Comparing Cheap vs. Expensive Pointy Toe Pumps

Hello my lovelies and, Welcome back to my blog today we are talking all about nude pumps I’m actually in the market for our nude pair of pumps some new ones and, I really wanted to see should, I actually spend the money and splurge or can, I just get a good pair around $100 or even less and do they even compare to one another and it feels. So pretty today infested. Because I’m wearing one of my favorite little black dresses from the post, I just did you guys saw and you all loved it as well this is the BB Dakota, I just think it is so pretty this is the hot Tinkerbell dress alright let’s jump in into the shoes I’m gonna start off with the pair that, I have had my eye on for a while these are the Jimmy Choos the Romi or the Rami 100 millimeter that’s the heel height and, I got them in a size 37.

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Because they fit to me beautifully and they fit me like a glove and, I paid 5.5 dollars and, I paid five hundred ninety five dollars without tax let’s talk about how they fit and feel on the feet. So like, I said, I got a size 37 which is a US size 7 and women’s and they fit, I think true to size nothing is cramped to everything just fits right as it should, I think this little part right here where they cut me this shoe is actually very comfortable on the foot and then the actual pointy toe none of my toes feel squashed or cramped as some of the other shoes is. Because it has a good size for a pointy toe shoe in my opinion and going up towards the back of the foot around the heel this little leather portion inside the shoe is. So soft and, I like that it is snug, and it is not too tight. But it is not too wide where when you walk it is not slide up and down the back of your foot causing those blisters. So honestly, I think they are very true to size.

Because my foot fits like a glove in these shoes, I can see how people rave about this shoe and give really good ratings just. Because it is a very well-made shoe. So let’s talk about the look of this shoe obviously all of these nude pumps are beautiful they are sexy they are timeless they are elegant and they look good I’m pretty much everyone out there just. Because they are such a beautiful shoe. So my favorite part about this shoe is the pointy toe it is not extreme sharp it kind of has a rounded toe which, I love, I love that it is not extremely sharp and then the heel is stunning it is a very thin, I love it, I think it looks amazing. But the best part is it is actually very very comfortable these shoes are made out of 100% leather pretty much the entire shoe is leather and, I think the construction of the shoe is impeccable there’s no glue visible is just very smooth everywhere that, I look, I just think overall this is a beautiful beautiful statement shoe that every girl should have maybe not this particular brand. But like a nude pump, I think every girl should have.

Because they are just a stunning pair of shoes moving on to the second most expensive pair, I got these Sam Edelman’s and this is in the shade hazel or classic nude and, I got them in a size 7 or 37 and how much did, I pay for these, I think there were 120 dollars from Nordstrom. So I’m gonna keep the Jimmy Choos on my left foot and then put every other shoe on my right just. So we can see the foot to foot comparison between each nude pot let’s talk about the fit in the feel of Sam Edelman shoes, I also got a size 37. Because that’s what fit me beautifully in the store and my toes are not squashed they fit beautiful in the front this little portion right here what would you call the little arch of the foot they also feel very comfortable. But the Jimmy Choos feel a lot more comforting as, I walk they are not sliding everywhere for this shoot it is a little bit more wide. So there’s a little bit more movement in the foot maybe you like that maybe you don’t. But for me, I like when my foot is a little bit more snug in this shoe that way my foot is not gonna ride all up and down.

So going up to the back of the heel or the top of the heel it is also very nice and snug and very soft on the inside they do go up a little bit higher than the Jimmy Choo. So, I feel that over time you might get blisters as you wear them in. But I do not think honestly that bad. Because they feel very comfortable and they do not ride up as high as some other pumps that, I have tried on they go up a little bit too high and they hit just in that little area where you do get blisters. So these shoes are very very very comfortable let’s talk about the look of this shoe, I think obviously they are stunning the toe of this shoe is a lot more sharper than the Jimmy Choo. So it has like that really sharp pointy toe. But I think that’s stunning and then the heel, I prefer the Jimmy Choo heel just.

Because it is a little bit slimmer and, I think it is a little bit more sexier. But this heel is stunning it is a very comfortable. So these shoes are made out of leather synthetic or textile upper synthetic lining and leather sole. So it is a mixture of things. So overall the construction of this shoe is very good. But for a hundred and twenty dollars, I did not expect to see so much glue and some of the folding is very poorly constructed especially like around right here around the pointy toe portion you can literally see where they folded it and correctly it just does not look good. But the sole seems really good, I like that it is a leather sole.

So it is gonna last for a while and then the rest of the shoe, I think it is stunning, I think for 120 dollars this is a really great dupe and you will get a lot of great wear out of this and it was rated very well in line. So a lot of people love this shoe next shoe is by the brand Steve Madden and, I got this in their shoe Daisy and this is their new 20 pups and they retail for $89.95 the fits and feel for the Steve Madden pumps is very different once you put the bond and you compare them to the Jimmy Choos or even the Sam Edelman’s the way they have them cut you have a little bit more closure around your big toe and your other toes and then once you get around to your smaller toes, I call it the pinky toe that’s where it gets pretty much really uncomfortable. Because when you walk my little toe starts popping out, I have to kind of like pop it back in and then when you reach up right here around the little arch and you go higher the way they have a cut it is a little bit longer. So it kind of cuts into my ankle or my ankle bone you guys can see that it is very uncomfortable it is a little bit too high up for my foot. But the best part is you do have a little cushion. So it is really soft.

So the look of this shoe is a very gorgeous, I love the color, I think it is a really pretty Kish nude and then the pointy toe is very sharp compared to the Jimmy Choo which, I know some people prefer. But the only thing what really is turning me off from this shoe is the way my fault looks my toe cleavage is a way to expose my little toes are not supported. So it is making my foot look wider than it actually really is, I do love love the heel, I think the heel is stunning it is a very slim it is sexy and, I think it is gorgeous the rest of the shoe is a very classic and, I think it is a gorgeous pair of shoes the construction of the shoe is leather suede or man-made upper. So it is either leather or a man-made upper and then it is a man-made or leather lining and then a man-made sole. But the overall construction is very poorly made it looks very cheap just. Because when you start looking the glue line is completely visible you have stitching and then the way the heel is folded it is not cohesive with the other shoe it looks very cheap very cheap the next pair of heels are from the brand Mix number six, I purchased these from DSW they were $39.99 and this is their style dignity in the shade beige and, I got a size 7.

Because that’s what hit me the fitting feel of these shoes is actually very very comfortable they fit very nicely nice and snug they have the toe cleavage evenly distributed from the big toe to the little toes, and it is just they are perfectly nice and snug and, I feel they have a good closure to them where my foot is not going to just pop out of nowhere and then once you have reached the arch of the foot it is actually very good it feels really nice it is also it is not going to high up and then the back of the foot it is also really nice and snug however the inside, I do not believe this is real leather. So it is not as soft. So it is a little bit scratchy compared to the Jimmy Choos. But overall, I’m actually very impressed with the fit and feel of these shoes it is so much better than Steve Maddens. So the sizing of the shoe, I think it is a little bit more wider than the Jimmy Choos just. Because when, I step there is a little bit more around my toes and then around the arch of my foot. So, I think.

If you have a very wide foot you might actually find the shoe very comfortable. But for me there’s a little bit too much room. But honestly my foot is not sliding anywhere. So, I think that’s really good the look of these shoes, I think is very stunning, I love the blush a nude patent look of these heels and then the beautiful sharp pointy toe it is not as sharp as the other previous pairs. But I think it is a beautiful pointy toe and then going up towards the back of the heel it is a nice straight line and then the back of the heel it is very stunning and then the actual heel is a beautiful thin heel as well overall for $39 the look of the shoe is stunning. So this shoe is constructed with a patent faux leather upper and a synthetic soul. So that’s why, I can automatically feel that it is not as soft it is very tough it does not move it is a really mold to your foot.

So looking at the overall quality and construction of this shoe the glue line is extremely visible it is kind of already falling apart in certain areas and then just the stitching it looks very poorly made heel meeting the actual shoes a little jaggedy it is actually a little bit wavy it is not straight. So overall, I mean you can see why these shoes are not $100 they are $39.99 for that I’m very happy with. So here we have the last pair of shoes this is by the brand daily shoe San Francisco dial is Paris and this is their nude color and, I got a size 7 and, I paid 20 $8.99 from Amazon alright let’s talk about the last pair of shoes there’s a reason why they’re. So cheap they fit very inconsistent they fit very wide and big. But I could not be able to go down half a size just.

Because my little toe and my big toe are already at our capacity they are very squashed. But then the rest of my foot feels like it is just gonna go flying and flopping everywhere yeah overall they do not fit very well there’s no support and, I will get blisters just. Because my foot is not secured look of this shoe looks very cheap and my surprise given the price this looks plastic it looks like something for a Barbie it does not look good and then literally the heel is crooked look the little tiny portion of the heel where you step it is literally crooked. But honestly if, I look down at my foot actually does not look half bad, I do not mind it at all the construction of the shoe is synthetic it does not say what and then it has rubber sole which no it literally feels like plastic do you guys hear that that’s plastic it does not feel like rubber at all. So the overall construction of this shoe like, I said looks very cheap nothing lines up everything just kind of it is what it is my heel came extremely scuffed which is not cool. Because who wants a brand new shoe with the heel scuffed nobody even. If you are paying $28 you expect a brand new heel or brand new shoe you can see the glue line and then the heels do not even line up.

So, I mean what are you gonna expect that means there’s literally no quality control in this shoes alright there we have it. So overall, I think, I found two dupes that, I’m obsessed with Sam Edelman, I think they did an amazing phenomenal job and then the ones from DSW the mix number six for the patent version, I’m very very impressed they are very comfortable the whole look and design of the shoe was stunning compared to the Jimmy Choos and obviously Jimmy Choos. Because they were on my wish list for the longest time ever and, I love them, I think there are beautiful pair of shoes and, I can see why. So many women have multiple colors and design of Jimmy Choos they are extremely comfortable they look stunning and they last a very long time. Because the quality is immaculate to me this was a very educational post to do just. Because you could see the differences firsthand, I could see, I could feel. So, I think that was really great just to compare is.

So many different sets of shoes in different price ranges, I hope you guys also enjoyed this post found it enjoyable entertaining and also educational at the same time let me know how much you guys spend on your shoes do you like to splurge or invest in your shoes or do you like to you know get as many colors and styles as possible and let me know why. But for now thank you for reading and I will see next one bye you.

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