Comparing Cheap vs Expensive LITTLE BLACK DRESSES

Hello my lovelies and, Welcome back to another post, I’m really excited about this one. Because, I had a lot of fun preparing for it, I went and did a little damage by a little, I mean a lot, I bought seven little black dresses perfect for the upcoming holidays parties events there is so much happening even. If you do not have a place to go to just make a party at your house and this will be the perfect excuse to go buy yourself a beautiful little black dress.

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So like, I said, I went and did some damage with seven dresses and, I got all different price ranges starting at around three hundred dollars two hundred dollars two of them around one hundred dollars. Because, I could not decide there’s just. So many beautiful ones and then one around the sixty seventy dollar mark range around fifty dollars and then under twenty-five. So let’s put them all on and see which ones are our favorites starting with the cheapest dress, I got this one for 12 US dollars yeah that’s that’s a good price for a little black dress, I got this one from forever 21 and, I just think it was a beautiful pick for holiday parties events you could even wear it to work parties it is just a really cute off-the-shoulder quarter length sleeves with a little detail dress and a little nude slip underneath and I’m gonna be pairing all my little black dresses with nude pair of pointy pumps and, I also have a post coming out for this as well cheaper versus expensive there are some really great dupes let’s get started honestly, I was blown away when, I found out it was only twelve dollars, I was shocked it just looks. So beautiful it is extremely delicate looking romantic, I love the off the shoulders with the lace kind of popping up, I think it is beautiful and then the quarter length sleeves and in the back a little detail when you zip it up with the lace how it meets it kind of gives like that beautiful v stunning, I love the little detail right here in the front you can’t really see it unless you look very close there’s a little slit v it is open. But the little black lace gives it a little bit more of a discreet look which, I think was real cute and flattering to this area right here. But once you start looking very very close to the dress you can see why it is very inexpensive the lace is not the most beautiful lace that you can see in a dress and then is starting to rip in certain areas, I bought it with the rip right here at the very top.

So, I think that’s why it was. So inexpensive and then some of the stitching is coming off. So this dress right here might last you a party or two depending how hard you like to party. But I think for $12 this is an amazing pick this lace is made out of 100% nylon and in the lining the nude slip is made out of 100% polyester overall the dress feels very very comfortable like, I said it is very lightweight but. Because it is very cheap it does feel a little bit scratchy. But honestly nothing that, I wouldn’t be able to handle, I like this dress, I wish it wasn’t ripped right here. So here is the second dress you might have seen this.

If you saw my get ready with me wedding guest edition a couple months back and this dress, I got from ASOS and, I got it for 45 US dollars what you think is a really great deal this dress is a very different. But very not different the same time. Because it is lacy. But I really like the shoulder details, I love that it is a little bit longer the actual lace. But the little slip is a little bit higher and that’s why, I think it is a beautiful little black dress that is very great for special events. So this dress is made out of 100% polyester this little lacy portion of the dress and then the second portion the little black slip is made out of 95% polyester and 5% of last day this lace is. So scratchy it is ridiculous especially this little portion right here it keeps touching your neck or my neck and it kind of bothered me.

But I stopped caring about it a little bit later on during the day. But the dress it is very comfortable, I like that it has a little bit of movement black dresses are one of those dresses that will never go out of style, I promise not all the dresses are lacy. But for summery quite a bit of them are for this next dress is by the brand blue pepper, I picked this up at Dillard’s and, I paid sixty-four US dollars. So as you can see with this dress it is a very classy beautiful elegant dress it has that aline type of look it cinches at the waist and then it drops down this type of dress is perfect for those parties where you are just gonna party and dance all night long it is a very comfortable it has a little bit more of a substance than the other two dresses. But it is very lightweight which, I really like it is extremely comfortable and then, I think the really cute details like the sleeves are stunning they are very delicate and then the lacy detail all over the dress is really beautiful. So on the website from Dillard’s it just says lace fabric and polyester. So I’m assuming this is lace the little the top lining and then the inner lining is polyester.

So this dress overall feels extremely comfortable nothing is really scratchy honestly. If this dress was not lined it would be really uncomfortable. Because the lace is a very harsh it is not really smooth but. Because they do have that lining and then little flutter sleeves it is not really touching your arms as much it is very comfortable sass Scratchy honestly, I think you would enjoy this. If you are looking for this type of dress. So the next dress is around the $100 mark range, I have two to show. But they are completely different and like, I said there was just an overwhelming amount of different types of dresses especially little black dresses around the hundred dollar mark range it was crazy, I just had to pick up two and show you guys, I picked this one up from Nordstrom and this is by the brand BB Dakota and this one retails for 98 US dollars, I love this dress, I love the design, I love the flow of it it is extremely delicate the lace is just stunning with intricate detailing it is a very a line nice and tight around the waist and then it just kind of drops and flows down the skirt of this is what got me, I love it Aundre said when, I put this dress on it looks like a hot Tinkerbell dress whatever that means.

But this dress is just. So stunning it makes me feel very girly and just romantic and elegant at the same time and in the back when you zip up it has an open back and then you kind of close it with two little buttons or is it one button it is one little button at the very top at the back of your neck things just a stunning detail, and it is just a very flattering dress all right let’s talk about this next dress in the hundred dollar mark range, I purchased this one for one hundred and twenty US dollars and this is by the same brand BB Dakota as the previous dress, I love this dress, I think it is so stunning, I feel very sexy, I feel very woman as, I just love the way it looks on my body it is very form-fitting. But it is not extremely tight where you are uncomfortable, I love the halter neck, I love the sheath on this dress it has little sparkles and then once you go to the back it is like whoa oh, I like that it is kind of like an exposed back. But not really. So this dress is made out of a hundred percent polyester, I think there’s just an overall very very stunning dress. So now we are up to the $200 range and this dress caught my eye right away this is one of my favorite dresses. So this is by the brand Ted Baker and, I purchased this for 279 u.

s. dollars. So this dress is that beautiful perfect a line type of dress with that beautiful skirt it is nice and tight in all the right places around the waist and then it kind of drops and just flows down in the most perfect way it accentuates everything you want to accentuate it and then once you turn around the back of the dress is also super stunning, I love the rose gold zipper in the bag is just super elegant it is a nice touch a nice modern element to the dress. So this dress is made out of 92% polyester and 8% elastane this dress feels super soft it is a little bit of a heavier dress. But once you put it on it just feels very good, I like that you can move around and it kind of moves with you nothing is constraining as you can see the mesh is super soft nothing is scratching actual dress this has a thicker material which is really nice, I think this would be a perfect holiday dress party. So this last dress is in the three hundred dollar mark range, I didn’t want to go crazy expensive. But it is still very expensive for $200 this is by the same brand Ted Baker, I mean their dresses they are just stunning and this was retailing for 349 US dollars and, I had to pick up this dress.

Because, I have never seen anything like it, I mean just just look at it the detailing the dress oh it is so pretty this is a beautiful a-line type of dress and, I love the name it is extremely fitting it is the Queen B ruffle party dress how stunning is that this dress is definitely a very unique piece, I love the beautiful 3d peas they’re. So stunning, I love the exposed rose gold zipper in the back the same as the other dress, I love this beautiful ruffle right here on the run the waist and just overall, I think you will really enjoy this dress you will get a lot of compliments this dress is made out of fifty percent cotton and fifty percent viscose as, I was putting this dress on the first innocent to Andre, I was like wow when you put it on it feels like butter. Because the lining is. So soft and buttery and just this entire dress it is so comfortable it is so soft, I love the shiny material in the front, I think is gorgeous it looks very rich and expensive, and it is just it has a very heavy weight to it. But it is not uncomfortable by any means once you have it on your body let me know which dresses were your favorite and what dresses are you gonna wear to your holiday parties this year my favorite dresses out of all of them were definitely the last two just. Because the designs of them are completely different I have never seen anything like them and then the quality is beautiful and then, I love the way they sit and hug my body, I feel the most flattering and most beautiful in them thank you guys so much for reading spending time with me and, I hope you have the most amazing holidays this year, I love you guys all very much and I will see you very soon bye.

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