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Because we are gonna be talking all about jeans I’m going to be comparing super cheap jeans to a really expensive jeans let’s do this I’m in the market for a dark skinny pair of jeans and, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to test really cheap jeans against really expensive jeans. Because, I have always read and I have actually tested out myself that more expensive jeans they last longer they look better they feel better the quality is better and, I wanted to do this side-by-side comparison, I have five pairs right here, I have from $10 upwards to 225 u.s. dollars. So let’s compare and test them out. So I’m gonna talk about the fit the feel of the jeans the material is the tips of materials each of these jeans use or made out of and then obviously the quality. So basically that’s kind of like the zipper the buttons.

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If it has pockets just basically overall the look of the jeans. So let’s see how well it beats fit and, I did guess size 26 in all of them. So obviously like, I mentioned the first pairs from H&M, I got them for $9.99 without tax size 26 and the fit is extremely unflattering it is just squash and everything is kind of like weird in my butt go, I mean, I have a pretty good. But I have been working out, I do squats it is not there you guys, I can’t even put my head in the back of my pocket like it is bad. But yeah, I mean okay my ring got stuck there, I mean this is just a really unflattering, I can’t even bend over you guys it is painful the feel of these jeans they are very scratchy and there’s no gift to them, I like the list to City and jeans. Because you can move freely in them you know you can sit without being super uncomfortable these are just they are stiff like you guys can see that right like I’m trying to bend as much as, I can and it hurts the feel is very uncomfortable.

So these jeans are made of 70% cotton 19 percent polyester 10% viscose and 1% lasting. So the quality of these jeans the first thing, I had to say there’s no front pockets why why do you do this to me they have a stitched. But there’s actually nothing there that’s not cool, I do not like that like my front pocket the zipper seems fine the buttons seem okay. But the thing is the seams are pretty much already busting. Because there’s literally no give or take in these jeans, I like my jeans to have a little bit of elasticity, I mean literally busting alright. So overall this is what you get for $10 honestly not bad. But for me personally, I’m NOT keeping these.

Because they are extremely unflattering and let’s move on to the second pair of jeans and compare them. So here’s the second pair of jeans, I wanted to stick around the $50 range, I picked these up at Nordstrom this is the brand sts blue for $55. So the set of these second pair of jeans is so much better they are a little bit tight around the crotch area, I know it is such a nice word. But I think that’s the only place where, I feel a little bit uncomfortable, I can pick up my knees, I can squat without you feeling constricted there’s a lot more give and take to these jeans to feel a little bit more comfortable they are not squashing my sides, I do not have no the cupcake the rolls coming out of my jeans it looks good, I think overall a much better fit the feel of these jeans feel so much softer than the first pair they are not as Scratchy. But they are not the softest pair either some of those seams right here, I can feel them inside of the jeans a little bit rough. But it is not too bad, I do not feel constricted or as tight as the first pair like, I said they have a little bit more give and take which, I approve of. So this pair of jeans is made out of 68 percent cotton 20% polyester 10% a rayon and 2% spandex.

So spandex and elastane are exactly the same thing. But this one has a 1% more than the last pair these have 2% less cotton and 1% more polyester. So it is basically the same polyester/cotton blend evenly this has less cotton it still feels so much softer the quality of the jeans Rahl is a lot better than the first pair. Because it has a great super great buttons has two front pockets the seams look really great, I like the raw hem, I approval that think it looks good just overall you go up in price the jeans go up in quality let’s get the third pair. So the third pair of jeans, I wanted to stick around the hundred dollar mark range which is already getting pricey and, I got this pair of jeans this is by the brand – by Vince Camuto and, I got these at Dillard’s for $99 without text the fit of these jeans is very good compared to the second pair it is not squashing anything down my butt is sitting where it should be nicely raised my hips are not getting squashed and compressed and just making everything look saggy and then my waist is now getting squashed either where, I get that muffin our cupcake top which, I approve of it has a little bit more room where, I can wear a nice belt, and it is not gonna be popping out everywhere the only thing, I would say that’s better than the second pair is the end scene where the crotches it is not as tight. So, I can lift up my leg a little higher, I think it is just an overall great effect on these jeans, I really really am happy with these the feel of these jeans on the inside are extremely soft nothing is scratching me on the seams it feels very very good the outside of these jeans they do not feel as soft – the second pair these jeans feel very durable you touch him you are like yes this is a great pair of durable jeans, I can get to work in these jeans the second pair it is kind of like okay I will put on some heels take much of date night you know they are they’re softer on the outside. But yeah, I think the overall fit and feel, I like him.

So far. So these jeans are made out of 63 percent cotton 21% lyocell 40% polyester and 2% spandex these jeans right here have the least amount of con out of all five like, I said, I think that’s why, I feel the most durability. So far in the outside. But the inside feels extremely extremely soft which, I approve of we want to be comfortable in jeans. So the quality of these jeans, I want to mention first are the scenes they feel and look really good they look very nicely stitched makes any sense you know like when you see a good stitch and you are like yes they knew exactly what they were doing that’s what these look like they look very nice and then the zipper it is very smooth there’s no Tiger pulling the button seems very similar to the first two pockets are really nice and durable just overall this quality is a good great pair of jeans for hundred dollars, I think they are very very well-made all right we got two more pair of jeans left let’s go even more up in price and let’s see why one of us would even pay over $100 for pair of jeans that’s insane. But let’s do it. So the fourth pair of jeans is by the brand good American also from Nordstrom and these retail for $159 without tax and, I got size 26 as well like in every other jeans and, I purchased in this post.

So the fit of these jeans are extremely similar to the second and third pair they are very comfortable and they feel very durable they are not squashing anything my butt is sitting in the right area as my hips are not getting squashed, I do not have a muffin cupcake top which, I approve of they are nicely high-waisted, I feel that the third pair has a little bit more give right in the waist area. So they are a little bit more tighter. But they hug in all the right areas which I’m very happy with the inseam area feels very nice it is not squashing anything making anything uncomfortable which is really great. So the feel of these jeans compared to the third pair of jeans these jeans are softer on the inside and softer on the outside they feel very good they feel like that Jaggi material. But they also keep their elasticity, I feel like. If I’m gonna wear these for like a week without washing it and they are not gonna lose their shape which, I approve of and, I’m very happy where they feel very very good for the price, I would hope. So so these jeans are made out of 93% cotton 5% polyester and 2% elastane which is a completely huge jump from the other three pairs jeans are very soft they feel very breathable it is just you can feel it in the materials.

So overall quality of these jeans is great the zipper is awesome it is nice and smooth there’s no pull or tug the buttons are great they feel nice and durable pockets are awesome in the front and in the back the seams on the sides are really nice the only negative, I have for these jeans for the price, I’m going to nitpick. Because for $159, I should not have this little bald right here right where the zipper is it is supposed to be flat it is not supposed to be sticking out anywhere it feels like there’s not enough material to cover the entire zipper, I hate when it bulges like that am, I the only one, I can be the only one. But overall these are a great pair of jeans. But for $159 this little thing not happy with and last. But not least let’s not put the very last pair of jeans on that are over $200 let’s see why they are worth it or not alright last. But not least are these jeans right here by the brand frame they retail for $225 u.s.

, I picked it up at Nordstrom let’s talk about the fit out of all five pairs these fit me the best in my opinion all my curves my butt my hips my waist everything is in the right position nothing is getting squashed nothing is getting compressed wrong it is just it is perfect the length is good the waist is really good, I like that it is high-waisted. But it is also not compressing everything else usually sometimes, I have super high waisted jeans. But this little portion right here like the waist area the crotch area is super compressed these are the perfect high-waisted jeans in my opinion out of the five that I have tried alright. So the feel is extremely soft inside outside nothing is scratching everything feels really good there’s a lot of giving taking these jeans. But also they are keeping their shape they feel very comparable to the good American jeans the fourth pair. But I think these are a little bit softer in my opinion Wow least they are really nice. But are they worth $225 now let’s talk about what a 225 pair of jeans is made out of.

So these jeans are made out of 91 percent cotton 6 percent polyester and 3% elastane maybe that’s why they feel a little bit more elastic. Because they have the most out of all 5 these jeans are legit you guys, I love them there’s nothing wrong with them honestly, I can’t say anything bad about him except they are too expensive and that brings me to quality, I literally just said they are the perfect pair of jeans out of the 5 parents that, I tried on the zipper is hidden there’s nothing bulging the pockets are incredible the high waist is perfect nothing is getting squeezed that, I do not want to squeezed babe I’m keeping these there we have it my comparisons 1 to 1 from stupid cheap jeans $10 to really expensive jeans over $200 are the words that or are they not that is the question to be answered my question to you guys is what is your price range where you stick when you buy jeans that could be blue jeans white jeans black jeans what is it for me I will stick maybe to like 72 like 90 $100 mark all right. So there we have it, I hope you guys like this comparison post, I think it was really great even for myself just to see everything all together and try it on honestly, I would recommend to do it even for yourself go to Nordstrom or like diller it is trying they are expensive jeans and compare it to maybe go to Zara or like H&M forever 21 and just compare the quality, I think it is really great to see even for yourself and to feel the jeans on your legs, I hope you guys liked this post, I wanted to do more of these compared maybe like different types of shoes workout clothes the from different price ranges, I think this would be a really great series let me know what you guys think down below. But for now thank you for reading this post and I will see you next time bye.

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