they have the beautiful Brown which is stunning and they have the black, I mean it is a stunning bag, I can’t say anything bad about it they did a beautiful job I’m definitely sending this one back. Because, I’m not in love with the color palette that they have going on here, I really want to get the black and probably get the brown. Because they are such a good price alright. So there we have it for my one-to-one at cheap versus expensive comparison, I’m very shocked at how much, I love this bag very Bridal, I think it is what your name is on Amazon you did a good job a very good job and, I love like your head prime, I definitely am coming out with more cheap versus expensive comparison, I think my next one is going to be a Gucci bag or the Gucci loafers, I have not decided which one’s gonna go up first.

But thank you for reading spending time with me and I will see you in the next one bye.

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